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A truly conservative Congress is key to saving America’s liberty

Here is this week’s WND column.

[From time to time I read a comment in the discussions of something I’ve written that sparks thinking that might be of general interest to my readers. I often share the results with the readers of my blog. This is one I thought might be of interest to my WND readers.]

The reader’s comment:

Obama has shown that he cares nothing about Congress. He has bypassed Congress on many issues. Conservatives would only be able to gain a very narrow majority at best and would not be able to override a presidential veto.

My reply:

Obama hasn’t bypassed the Congress. The elitist faction’s GOP leaders in the Congress have handed Obama a pass. They have refused to use the power of impeachment to call him or his minions to account. They have voluntarily surrendered to him congressional prerogatives the Constitution explicitly reserves to the Congress. Under the specious rubric of security, they have handed him unchecked powers of arrest and detention fit only for tyranny.

By their actions they make it undeniably clear that Obama is only one arm of the immediate mortal threat to America’s liberty.

On account of this evidence, we should think of the 2012 election in this way: It’s as if the American people are in a billiards match, facing the pro-socialist, anti-self-government elitist faction’s Tag Team of Romney/Obama. We’re about to take our shot, but the situation on the table leaves us no good options. No matter what we do, the elitist faction team is going to be up after us, with either Romney or Obama calling the shots.

It’s obvious that if we want to stay in the game, we have to make sure neither of them can run the table from the position that results from the shot we’re about to make. A strong conservative majority in Congress formally committed to the principles of the American republic (which the GOP platform language generally represents) gives liberty a fighting chance no matter which of the elitist faction players (Romney or Obama) calls their shots.

But in Romney’s case this is only true if the message sent by the conservative electorate leaves him with no basis for claiming that he has a mandate from the conservative grass roots. If the result leaves him with credibility as a conservative, I am morally certain he will use that credibility to confuse and/or discredit real conservatives as they try to mobilize against his implementation of socialism. (This is what he did in Massachusetts after his supposed conversion from the liberal/leftist/socialist camp.)

Conservative credentials will put Romney in position to move the ball toward the socialist goal line without facing the staunch opposition we’ve mounted against Obama (despite the feckless unwillingness to co-operate, and even sabotage, by the GOP wing of the elitist faction). The result will be a possibly decisive institutionalization of socialism and the corresponding destruction of constitutional self-government in the U.S.

The Platform Republican approach I am presenting at my blog is the only approach to voting in 2012 that can be implemented everywhere in the country at this stage of the election cycle, and that accomplishes objectives that will give principled conservatives a fighting chance to save our country from the elitist faction’s imposition of a socialist future.

Anyone who has given up on the Congress has given up on constitutional self-government. If the Congress no longer represents people committed to preserving the Constitution, it’s precisely because such people haven’t energetically asserted their independent will and judgment. They’ve allowed party politics to control them, rather than building a political vehicle through which they can control politics.

The aim of the Platform Republican approach is not to trust or rely on the GOP, but to demonstrate the power of principled conservatives. Up to now they have refused let go of the belief that to be politically effective they must have permission from the elitist forces in control of the twin-party sham. They have refused to believe in their own strength, independent of the dictates of the elitist GOP leadership.

The GOP wing of the elitist faction has failed the GOP’s essential constituency. But they’ve succeeded in being exactly what they really intend to be: tools of the elitist, socialist consensus aimed at destroying the republic.

To restore the republic we must first display the strength and restore the confidence of the principled conservatives who hold allegiance to the republic. There’s only one generally accessible means left to make that display – the 2012 ballot. By following the Platform Republican strategy we can use the vote to send the message we ourselves need to see and understand.

I realize that, even with a majority in both Houses, the GOP’s current leadership in the Congress will, in all likelihood, betray their principled conservative constituency again. (Of course, if the 2012 vote sends enough conservatives into its ranks, there could be a leadership change. But I’m not holding my breath.) Faced once more with the kind of betrayal we saw after the 2010 election, having demonstrated the capacity to think and act independently of the manipulative brainwashing of the elitist faction, principled conservatives will be positioned to withdraw their confidence from the GOP and move energetically to construct a political vehicle that will finally represent Americans who determined to preserve self-government.



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  • TKOP

    The problem with the Congress right now is they don’t stop the Chief Executive from bypassing the Constitution. Boehner and other Republicans have let the Administration get away with so much that I don’t think there’s much of a chance that they will stop it in the future, should Obama get re-elected. So changing the Congress to be more Conservative will work only if they stop the Administration’s illegal activity.

