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America’s Real Party System- Part 4

Thanks to the arrogant recklessness of the Obama faction, a majority of Americans feel deeply that their country must now be saved from the elite ambition that seeks to overthrow America’s democratic, constitutional republic.   They also realize that both sides of the current Democratic/Republican party system are cooperating to accomplish its demise.  If they could snap their fingers and somehow escape the domineering manipulation of the sham two-party system, they would do so.

Sadly, however, one of the mainstays of the sham involves using the media of public discussion to impose an understanding of the prerequisites of political action that distracts people from the fact that, for at least a little while longer, they still  hold in their own hands the keys to political power.

  1. This distractive understanding has two major premises:
  2. 1) Political action requires enormous amounts of money;
  3. 2) Political action is not real unless validated by the elite’s manipulated  media claque.
  4. Of course, the people themselves control neither of these factors.  They therefore are induced to believe that, on their own, they are incapable of effective political action.  They must wait until the elite money powers decide what candidates they prefer.  They must wait until the elite’s manipulated media claque announces this preference in its so-called coverage of elections.  (I never hear the word ‘coverage’ without also hearing the overtone that refers to concealment.) As a result, even though on any given election day the people make a choice, they have themselves made none of the choices (that is, none of the choices represents an alternative they themselves have produced and put forward.)
  5. When the democratic, constitutional system functions properly there will be opportunities for some kind of elite political manipulation of the people’s agenda for choice.  This can be a healthy feature of constitutional checks and balances, helping to assure against majoritarian abuses.  However, in this first decade of the 21st century measures were put in place (under the spurious rubric of campaign finance reform and regulation) intended to make it extremely daunting for people of ordinary means to organize themselves for political action independent of elite control.
  6. It is not so much that people are now incapable of independent action.  It’s that they have gradually been induced to believe it is impossible.  America’s political situation reminds me of the spiritual situation of Christendom in the period before the Protestant reformation.  Christ came precisely to offer a way to God open to every individual willing to be drawn by Christ’s presence into communion with God’s Holy Spirit  But some pharisaical Christian elites worked to convince people that salvation depended on the fleshly brick and mortar institutions controlled by those elites for their own quite worldly purposes.  Instead of the truth Christ declared, that no one’s real life can be saved apart from him, they imposed the self-serving fiction, that there was no salvation outside of the institutions their money and fleshly power built and controlled.
  7. A majority of Americans are now united in their desire to save the democratic, constitutional republic.  But the elites that aim to destroy it have convinced many that there is no salvation for American liberty outside of the sham two-party system they control.  In particular, in this moment of  their passionate reaction against the Obama faction’s reckless arrogance,  people are being misled to believe that there can be no salvation apart from the already proven treachery of the crypto-socialist current leadership of the Republican Party.
  8. Ironically, this insistence is precisely the most critical element of the elite manipulation the sham party system exists to implement.  Once accepted, it makes the people incapable of political action except in the context created and sustained by elite forces hostile to their sovereignty.   It leads to a mentality of dependency in political life, the political counterpart of the material dependency socialist policies are calculated to produce in economic life.

It is, therefore, not just a coincidence that those who preach the doctrine that America cannot be saved outside the GOP also promote the notion that victory for the GOP requires discarding issues of fundamental moral principle, like abortion or the defense of the natural family.  Nor is it just a coincidence that their false preaching aims at an effect not unlike that intended by the Pharisaical elites of Christendom long ago.  They want people to forget the simple premise of their liberty, which is also the premise of their very nature as human beings  That premise is quite simply the existence and authority of their Creator, God.

What then is the key to escaping the domination of America’s liberty destroying elites?  The key lies  in stubbornly remembering what they want us to forget; stubbornly remembering that our liberty, and the strength and courage required to sustain it, come from God, not from any party; stubbornly remembering it not just with our minds and words, but with our actions.

