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2012: America’s heads they win tails we lose election

by Alan Keyes on August 14, 2012


[“Heads, they win; tails we lose.”  Obviously that’s not much of an election.  But that is precisely the choice the controlling forces of the elitist faction are offering to authentic American conservatives, by which I mean the people whose goal is to conserve, in fact and principle, American self-government of, by and for the people. Whichever way the 2012 election goes, what I have dubbed the Romney/Ryan-O ticket is a set-up for taking down the sincerely anti-socialist grassroots American patriots whose anger over GOP betrayals fueled the political uprising that began in 2006. This analysis of the implications of a Romney/Ryan loss is the first half a two part essay.  In the second half I will analyze the implications of their victory.]

Right now the elitist faction’s  media claque are tagging Paul Ryan as a Tea Party hero.  They are hanging around his neck the conceptually ambiguous label fabricated as the rubric under which their faction would short circuit the political energy generated by the grassroots’ political uprising that began in the GOP base in 2006.  I know from personal experience that the fabrication was mainly employed to purge from the media touted account of that uprising the deeply moral motivations of many of its original progenitors.

The money and media attention the movement received under the Tea Party label came at the price of accepting the false assertion that money concerns were the exclusive mainspring of the grassroots outrage that fueled the Tea Party gatherings.  Many of the participants in the Tea Party gatherings I addressed in 2009 were in fact motivated by moral outrage over the unconscionable burden the current generation’s fiscal irresponsibility places upon our children and grandchildren.  They gave their most enthusiastic applause to speakers who recognized, as the root of that irresponsibility, this generation’s abandonment of the God-acknowledging moral precepts on which our nation was founded.

As a consequence of this morally rooted outrage, the Tea Party gatherings in 2009 didn’t focus on clever “budget fixes” for the nation’s economic woes.  They focused on the demand that the government stop spending money America didn’t have.  They focused on the insistence that it stop borrowing money future generations would be enslaved to repay. They focused on the urgent need to return responsibility and control of the nation’s economic life to the people , as they were sick of being slanderously portrayed as insatiable constituents of an ever-expanding welfare state.

In 2010 this translated into a specific agenda quite familiar to readers of information outlets like the one that hosts my weekly column, WND.  Efforts like WND publisher Joseph Farah’s no red ink campaign, including the effort to get Congress to vote no on any debt ceiling increase, reflected the aims that characterized the successful mobilization of grassroots votes in favor of so-called Tea Party candidates in 2010. These candidates campaigned against the bailout/stimulus, borrow and spend madness of the Bush II/Obama era.  Their victory was supposed to bring in a truly conservative GOP majority that would continue that campaign in the Congress.

The GOP majority that took control of Congress included many such Tea Party freshmen.  Tragically, the GOP’s elitist faction leaders in the Congress had an assignment directly contrary to the one these freshmen received from their constituents.  Their job was to re-educate the newcomers in the realities of governing- i.e., what’s required to maintain the government as an instrument of elitist faction power and ambition.

How ironic that Paul Ryan should be touted as a hero of the Tea Party when he was one of the leaders directly involved in that re-education.  He helped to induce many of the Tea Party Freshmen class to betray their constituents, with votes that (like his own) supported the borrow/spend binge.  How ironic that if the Romney/Ryan ticket loses, Ryan will be positioned as  a lightning rod through which to pass the blame along to the Tea Party grassroots, even though in factual effect, he acted against their interests.

Is the whole Romney phenomenon a set-up aimed at achieving this very result?

Having accepted the factually false notion that Ryan typifies the Tea Party money agenda, should Romney lose Ryan’s role on the ticket will be used to lay the loss at the doorstep of Tea Party activism.  This will position the GOP’s elitist faction leaders to proceed more openly with the purge against Tea Party views and people that they have in any event already been conducting behind the scenes.  They will use  Ryan’s role in the election to stigmatize the agenda that seeks to rollback government’s size and spending.  But in fact, during the Obama faction era Ryan has acted like a Keynesian socialist, who aims to manage the expansion of both; and who does not serve or even really subscribe to the rollback agenda.

Should Romney be defeated it will be spun in a way calculated to demoralize the anti-socialist forces that allowed themselves to be identified with a ticket that in no way factually represents them.  The facts precipitate an underlying reality that may make Romney’s defeat inevitable.  No authentic conservative who comes to know his leftist record can vote for him with enthusiasm. This means that some may not take the trouble to vote at all.  Should Romney be defeated, the loss will be exploited to defame the very people the Romney/Ryan ticket does not represent- the authentic, God-fearing, limited government, small ‘r’ republicans whose sincere anger fueled the original political uprising against GOP betrayal, starting in 2006.

Thus the result of a Romney/Ryan defeat could be a period of time in which the Obama wing of the elitist faction has a free hand to complete the imposition of the socialist agenda, with the co-operation of a GOP leadership that will pretend to be reading the tea leaves (pun intended) left after the electoral repudiation of a ticket brought down by the Tea Party’s champion (falsely identified as such for this very purpose.)  On the excuse of that repudiation the GOP’s elitist faction leaders will be “dragged” with mock sullen demeanor, in precisely the socialist direction they really want to go.


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