  • Patriot1

    I am a Tea Party member and I understand your theoretical dialog. However in this case we have to pick the lesser of two evils.(politically) Romney comes through on everything I have read to be a real humanitarian type of indvividual. What we need is to also elect Republicans to Congress to maintain a majority.
    Regarding impeaching Obama I truly believe that the racist card would be played and the rioting that would go on just cannot be allowed by Boener and the rest of the Rep.

    • alkeyes

      Apparently you haven’t read much. Why is it humanitarian to support the
      murder of innocent children because their parent committed rape? Why is it
      humanitarian to encourage the slaughter of babes in the womb with government
      funded abortions? Why is it humanitarian to profit from investing in companies
      that directly service the industry responsible for the slaughter? Why is it
      humanitarian to destroy the foundational premise of God-endowed right that
      entitles people the world judges to be inferior (the helpless, the weak, those
      not endowed with superior strength, intelligence or other advantages) to claim
      an equal right to be treated equitably by law and government? When Romney
      promotes the specious idea of “homosexual rights”; when he corrupts people like
      Ryan into suggesting that forcibly commanding respect for such specious rights
      takes the country the right direction; this destruction of liberty’s
      foundation is exactly what he perpetrates.
      In their common sense discussions
      of government, America’s founders often subjected their reasoning and judgments
      to the test of experience. So where has the willingness to trust in the words of
      GOP leaders like Romney gotten us? The greatest national security failure in
      America’s history occurred on their watch (9/11). The greatest direct attack on
      America’s material strength since Pearl Harbor (the financial attack in the fall
      of 2008) occurred on their watch. The most explicit abandonment of free market
      principles (as G.W. Bush admitted) occurred on their watch. Now they have
      nominated to oppose the most rabid socialist ever to occupy the White House a
      candidate whose actions throughout his career have gone in the same socialist
      direction. And when his running mate declares, on an issue that goes to the
      heart of the premises of liberty, that reversing the abandonment of those
      premises would be “a step in the wrong direction”, you tell me to Trust
      Them.You trust them. I put my trust in the Creator,

      It’s tragic to see how far Americans like you have lost sight of the basis
      for you liberty. What you call “theoretical dialog” is actually the process of
      thought that allows human beings to see and insist that others respect, their
      individual worth, regardless of the accidents of their material existence. (The
      word “theory” comes from a Greek root that simply means “to look at, see or
      watch.”) When America’s founders respected the truth of God-endowed rights they
      invited people to cast off shackles of the mind and spirit that had uniformly
      produced the oppression of the multitudes throughout the world. Until
      then, people generally had no eye for the truth that all human beings have a
      fundamental claim to justice from a source beyond the outcomes of human power.
      Most lacked the courage even to raise their eyes in the presence of their
      so-called “betters”. After Christ proved God’s intention and goodwill for
      humanity, it still took centuries before America’s founders translated into
      political terms the insight his ministry made possible.
      We are losing the
      providential fruit of their accomplishment precisely because we are losing the
      capacity to see what they saw, i.e., to preserve the understanding of the way
      human beings are made (our nature) that made it possible. All of us have the
      common sense to grasp that insight. As Christians many of us profess to follow
      the one who made it possible. But we are these days being duped into
      accepting as our political representatives people who either reject it, or who
      lack the competence to articulate it, which our founders had.

      Instead of relying on the insight that allows us to demand justice, you are
      content to rely on what you perceive (in defiance of the facts) as the good
      nature and intentions of some leader or other (Romney in this case.) You may
      not realize it, but the willingness to depend on the good nature and intentions
      of outstanding leaders (our founders would have called them “the princes”), is
      the hallmark of the subservient mentality that routinely made rule by the elite
      few the prevalent form of government.

      What you call “theoretical dialog” is exactly what produced the moral courage
      that led to the Declaration of Independence. It’s precisely what produced
      the framing and ratification of the U.S. Constitution. It’s precisely what
      allowed the Union based on Declaration principles, to survive the civil war.
      What makes you think we will hold on to liberty if we scoff at and let go of our
      capacity to engage in that dialog, thereby sustaining the rational moral
      conviction that conscientious self-government is the best paradigm of true

      Finally, In what you say about impeaching Obama, I see the bad fruit of
      your trust in them, which is fear and cowardice. If fear of violence by
      whomever now leads us to acquiesce in tyranny, abandoning the Constitution and
      our God-endowed rights, then we have already taken terrorism as our governing
      principle. Whatever you are content to do, I will go on encouraging others
      to act in faith and with courage, in a way that deserves the liberty God has
      prepared for those who acknowledge His authority.

    • Zaphenath_Paneah_II

      Alan has such patience. I don’t. Your third sentence is a disgrace to the concept of Truth and all who hold that concept dear. Absolute nonsense!

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