In 2010 this means that the American people must decisively repudiate the elite intention to overthrow the sovereignty of the people. This requires repudiating the Obama faction, and all its candidates and all its works.  Then, they must single-mindedly set to work so that in 2012 they can use the electoral process to do what the Founders of the nation did when it began.  They must restore respect for the politically foundational authority of God.  In the Presidential race, this will require declaring their independence from the sham two party system, and from every candidate and personality it sponsors, spawns, or tolerates.

In these months before the 2010 election, when people have asked me about the 2012 Presidential race, I have suggested that until after the 2010 elections, they should not give it a thought.  Now I would say that once those elections are over, they should think about nothing else.  And their thinking should begin from a clean slate.

Within the manipulated context of the sham two-party system, there is no way to reassert the people’s independence of will and purpose.  But the office of President was instituted precisely in order to serve as a national focal point for both.  If, of their own strength and accord, the people who want to save the democratic constitutional republic come together for that purpose to select and secure victory for a Presidential candidate, they will in the process renew the vigor of the people’s sovereignty, and recreate for generations to come the infrastructure of their political liberty.  If they do not; if instead they succumb to the self-delusional siren song of GOP renovation, they will play into the hands of those for whom this is the decisive battle, intended to finalize the steps that place the opportunity of restored liberty forever beyond America’s reach.

Such an independent political uprising of the people is of course supposed to be impossible.  This assessment is the knee jerk reaction induced by the weighty shackles of opinion that now burden all too many brainwashed minds.  Like the dependent constituents of economic socialism, the constituents of elite political dominion simply can’t imagine action outside the framework of people and resources provided by their “rulers”.  Just as the focus on “jobs” distracts people from what they must do to create jobs, so the focus on parties and their candidates distracts people from what they have done, and can still do, to do create and re-create both.

So like people waiting for their next welfare check, they wait for some candidate to come forward who has the  money and media attention to “win”.  (The people’s vote being, of course, a mere formality.)  Like people living in public housing, they wait for their political landlords to send someone to fix the leaky plumbing, the cracked ceiling, the broken locks, the unhinged doors.  The saddest thing about many of those who claim to hate the dependency induce by socialist tyranny is how abjectly they accept the political dependency induced by those working to  impose socialist tyranny upon them.

Instead of wallowing thus ruefully in the status of political welfare recipients, the American people must find it within themselves to get off the political dole.  Instead of just decrying the socialist Democrats and crypto-socialist Republicans whose policies aim to destroy economic entrepreneurship, they need to find the will and courage to be political entrepreneurs capable of doing in the service of liberty what the corrupt elites now do only to serve their own entrenched power.

The model for what needs to be done can be found in America’s past history,  modified to suit present circumstances and presently available tools.  Moved by need or threat, people came together to forge express their common sense of right and wrong, and to agree on what needed to be done.  Then, with their consciences and interests clear, they looked for the right people to be represent them in the decision making councils of the community.  Instead of candidates gathering votes to get into positions of power in government, gatherings of voters sought candidates who would respect and represent the people’s power over their  government.

Under the impetus of the Obama  faction’s assaults against our way of life, Americans have already undertaken the first stages of this mobilization. Up to now, however, it has focused on mainly on things like Tea Party rallies and town hall meetings that express their just anger, frustration and concern.  When, as seems likely, the election in November demonstrates the depth of their opposition to the elite’s anti-American agenda, the question will remain: Will the momentum of this opposition produce an effective, positive and independent mobilization of the people’s political will?  Or will it be dissipated within the framework of the present sham political structure?  The latter result will only serve those who already scoff at the idea of representative government and already speak of themselves as America’s ruling class.  At best it may briefly delay the open abandonment of our democratic, republican constitution.  Obviously, this is not good enough.  But can we seriously hope for anything more?

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  • Guy Stevenson June 1, 2010, 2:06 pm

    (Response to Alan Keyes – Eulogy for Memorial Day) http://aipnews.com/talk/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=14561&posts=6

    In the name of justice.

    Dear Alan Keyes:

    “Freedom it seems to me, is an idea; that never ending human struggle that embraces chaos, until it finds divine order, and ends in eternal peace. Freedoms end, is eternal peace, its means is justice. I would gladly accept peace, but than who will work for justice? Who would call themselves a servant, or soldier of His justice?”

