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Beating the de facto racists

Thus conscience makes cowards of them all.  This is what I’ve been thinking as I read articles from or about so-called “conservatives” who promptly tucked their tails and joined the leftist jackals after the New York Times libeled Cliven Bundy with the accusation of racism.  If someone tells me that they got a story from the New York Times, I assume that it’s doubtful until I’ve checked it with several other more reliable sources.  A real conservative would never join a mob SmallLogoLTLwhipped up by the New York Times to pummel the reputation of a fellow American, especially not when he has recently been in the news for standing up to the dictatorial thuggery of the Obama faction.

Moreover, it’s not as if one had no chance to form an opinion about Mr. Bundy’s character while he and his family were under siege by the U.S. Government.  He came across as a decent, regular American, more dismayed than infuriated by the Government’s sudden decision to turn a legal dispute into a display of armed might.  When his neighbors acted to make sure he would not face the assault alone, the would-be tyrants retreated, at least for the moment.  Then came the media power play, shrewdly intended to strip away that neighborly support.  After all, who wants to be seen standing shoulder to shoulder with a “racist”?

Given the altogether obvious purpose of the media ploy, one would think conservatives who purport to oppose Obama’s push toward dictatorship would be suspicious of the racism charge, coming so soon after the Obama faction’s possibly feigned retreat.  At the very least doesn’t this suspicion warrant taking a moment to make sure you’re not dealing with another New York Times’ excursion into the propaganda of personal destruction?  You’d ask yourself: Is this the first step of a campaign aimed at making Cliven Bundy a non-person.

Such campaigns were well known in the history of the Party dictatorships like the Old Soviet Union. The objective is to discourage and intimidate those who came to Bundy’s defense. Once they are neutralized, the confrontation can safely be recommenced.  Only this time, with a green light from the now supine U.S. Supreme Court, the outcome will be very different. Against demoralized opposition, the Obama faction will ruthlessly press its advantage in armed firepower to finish the test run of the government’s shiny new power to assault, beat or gun down grassroots people, with no semblance of due restraint.  Or they’ll just show up suddenly under cover of darkness to hustle the “racist” Bundy family into the night.

Apparently for pundits like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity the craven desire to “prove” that they aren’t racists outweighs the decent alternative of waiting for better proof than a New York Times story before acting on the quite possibly slanderous report that Cliven Bundy is a racist.  They might even have taken the time to read and think about his actual words (even the ones, taken out of context, in the NYT’s slur.) Beck and Hannity are both intelligent enough to realize that even the NYT’s malicious original report warranted doubts about whether Bundy was a) running down Black Americans; or b) running down the terrible damage socialist “welfare” programs have done to the families and children of people in Black American neighborhoods.

When Bundy’s words were first reported to me (I hadn’t even seen the NYT screed yet, much less the later released video) the latter possibility is what immediately occurred to me.  Of course, I had the advantage of having spent several years working on a book that focused on the terrible damage supposedly well-meant socialist policies inflicted on the black family structure, as well as the faith and character that were pillars of Black American survival during the iniquitous times that preceded the Civil Rights era.  I knew that facts refuted the assumption, ignorantly trumpeted by Glenn Beck, that the family and moral infrastructure of the black American community was simply pulverized during the centuries of slavery.

(Beck mocked Bundy saying: “You wondered if blacks were better off as slaves picking cotton and having a family life? They didn’t have a family life.” In Chapter 2 of my book Masters of the Dream, I review the evidence that shows this last remark is a brutally demeaning lie.  Slavery damaged the black family, but not as thoroughly as the socialist policies of the late twentieth century. As a matter of proven fact, when their business interests didn’t override their decency, slaveholders actually encouraged family life among the enslaved.  It made them better workers.  I am willing to assume, of course, that Beck is not repeating the historical slur against Black American family morals with the conscious desire to slur my ancestors, or deceive ignorant listeners. I will give him the benefit of the doubt he has sneeringly refused to give Cliven Bundy, even if I have less reason to do so.)

It’s a pity that Beck, Hannity and other reputed conservatives never bothered to read works like Herbert G. Gutman’s groundbreaking book The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom.  No doubt they would realize, as I did, that rather than being destroyed, the character, faith and spirit of Black Americans was in fact forged in the dismal fire of the slave years; forged to such a degree that when slavery ended many Black Americans, who had never let go of their love for their mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, dedicated themselves to finding the loved ones whom the callous, mammon driven slave system had ripped from them for the sake of the slaveholders’ lust or greed.

