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Can this Cancer breakthrough teach conservatives a lesson?

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Major cancer breakthrough announced.

In a major breakthrough, Toronto scientists have discovered a new approach to cancer treatment that would target “normal” cells embedded around tumors.  In a study released Thursday, researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital show that it’s the non-cancerous cells that grow around a tumor that actually coax it to spread to other parts of the body.  “Basically the normal cells and the cancer cells are engaged in a dialogue which is controlling (spread),” says Dr. Jeff Wrana, the study’s senior author. “The tumor cells tweak the normal cells, causing them…to misbehave a little bit and causing those normal cells to produce signals, words if you will, that flow back to the tumor cells and promote the tumor cell’s growth.

Here’s what I thought about that:

In the past several years books like Stephen Meyer’s Signature in the Cell have impressed me with the fact that the current state of scientific research suggests that the human body is an enormously sophisticated information processing unit.  Given that fact the critical factors that explain health and disease will be found to involve the normal or disruptive functionality of its information processing activities.  In other articles on this blog I’ve alluded to the role information exchange has in the nature and activities of the viral infection responsible for AIDS (e.g., here and here.)

This latest report from the front lines of cancer research appears to confirm the paradigm.  Given that my preoccupations are mostly political, I immediately thought of it in terms of a phrase “Trojan Horse Brigade” I’ve been using recently to describe certain elitist faction elements in the GOP (e.g., Newt Gingrich, Mary Matalin and Ann Coulter), who are now abusing the credibility they’ve (fraudulently?) earned as conservatives to induce defenders of the natural family’s rights to surrender to proponents of so-called “marriage rights” for homosexuals.

In the legendary account of the successful stratagem  that led to the fall of ancient Troy, the Trojan Horse functioned quite literally like a computer virus.  It was wrapped in a package encoded to negotiate and opening in Troy’s firewall that would induce a fugue state (orgiastic celebration) in its defense sub-systems.  It contained packets of information (Greek warriors) with instructions to break out, while the defensive system was thus preoccupied and reconfigure the Trojan system to download the rest of the Greek Army (i.e., they killed the gatekeepers and opened the city’s gates.)

The members of GOP’s Trojan Horse Brigade uses the outward appearance of fiscal conservatism to gain acceptance among conservatives who either don’t comprehend or indifferently reject the moral understanding (especially the doctrine of God-endowed rights) without which liberty cannot be coherently defended, in the economic, personal or political spheres.  They slyly cater to those “conservatives” who are inclined to confuse liberty with an unrestricted license to pursue money and personal pleasure without regard for the common good (which latter, by the way is not the same as “the good of others.”  The latter phrase leaves aside the implication of a common standard by which to judge what is good.  Taken to mean “what seems good to as others” it’s compatible with moral relativism.  But in the political context, moral relativism gives authority over government to whatever opinion is backed by greater power.  Not God, but human might makes right; which means that people have no rights except those the powers that be in government allow them to have.  This is the understanding of rights that prevailed in the old Soviet Union. It is promoted these days by the gaggle of tyrannical and quasi-tyrannical governments that constitute the majority of member states in the UN.)

By their conduct,  the members of the Trojan Horse Brigade negotiate their way into the midst of those who are accepted as defenders of republican liberty.  Indeed, given their outstanding abilities, to many susceptible conservatives these Trojan Horse “conservatives” appear to be a gift, “fit for a god”, to the conservative cause. ( The Trojan Horse was supposed to be a gift to Troy fit to placate the goddess Athena, to whom the city of Troy was reputedly sacred.  Currently some members of the media use the term “rock stars” of this or that, for people (falsely?) idolized in this way.)  When the right moment comes, they abuse their conservative cachet in an effort to dishearten conservatives who sincerely uphold the moral understanding liberty requires; and to embolden “conservatives” who openly or tacitly subscribe to the licentious view of liberty that abets, and is abetted by the view that the difference between rights and wrongs is ultimately a matter of power, rather than self-evident truth.

In this way these Trojan Horse “conservatives” are the media through which tolerance for policies conservatives rightly reject as harmful (like the legal redefinition of marriage to include homosexual couplings) spread to heretofore conservative parts of the body politic.  Unfortunately the problem with treating these views as normal is that their spread, like the metastasis of cancer in the human body, implies a morbid reconfiguration of the body politic, one that must lead to the end of decent, free self-government for the American people; the end of America’s way of life.

If you read the news whole report accessible by way of the link at the top, it talks about the methodology of a possible cure for cancer suggested by the details of the reported scientific breakthrough.  Translated into the political analogy, the key seems to lie in disrupting or eliminating the signal produced by the treacherous elements of the Trojan Horse Brigade.  Ask yourself a simple question:  If the Trojans had been informed of the Greek stratagem before the Horse was taken into the city, what would they have done?  The difference in our political situation is that it’s true conservatives who are, as it were, being taken in.  As Gingrich and others reveal their true colors, the answer is to get the GOP out of your system before it’s too late. Use your resources to build a political brigade that will fight the battle to retake the political process in our country.  Stop dissipating yourselves on a party meant to waste your resources and distract your attention just long enough to hand a decisive opportunity to the people bent on destroying your way of life.

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  • Nell Bowen December 26, 2012, 3:18 pm

    Mr. Keyes,

    Are you to lead us? We need a leader.

  • NJ_Tom December 22, 2012, 12:10 pm

    I believe we should dump the name “conservative,” with its implied obligation to heed those who are self-designated “conservatives” and adopt instead the title of Restorationist Republicans.

    Our goal should be the total restoration of our Constitutional government according to our Founders’ vision.

    Implicit in this goal would be the removal of any Judge, by impeachment if necessary, who dares to “find” things in the Constitution that do not exist in the text, read with the meaning carried by its words at the time of its adoption. To do so is to usurp the legislative power that is expressly denied the judiciary.

    This should also include the reversal of all SCOTUS and lower court rulings that resulted from such editing – such as the “wall of separation” between church and state and the bogus “right to privacy” that, as I recall, one Justice found in some mythical “penumbra.”
    The result would be the return to public display of Nativity scenes & Menorahs (without the mandated addition of secular and atheist displays), the return of the Ten Commandments (the true basis of all our laws) to our courthouses and would allow states and local school districts (if the people desire it) to reinstate daily devotions at the start of the school day. (After all, the original purpose of public schools was to ensure that each child would be capable of reading the Bible.)

    It would also put paid to Roe v. Wade and allow each state’s voters to decide the extent to which they wish to be complicit in the slaughter of innocents.

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