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Alan Keyes Comments on Report of Cruz’s Regent University Remarks

I just read a story on Barbwire.com about Senator Cruz’s presentation at Regent University’s Presidential Candidate Forum.  The story prompted me to leave the following comment:

It’s telling that Senator Cruz continually refers to Constitutional rights, when the crisis that’s destroying our rightful liberty has to do with God-endowed unalienable rights. Like all the rest, he appears to reject the God-revering premises for government set forth in the American Declaration of Independence. He refuses to champion the God endowed unalienable rights retained, by the people, that are not enumerated in the Constitution, but which the Constitution’s 9th Amendment protects from denial or disparagement on Constitutional grounds. On account of this neglect his articulation is inadequate to recall Christians to the standard of God. Yet this restoration of God’s standard is the one thing our nation most desperately needs, for such a time as this.

I’m open to the possibility that Senator Cruz addressed the crisis of Declaration principle in remarks the story failed to mention. However, as far as I’ve seen, his failure to give priority to addressing that crisis is habitual.  This failure is one of the ways he “pays his dues” to the GOP’s present quisling political culture, even though the neglect or rejection of the Declaration’s God-revering logic of right and rights is the most decisively damaging aspect of the elitist faction’s attack on the rightful liberty of the American people, and the republican form of government intended to preserve it.

If only Cruz would speak as boldly in the cause of the Declaration’s self-evident truths as Donald Trump speaks to lend specious credibility to his (Trump’s) provably fictional commitment to stemming the tide of illegal immigration! I fear that the Senator’s education and practice as a lawyer inhibits his ability and willingness to do so.  So it appears that we live at a time when those who are supposed to be the best “lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity”, as Yeats put it.   In light of this, the Apostle Paul’s question may shed light on Senator Cruz’s predicament: “For when the trumpet gives forth a voice unclear, who will make himself ready for war?” (1 Corinthians 14:8)  Is this why, thus far, a man of obviously doubtful good faith named Donald Trump has seduced so many self-professed followers of Christ into backing his self-idolizing play?

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  • D Mull May 14, 2016, 9:05 pm

    As an ardent supporter of Sen. Cruz I was ready to defend him after reading this heading. Knowing Dr. Keyes, I of course intended to read the article first. Having followed him a long time I do believe that Cruz understands where our Rights come from but Dr. Keyes is right, Cruz didn’t articulate that sufficiently and he may be right about the reason, God knows. I sent a message to Cruz early on (or tried to) to ask him to ask Alan to join his team, even if covertly to avoid the obvious media monsters. ANY conservative would greatly benefit from Alan’s insight. Heck, subscribe and get both; insight and anonymity!

  • Helmut Hein April 1, 2016, 11:18 am

    Very true! For a long time now I have told those who will listen that there is no such thing as Constitutional Rights. All “rights” come from God. The Constitution is a document that forms a government, gives that government certain responsibilities and duties, and authorizes resources that support the government’s ability to exercise its duties. The amendments to the Constitution enumerate some specific individual rights and further specifies what the government can and can not do. No where in the Constitution has congress been given the authority to delegate its responsibilities to lower levels of the government, e.g., law making duties to agencies.

    As to what we call rights, they should also be considered duties. For example, the right of self defense is really the God given duty to take care of ourselves and those we are responsible for. The right to free speech is really the duty to speak the truth and resist error. My right to private property is also my duty to help protect my neighbor’s right to his property.

    I will always regret that Dr. Keyes was not elected to the presidency.

  • Richard Geraghty February 29, 2016, 5:31 pm

    Alan is right. Ordinary logic demands that the basis for constitutional rights depends on inalienable rights coming from God just as the Declaration of Independence says.

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