    Men of thought!
    Men of action!
    All mankind living in 2010!

    Accept once more
    our invitation to celebrate
    the Year of Peace!

    We take up again our reflection on Peace, for of Peace we have the loftiest conception: that of an essential and fundamental good of mankind in this world, that is, of civilization, progress, order and brotherhood.

    We believe that the idea of Peace still is, and still must be, dominant in human affairs, and that it becomes all the more urgent whenever and wherever it is contradicted by opposite ideas or deeds. It is a necessary idea, an imperative idea, an inspiring idea. It polarizes human aspirations, endeavours and hopes. Its nature is that of an aim, and as such it is at the base and at the goal of our activities, be they individual or collective.

    For that reason we think it extremely important to have an exact idea of Peace and to divest it of the false concepts which too often surround and thus deform and distort it. We say this to the young first of all. Peace is not a stagnant condition of life which finds in it at the same time both its perfection and its death. Life is movement, growth, work, effort and conquest, things such as these. Is that what Peace is like? Yes, for the very reason that it coincides with the supreme good of man as he makes his way through time, and this good is never attained totally, but is always being newly and inexhaustibly acquired.

    Peace is thus the central idea giving its driving force to the most active enthusiasm.

    But this is not to say that Peace coincides with force. This we say especially to men in posts of responsibility. Since it is their interest and their duty to see that relations be normal between the members of a given group – a family, a school, a firm, a community, a social class, a city, a state – their constant temptation is to impose by the use of force such normal relations as bear the appearance of Peace. The ambiguous character of the social life which follows is torture and corruption for human spirits. A life of pretence is the atmosphere resulting sometimes from an inglorious victory, at other times from an irrational despotism, from a coercive repression, or from a balance of permanently opposing forces which are usually on the increase as they wait for a violent outburst which by devastation of every sort shows how false was the Peace imposed only by superiority of power and force.

    Peace is not treachery (Cf. Job 15:21). Peace is not a lie made into a system (Cf. Jer 6:14). Much less is it pitiless totalitarian tyranny. Nor is it, in any way, violence: though at least violence does not dare to appropriate to itself the noble name of Peace.

    It is difficult, but essential, to form a genuine idea of Peace. It is difficult for one who closes his eyes to his innate intuition of it, which tells him that Peace is something very human. This is the right way to come to the genuine discovery of Peace: if we look for its true source, we find that it is rooted in a sincere feeling for man. A Peace that is not the result of true respect for man is not true Peace. And what do we call this sincere feeling for man? We call it Justice.

    If you want Peace work for justice.

    But is not Justice also an immobile goddess? Yes, it is so in the expressions of it which we call rights and duties, and which we arrange in our illustrious codes, that is, in laws and pacts which produce that stability of social, cultural and economic relationships which cannot be infringed. It is order, it is Peace. But if Justice, that is, what it is and what it should be, were to produce finer expressions beyond those now existing, what would happen?

    Before answering, let us ask whether this hypothesis of a growth of consciousness of Justice is admissible, is probable and is desirable?

    Yes. This is the fact which characterizes the modern world and distinguishes it from the ancient. Today consciousness of Justice is increasing. No one, we believe, denies this phenomenon. We shall not pause here to analyze it: but we all know that today, because of the spread of culture, man, every man, has a new awareness of himself . Every man today knows he is a person; and he feels he is a person: that is, an inviolable being, equal to others, free and responsible – let us use the term: a sacred being. Since a different and better perception – that is, one which is fuller and more demanding – of the inward and outward flow of his personality, in other words, of his twofold moral movement of rights and duties, fills the consciousness of man, it is a dynamic Justice, and no longer a static Justice that is born of this heart. This is not simply an individual phenomenon, nor one reserved for select and restricted groups; it is now a collective and universal phenomenon. The developing countries shout it out with a loud voice. It is the voice of peoples, the voice of mankind. It demands a new expression of Justice, a new foundation for Peace.

