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Biden’s Gridiron Humor- Is Obama Laughing?

Today WND reports that Congressman Bill Posey is being jeered at and ridiculed by the leftist media and some of his colleagues in the US Congress. Why? He dared to propose a piece of legislation “that would require future presidential candidates to document their eligibility.” Apparently the idea that people in Congress would actually fulfill their oaths of office and seek the information required to assure respect for the US Constitution is now considered insane.

Ridicule is a standard tactic of deceivers trying to discredit anyone who draws attention to their dishonesty. With respect to the eligibility issue, however, it requires very little thought and just a modicum of common sense to see through the ploy. The reason for mobilizing the jeering section is also clear. Admitting that in future it would be appropriate to verify the eligibility of candidates for President strongly implies that it would be appropriate to do so now.

The partisan and media hacks desperately seeking to marginalize the issue of Obama’s eligibility (including Vice-President Biden) must deal with one hard fact: Barack Obama has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars paying lawyers to prevent access to his full birth certificate and any other records that might have a bearing on the question of his citizenship status.

Given this fact, let’s for a moment ignore the Obama faction’s mobocratic tactics, and apply some common sense logic.

Either Obama has a reason for his behavior, or he doesn’t.

If he doesn’t, the behavior is irrational. Irrational behavior is generally not taken as conclusive evidence of sanity.

If Obama’s behavior is rational, then it’s logical to conclude that he wishes to keep from public view something contained in his full birth certificate, or other records that may reflect its content. Some fact not otherwise known is being hidden from the public. It may have a bearing on the issue of his Constitutional eligibility to serve as President, or it may not. In either case, he is so concerned about its possible public impact that he would rather damage the perceived authority of the Constitution (a direct violation of his sworn duty as a public official of the United States) than let it be known. It’s hard to imagine anything contained in a birth certificate that would be matter for such personal embarrassment as to justify this dereliction of public duty. No sane person, and I think especially no right thinking American, would hold an infant responsible for the sins or views of his parents. But perhaps merely avoiding personal embarrassment is not the reason for his efforts to conceal.

Assuming that Obama knows the contents of his full birth certificate, he would also know whether or not they contradict public statements he has made, or that his campaign made use of, about his background. In that case, the issue is not about the views or sins of his parents, but about his own less than candid behavior. Has he lied to the public about himself? Has he fabricated elements of his background in order to garner sympathy and support? Do these lies have a bearing on the Constitutional issue? Whether they do or not, sustained, conscious and orchestrated deception must have a definite bearing on the public’s appraisal of his character, his trustworthiness and therefore his suitability for the nation’s highest office of trust. If the election campaign he conducted was based on fictions and lies, was the outcome a valid reflection of the public’s will, or a manipulated result achieved by dint of fraud and deceit?

Though it’s generally considered bad form to explain a joke, I’ll take the risk of offering a reflection on Vice-President Biden’s telling joke about the birth certificate issue at the Gridiron dinner last weekend. “You know, I never realized just how much power Dick Cheney had until my first day on the job. I walked into my office, and you know how the outgoing president always leaves the incoming president a note in his desk?” he asked rhetorically. “I opened my drawer and Dick Cheney had left me Barack Obama’s birth certificate.” Now, on the surface this seems to be a joke about Dick Cheney’s ability to get what nobody else has access to. Not far from that surface, however, the joke is not about the power Cheney had, but about the power Biden would have if the full birth certificate were in his possession. It’s an aging maxim in this information age that ‘information is power.’ In this case, the information Obama desperately seeks to conceal represents power over him and therefore over the United States of America. Here’s the question: Who has that power? Biden may joke about it. I somehow doubt that Obama is laughing. And neither should we.

Worth considering? Then don’t forget to DIGG IT!!!!

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  • jadavison March 26, 2009, 12:23 pm

    Gregg Goss

    You have more confidence in the integrity of the Supreme Court than I have. It is their failure to act that is the crisis.

  • jadavison March 26, 2009, 8:35 am


    The issue of Obama's eigibility is not going away. The Supreme Court better get its act together or we may have rioting in the streets. We may anyway.

  • chiu_chunling March 25, 2009, 6:00 am

    I have better reasons to think that Obama is not particularly rational. Regardless of what information his original birth certificate might have once held, I’m certain that the pervasive stalling has gained enough time to ensure that anything embarrassing has been altered.

    The real question is whether it has been changed. After all, the movement supporting Obama for president (all of it, not just the power-brokers or the radicals) has a vested interest in pitting the “will of the people” directly against the Constitution. Unfortunately, Obama’s administration is hemorrhaging support right now, whatever those behind this presidency might have once thought, right now it doesn’t look like such a contest will go the way they want. On the other hand, they might think it an expedient time to replace the young genius with someone more “trustworthy”. It’s not like they won’t still be pulling the strings, they’ll just switch one puppet for another.

