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Conservatives must reject the GOP delusion

GOP's quisling leaders leave them without representation

As I noted in a recent WND article, America’s founders counted on the House of Representatives to provide a focal point around which defenders of the representative government established by the Constitution would rally against an elitist faction effort to overthrow government of, by and for the people of the United States.  John Boehner’s re-election as Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives sends the clear signal that it will not serve that function.  Thanks to elitist faction’s stranglehold on the GOP it evidently doesn’t matter how decisively voters express their political will that it should do so.

In his farewell address Washington astutely pointed out that parties have the tendency to degenerate into factions, acting in the narrow interest of some self-interested majority or minority of the people, against the common good of the society.  Behind the mask of a two-party system, we Americans have allowed the development of something worse than a one party dictatorship.  We are faced with the monstrosity of one-faction rule, liable in the name of “democracy” to suppress the rights, dignity and strength of the people.  Given modern means of surveillance and repression, the resultant totalitarian factional dictatorship is likely to produce destructive, dehumanizing results that will make twentieth century atrocities look like a poorly dressed rehearsal.

If there is any chance to prevent this looming travesty, it will not come in the context of continued participation in the GOP delusion.  American self-government did not succeed because people treated the so-called two-party system as a strait jacket as an illusory substitute for real political competition. When old Parties ceased to represent them, Americans challenged them by forming new parties that did so. They forced realignments that saved the party system from becoming what it now is- a mask of smoke and mirrors behind which a self-serving elitist faction imposes its monopoly of power.

Ironically, this political entrepreneurship is what preserved the political environment in which business entrepreneurship could flourish.  It’s lamentable that today the champions of economic liberty seem oblivious to the fact that it cannot, it is not surviving the imposition of unchallenged factional monopoly in our political life.

Right now, America desperately needs a rebirth of liberty, such as Abraham Lincoln wished for in the wake of the Civil War. But to see it we must, like the original Republicans who elevated him to the Presidency, look upon the elitist faction’s corruption of our vocation as citizens and “come out from among them and be…separate” (2 Corinthians 6:17); “Go out, go out, depart…from thence”.  To renew America’s decent liberty, we must urgently build anew, on the foundations, now neglected and abused, laid down by the founders of our Republic and the Framers of the Constitution.  Else we will soon have to lament the fact that the time of our liberty’s permanent demise is no longer coming, it is already here.

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