    Convinced as we all are of this irrepressible cry, why do we waste time in giving peace any other foundation than Justice?

    As has been stressed by the recent (Assembly of the Synod of Bishops), does there not still remain the task of establishing greater justice [U.S. Constitution], both within national communities and on the international level? Is it just, for example, that there should be entire populations which are not granted free and normal expression of that most jealously guarded right of the human spirit, the religious right? What authority, what ideology, what historical or civil interest can arrogantly claim a right to repress and stifle the religious sentiment in its legitimate human expression? We are not speaking of a superstitious, fanatical, or disorderly expression. And what name shall we give to a Peace which claims a right to impose itself by trampling on this primary Justice?

    And where other unquestionable forms of Justice have been injured or crushed – be they national, social, cultural or economic – could we be sure that the Peace resulting from such a tyrannical process is true Peace? That it is a stable Peace? Or, even if it be stable, that it is a just and human Peace?

    Is not an integral part of justice the duty of enabling every country to promote its own development in the framework of cooperation free from any intention or calculated aim of domination, whether economic or political?

    The problem is extremely serious and complex; it is not for us to make it worse, or to resolve it on the practical level. That is not within the competence of the one who is speaking here.

    But it is precisely from this place that the invitation we give to celebrate Peace resounds as an invitation to practice Justice: “Justice will bring about Peace” (Cf: Is 32:17). We repeat this today in a more incisive and dynamic formula: “If you want Peace, work for Justice”.

    It is an invitation which does not ignore the difficulties in practicing Justice, in defining it, first of all, and then in actuating it, for it always demands some sacrifice of prestige and self-interest: Perhaps more greatness of soul is needed for yielding to the ways of Justice and Peace than for fighting for and imposing on an adversary one’s rights, whether true or alleged. We have such trust in the power of the associated ideals of Justice and Peace to generate in modern man the moral energy to actuate them, that we are confident of their gradual victory. Indeed we are even more confident that on his own modern man has an understanding of the ways of peace, sufficient to enable him to become a promoter of that Justice which opens those ways and sets people traveling them with courageous and prophetic hope.

    (Pope Paul VI – 8, December 1971) http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/paul_vi/messages/peace/documents/hf_p-vi_mes_19711208_v-world-day-for-peace_en.html

    That is why we dare once again to extend an invitation to celebrate the Year of Peace, in 2010 – 2012 under the austere and serene sign of Justice, that is, with the burning wish to give life to deeds which will be convergent expressions of a sincere desire for Justice and a sincere desire for Peace.

    To our brothers and sons and daughters of those ‘Loyal to Liberty’, we commend this our invitation. It is necessary to bring the men of today a message of hope, through a brotherhood which is truly lived and through an honest and persevering effort for greater, true Justice. Our invitation is logically connected with the message of Alan Keyes which gave us ” Eulogy for Memorial Day”; and it is strengthened by the certainty that ” it is he ” – Christ -” who is our peace (Cf. Eph 2:14).

    “And among others waiting to greet me, I will find and know again for the first time, many who lie no longer beneath the gravestones of the dead because they were willing to die in a cause the Creator God has honored with the name of justice.” -Alan Keyes


    ** ** **

    Alan ;

    Freedom it seems to me, is an idea; that never ending human struggle that embraces chaos, until it finds divine order, and ends in eternal peace.

    Freedoms end, is eternal peace, its means is justice.

    I would gladly accept peace, but than who will work for justice.

    Who would call themselves a servant, or soldier of His justice?

    Alan you are the nail in the wall,.. for His justice. (Isaiah 22:23)

    I remain your servant ,.. but a servant of His justice first.

    Guy c.