The fact that “conservative” pundits like Glenn Beck are ignorant of this history doesn’t prove they are racists. But it does suggest they haven’t taken much interest in refuting the lying stereotypes leftists have built up in order to justify their self-serving assumption that blacks are benighted victims lacking the moral character to help themselves to a better future. Aside from never reading my little tome, I guess they have never bothered to read Booker T. Washington or Frederick Douglass or any other Black American who didn’t just swallow the self-serving leftist swill that has for too many years dominated the writing and thinking elitist “intellectuals” do about the Black community.

It says something quite disturbing that some “conservatives” apparently depend upon black stereotypes leftists have used to justify their destructive assault on the moral and economic infrastructure of the Black American community.  I have often sensed that the elitist elements of the Republican Party have a hard time seeing anything but skin color when they deal with me, for instance.  For them I am a black skin with a mouth, not a mind at work, striving to translate the lessons of my experience into insights that might help others to understand the things we all have in common.

Though smarmy elitists (conservative or socialist) are all too ready to slur their decency, I’ve rarely encountered this demeaning purblind fixation on race from the grassroots conservatives I work with around the country.  They are willing to consider the truth in what I say and do, not just the use they can make of my racial background.

Herein lies the difference between people like Cliven Bundy and the elitist pundits and politicians who sneer at them.  I’m glad to say I know Westerners like Mr. Bundy.  They are often frank and plain spoken, with the eloquence of briefly spoken word pictures drawn from their heartfelt experience.  I felt his heart in the words he spoke, and in the stand he has taken.  I expect him to be the sort of man who judges people on their willingness to get the job done, a man who is honest about the good effort they put into it.  I think that’s precisely what Martin Luther King meant when he talked about judging people by the contents of their character.

I much prefer such people to the conniving leftists who are always in your face with their lip-service against racism while they promote policies that are gradually doing what slavery did not: grinding the Black American community into oblivion with policies that promote self-extermination, crime, slave-like dependence on government, and communities governed by crime lords instead of the Lord God.  Meanwhile, they co-opt many of the the ones W. E. B. Dubois called the “talented tenth” inducing them to serve, like Obama, as the instruments and evangelizers of racial self-extinction for Black Americans.

Where would-be tyrants like Obama are concerned, the outward preoccupation with the racism of others serves only to distract from the de facto racism of their own policies.  Instead of talking like racists, they devise policies that fulfill the most evil dreams of racists by moving things along toward the day when the Black American population has been cut back to a stump, (a rootless one at that), which can easily be carted away.  This is de facto racism, effectively accomplishing, on a large scale, what racist rhetoric only imagines.

In the end, however, the elitist aim is not the targeted racial extinction of Black Americans.  That’s just an excursion along the way to enslaving people, regardless of race.  This is what Cliven Bundy understands now, as he stands in the shadow of the morally, socially destructive government power the elitist faction socialists spent years testing against the Black community.  The would be-tyrants are now in the process of unleashing it against any and all Americans who refuse to submit to the subservient hive mind they are seeking, once and for all, to impose.

I think that, rightly understood, Cliven Bundy’s display of courage proves that there are people in every community in America, regardless of race or national origin, who bristle at the thought of surrendering the life of responsible liberty we Americans are supposed to enjoy. They know that it’s not just America’s land the elitist tyrants mean to control- it’s the labor, minds and souls of America’s people.

The would-be tyrants call it progress, but in reality it returns us to the age-old yoke of elitist oppression, the very yoke America was founded to cast away.  We can thwart them, but only if we stand faithfully together, despite the deceitful ploys they use to drive us apart.  Then their onrush of enslaving change will dissolve upon the unyielding shores of our American heart, as we beat past them toward our better destiny of righteous freedom.

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  • Cousin_Ken January 17, 2018, 8:04 pm

    Our Father, Our Mother, Our Brother Lord and King, who art in heaven, hallowed be your Names. Thank Y’All and Dr. Keyes for bringing this article and comment with Cliven Bundy’s words back into focus. Let us Love all those babies, as we love you.

  • ken May 12, 2014, 3:21 pm

    Started watching “Bundy Ranch Full interview, Uncut/Unedited” and wanted to share a quick transcription from 9:23 to 9:56 / 1:07:26 before continuing.
    “What about all those babies that are not coming to this earth. How come we the people allow that to happen? There’s plenty room and plenty space for those little spirits to come here and receive their bodies, and mingle with us, and let us love them. Let ’em have part of this American experience. Things like that we’ve got to take care of.”
    (I love you Mr. Bundy)

    • Alan Lee Keyes May 12, 2014, 5:31 pm

      Seems like the only race he’s partial to is the human race.

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