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Colin Powell hoists his true colors

This piece was occasioned by Colin Powell’s recent remarks on Meet the Press peddling the lie that the GOP lost the last two Presidential elections because conservative voters are racists who have forced the Party to become too conservative.  His deceitful diatribe unequivocally confirms what I’ve said for years to people who approach me with the thought that I or any other principled conservatives have any reason whatsoever to support Powell for President or anything else.  He is, and has always been, a loyal servant of the leftist elitist faction.  Of course, he has been promoted and celebrated by its GOP wing, which served him up in prime time at the GOP convention in 1996, for a speech in which he proudly paraded his pro-abortion views. That occasion lingers in my mind as a good example of what has been the sham nature of the GOP pretty much since Reagan left office.  As one of the competitors for the GOP’s nomination for President I was there.   As Powell spoke, the images that went out to America-at-large gave the impression of people enthusiastically applauding.  But I saw firsthand the repressed consternation that characterized the response Powell received from the preponderance of the largely pro-life, conservative rank and file delegates overall.

This is the dichotomy characteristic of the GOP.  The Party now exists mainly so that the GOP’s crypto-socialist leaders (Powell, McCain, Romney, Boehner and others like them) can facilitate the elitist faction’s anti-constitutional agenda by co-opting and dissipating the energy of conservative grassroots voters.  Such voters want to conserve America’s constitutional heritage of God-endowed rights and self-government.  But the GOP leadership wants to promote the leftist view that people dedicated to conserving that American heritage are racists.  Powell speaks for this leadership.  His appearance on Meet the Press is aimed at preparing the ground for their planned offensive against  the GOP’s voter base.

Powell also went out of his way to speak with contempt of people he snidely dismissed as “birthers”.  As I’ve pointed out repeatedly, the issue of Obama’s eligibility is about the natural law basis of the American Republic and the rational thinking that justifies the people’s right to self-government.  When Powell and the other henchmen of the elitist faction demean people who demand that the Constitution’s “natural born citizen” language be taken seriously, their aim is to undermine respect for the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land.  They promote the tyrannical view that the government can pick and choose which Constitutional provisions will be respected, and which will be swept aside. Once accepted, this removes all constraints on the use and abuse of the powers of government.  The result is tyranny, which is and has always been the real point of the elitist campaign of senseless ridicule and snide dismissal against anyone who raises the issue of whether Obama is Constitutionally eligible to be President.  Now the same tactics are being deployed to sweep aside the first Amendment’s protection for the free exercise of religion and the Second Amendment’s recognition of the people’s responsibility as individuals to keep about themselves the equipment they need for the defense of liberty.

From day one of Obama’s occupation of the White House the elitist faction has aimed at subverting respect for the authority of the Constitution, and the oath that requires U.S. officials to uphold, protect and defend it.  In the months ahead, what has all along been a covert war against the Constitution’s provisions and principles will become an open offensive.  The boldly subversive declamations of Obama’s inaugural address; Biden’s public statements about using executive orders to circumvent the Constitutional prerogatives of the U.S. Congress; and the ruthless exploitation of random violence as an excuse for disarming the people; make it plain that Obama’s second term is intended to be the final offensive that sweeps America’s constitutional republic onto the ash heap of history.

What Colin Powell’s complicity with Obama punctuates, however, is the fact that the GOP’s elitist faction leadership are, the fifth column of this planned coup d’état.  Some years ago I posted an article on this blog about “5th column conservatives bent on making sure no one is moved to united political action to thwart the coup before it is too late.” Tragically, instead of heeding my warnings about the imperative need for principled conservatives to get out from under their control, people accepted the self-defeated view that there is no politics for America outside the sham party system.  The results suggest that, at least in the political realm, what America desperately needs right now is a revival of its protestant spirit.  For those who wait upon the Lord know better than to act as if any merely human institution deserves their absolute allegiance, especially when it comes to matters that involve the unalienable rights arising from their obligations to Him.

In his latest WND article Christopher Monckton accurately says that “the Republicans  have become as irrelevant to politics in the United States as the dotty but costly causes Obama loves.”  He predicts that Obama’s stubborn push toward socialism “marks the end of the socialist/communist/fascist left as a global political force.”  Unless principled conservatives stop dissipating their time and energy in the GOP sandbox, however, the bankruptcy of the left won’t mean its demise.  Hollow power (like that of the later Roman Emperors, or the Turkish Empire in the early 20th century) can oppress people for a long time when they lack the faith and courage to challenge it.  Is this the plight of America’s conservatives today?  Like King Lear in Shakespeare’s famous play, they bluster angrily, but leave their political fate, and that of their country, in the hands of people who have repeatedly betrayed and abused their trust, and who are openly preparing to do so again.

America urgently needs a conservative Party true to the Christian and authentically Federalist principles on which it was founded.  A governing majority of the people are still loyal to those principles.  What they lack is a political standard round which to rally in order to reclaim and conserve their God endowed liberty.  When will they leave the elitist faction henchmen in the moribund GOP alone in their house of sand and fog? When will they build a political ark suitable for a people of faith, who are willing and able to deserve the decent freedom God endows?



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  • Nell Bowen January 24, 2013, 6:54 pm

    Mr. Keyes,

    We need a leader. Are you going to lead us?

    • ken January 25, 2013, 1:01 am

      He is a leader. Please pay him for it, then pay it forward.

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