    [Affiliate today as a servant of His Justice at AIPnews.com]

    • Guy Stevenson June 3, 2010, 1:56 pm

      Quotes for justice;

      ,..the struggle only sharpens the thirst for justice. – Alan Keyes

      ‘But there can be no success for such opposition until the false hope of surrender and abdication again faces the true hope grounded in the faithful commitment that defines our identity both as Americans and as human beings. It is not a willful commitment to maintain the hollow ascendancy of power, but rather a reverent determination to keep faith with the principles of liberty, and with the will of the Creator God whose justice makes us free.”- Alan Keyes

      I guess the motto of my thinking about this subject has always been twofold. The first is to remind myself of the quote from The Federalist Papers: James Madison, when he said that “justice is the end of government, it is the end of civil society, it will be pursued either until it be obtained or until liberty be lost in the pursuit.” You know Madison and how much he was attached to liberty: you know he was saying something very profound there. He’s saying that justice in politics is the single most important motivating factor. It is one thing that can never be neglected or forgotten because if you neglect it or forget it, you will lose the most precious political thing. – Alan Keyes 1986

      The Declaration of Independence and the Spirit of American Law: “I think in the end it was, in fact, that adherence to a common idea of justice that made it possible for the Constitution to be adopted, and for that adoption to be respected in the beginning in spite of the very real differences that existed about whether the Constitution was a good one or a bad one, one that would last and serve liberty or one that would, in fact, erect an edifice to destroy it. And very strong opinions were expressed on one side and the other about this point of prudential judgment. What was not in dispute, however, was what the principles of judgment ought to be, what the idea of justice was, which animated those who engaged in the debate.” – Dr. Alan Keyes 1997

      “Children are innocent and love justice, while most adults are wicked and prefer mercy.” – G. K. Chesterton

      “He only employs his passion who can make no use of his reason” “The foundation of justice is good faith.” -Marcus Tullius Cicero

      “Peace and justice are two sides of the same coin.” –Dwight D. Eisenhower

      “Nothing is to be preferred before justice.” – Socrates

      “There is no limit to the ingenuity of man if it is properly and vigorously applied under conditions of peace and justice.” – Winston Churchill

      Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just may be powerful, and whatever is powerful may be just.” – Blaise Pascal

      “Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King, Jr

      “Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of justice.” – Harrison Ford

      “Chesterton argued eloquently against all the trends that eventually took over the 20th century: materialism, scientific determinism, moral relativism, and spineless agnosticism,” said Mr. Ahlquist. “He argued against both socialism and capitalism and showed why they have both been the enemies of freedom and justice in modern society.”

      -There is no justice-
      Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. ~~Adolph Hitler


      If you want Peace work for justice. – Pope Paul VI

      The meaning of “Justice” – By Russell Kirk –

      “Justice is a certain rectitude of mind, whereby a man does what he ought to do in the circumstances confronting him.” So Thomas Aquinas instructs us. At every college and university, the doctors of the schools ought to inquire of themselves, “Do we impart such rectitude of mind? And if we do not, will there be tolerable private or public order in the twenty-first century?” -Russell Kirk

      Some Thoughts on Justice -By Mortimer J. Adler, Ph.D.

      *** *** ***

      Alan ;

      “Freedom it seems to me, is an idea; that never ending human struggle that embraces chaos, until it finds divine order, and ends in eternal peace. Freedoms end, is eternal peace, its means is justice.

      I would gladly accept peace, but than who will work for justice?
      Who would call themselves a servant, or soldier of His justice?”

      Alan, you are the nail in the wall,.. for His justice. (Isaiah 22:23)

      I remain your servant ,.. but a servant of His justice first.

      Guy c.

      [Affiliate today as a servant of His Justice at AIPnews.com]

      **** **** ****

      Pursuing justice is a moral imperative.

      The ‘Year of Peace through Justice!’ -2012

      -The Just Third Way-

  • Chiu Chun-Ling May 31, 2010, 6:14 pm

    Fundamentally, the condition of mortality is one of imperfection and dissatisfaction. Horace understood this. Lesser men do not. They are unwilling to admit that they are themselves imperfect and unsatisfactory, and so they create elaborate lies about the attainability of earthly perfection.

    I admit that I fall into the smaller but still mistaken camp of those who struggle to believe that mortals can ever attain joy. For me, the horror of men brutalized by the sword or more modern inventions of war is only slightly different (and only in degree) from the dreadful futility of all mortality, while the promise that surpassing and eternal joy can be bought at any price humans might have in their power to pay seems almost fantastical.