    In that event, will they make Obama a scapegoat or a martyr? Either would be useful to their agenda, and perhaps they plan to use him as both. Will it work? I’m sad to say that it would have a significant effect on the body of the American people. After ramming through so much divisive legislation and policy, they can let him take the heat, and let the Constitution take the blame for his ouster.

    But…they’re still fighting with everything they’ve got to hold off that decision. That might just be reluctance to give up a figurehead who can at least read a teleprompter. Or it might signal indecision. As badly as things have gone for America, it hasn’t quite gone according to your adversary’s plans either.

  • OoLaLaFrenchGirl March 24, 2009, 9:16 pm

    Excellent post Dr. Keyes! I actually wrote to my Congresswoman regarding her response to Congressman Posey’s legistlation. I agree with gilbertabrett’s comment as well. I dont understand why we either can’t or don’t hold these corrupt officials responsible for their crimes. It seems that we would rather our great nation be taken down than to actually take the steps needed to save it. Many that I personally know aren’t sure of what to do in order to fix this mess. This is an unfortunate situation that we have gotten ourselves into. God Bless you Dr. Keyes.

  • Greg Goss March 24, 2009, 6:22 pm

    jadavison, This is really not a constitutional crisis. The 20th amendment deals with this very issue. So I see no “crisis”. I can understand SCOTUS not wanting to rock the boat but they understand that there is a constitutional mechanism in place to deal with a president that does not meet the eligibility clause.

  • gilbertabrett March 24, 2009, 4:26 pm

    And in the meantime, I see no reason why we have to wait for these people to do what we can do better. Remove THEM from office.

    In addition to sending links to your postings and informing people they have a choice to make now about the 2010 election ( I cannot get over how many people have never heard of you!), I encourage everyone I can to vote OUT their current reps and senators. Make a CLEAN sweep.

    I would love to see the ENTIRE congress replaced. Yes, I know that is a fantasy, but I would still love it…

    So besides praying, educating, speaking up & out and waiting patiently, what else can we be doing to make a change? (Sorry, maybe that was the wrong word, but I meant the real definition of the word.)

    Some of us are barely scraping by, so for some of us to raise enough money for people like yourself to represent us and fight the mainstream media is going to be hard.

    Dr. Keyes, are you planning on running for a congressional (or hopefully higher) office soon?

  • Terry Morris March 24, 2009, 3:12 pm

    It’s a good post, with some particularly salient points. Thank you.

  • Christinewjc March 24, 2009, 1:42 pm

    Great post Mr. Keyes!

    It’s all good, but I especially appreciated:

    “Ridicule is a standard tactic of deceivers trying to discredit anyone who draws attention to their dishonesty.”

    So true! I experience that on a regular basis at my own blog.

    This part is priceless:

    “With respect to the eligibility issue, however, it requires very little thought and just a modicum of common sense to see through the ploy. The reason for mobilizing the jeering section is also clear. Admitting that in future it would be appropriate to verify the eligibility of candidates for President strongly implies that it would be appropriate to do so now.

    I think that when Rep. Posey stated, “There’s nothing anyone can do about changing past elections… the President won. All the lawsuits in the world are not going to change that” – he said it for a specific purpose. I think that he KNOWS that there is a remedy to Obama’s ineligibility written right there in the Constitution! However, he also knows that Congress does not want ANYTHING to do with this issue – precisely because they fear it would affect their jobs and/or Obama in some way, shape or form. It definitely would make Obama a one term usurper!

    However, I think that Rep. Posey purposely did an “end run” around the issue with that statement. He wanted to see the reactions of his colleagues, the media, the courts and the people. We certainly got some reactions! Quite telling in how they “lined up,” too.

    This bill will draw even more public attention and scrutiny to Obama’s ineligibility, no matter what! How could it not?

    The question remains whether or not one of the pending cases will be heard.

    Hopefully, such a turn of events will force Congress to do it’s job and remove the usurper – even if done several months into Resident Obama’s fraudulent presidency.

  • Mau March 24, 2009, 12:59 pm

    I've always found it funny how these supposedly wise folks on the Supreme Court seem to continually screw up when they try to mediate general law instead of decide specific cases. Dred Scott, Plessy v Ferguson, Griswold v Connecticut & Roe v Wade are great examples of the court taking upon itself the role of social engineering to disastrous ends. Dred Scott led us into the Civil War; Plessy gave us "separate but equal"; Griswold gave us the infamous right to privacy; and Roe took it to its logical and tragic end (until Peter Singer gets it expanded).

    The Supreme Court continually has shown itself to be either feckless or ridiculous. Why should today be any different?

  • jadavison March 24, 2009, 12:06 pm

    The Supreme Court is on trial and I have no confidence that they have the stomach for a potential Constitutional crisis because that is exactly what it is.

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