    I can taste the sweetness and peace of the belief that men can stand before God by virtue of their willingness to give all in the service of a good cause. But in the end I sustain myself with the harsh reality that, whether or not sacrifice can bring the blessing of heaven, life without purpose is not only meaningless, but unendurable. Whether or not God can someday overlook my sins and grant me a place in His kingdom, I will not be denied the chance to defend the truth which makes me free.

    If it is true, as some assert, that there is nothing to live or die for, then only the deluded can find reason in death, only the insane can possess the strength to survive. If life is so utterly pointless in the first place, then we have nothing to lose in gambling it on even a false belief in heaven. Hence the logical outcome of nihilism is fanatical devotion to any promise of meaning, however slight.

    I pray that those who have faith in God’s glory may raise their voices and guide some to salvation. Because without hope of heaven, there is only endless damnation.

  • Aaron Greene May 31, 2010, 2:10 pm

    I was walking off the grounds of NATO Headquarters in Belgium today, and I looked out to the front lawn where all the flagpoles are, and I was honored to see that the American flag was being flown at half mast for Memorial Day. Then I thought of my grandfather who was awarded the Silver Star and the amazing story behind his bravery for which he earned that award. I try to imagine myself in the same situation in order to understand the bravery it must have taken him to almost single-handedly defeat an entire group of soldiers from his father’s country. Then, I thought about what this country stands for today, as well as the ungrateful, unappreciative, spoiled citizenry that seems to make up much of America today. I thought of our leadership in government and how they seek to undo all the blessings of liberty that my grandfather risked his life for, as well as what I am risking my life for as I head back to Afghanistan this week.

    After WWII was over, my grandfather kept fighting until the day that he died. He was fighting cancer and couldn’t even move around without lots of expensive medical equipment, but I remember him with all that equipment listening to the election results in the living room as he found out he lost his bid for state representative. He fought on the political battlefield to preserve the America that he was willing to die for. He was always out in the community doing great things to preserve the America he loved so much and he would bring me with him. He knew exactly what it was that Ronald Reagan was warning about in his farewell address long before President Reagan gave us such valuable advice that most people seem to have ignored or were unable to hear. Americans act as if preserving an American culture is foolish, and that we should all just do whatever feels good and that we should be like other countries because everyone else is more enlightened than we are because we are a backwards, racist, and evil country. If he were still alive today, I can only imagine his outrage and how he would have poured out every dime and ounce of blood to prevent what we are seeing in this country today.

    I have heard people say things like, “well, its not like we can go back to the 1950’s” and “the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, so who cares?” The most important thing I have learned in life is: It’s all about your attitude. The general attitude in this country has been controlled by the media and has been nothing short of anti-American. What is worse, is that people don’t see through it because they are so spoiled and brainwashed. These people today haven’t had to fight through wars like our ancestors did and they know nothing about real sacrifice. Its not an easy thing to accept your death until you are in a war zone and you have to go to sleep every night knowing that you may not wake up tomorrow. It will make you think about what is really important in this life.

    Now that I am older, I am not sure why I was idolizing sports figures when I had my hero right in front of me. Somehow, I think he knew that with the example he set for me that I would grow up to understand the things he stood for and that I would follow in his footsteps, regardless of the fact that I never really showed him the admiration he deserved.

    When I left NATO headquarters today and I looked at our flag hanging at half mast with an initial sense of pride, I couldn’t but help think of my grandfather, but then I thought about how he would feel about things if he were alive today. I hate to say this, but I feel like his service to this country both militarily and politically have gone to waste and he would feel the same way.

    I meant to keep this to a paragraph or two, but this has really made me think and reflect, so despite all that may be wrong with the US government right now, it has been a good Memorial Day for me. Thank you Alan for writing this article. I knew I could count on hearing what I needed to hear on this website today. Your courage and determination to the true conservative cause would have made you my grandfather’s hero.

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