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Convention vs. Impeachment- Which deals best with tyranny?

We must first preserve the Constitution's authority, or changing its terms won't help


I think, with the time remaining, there’s less of a chance of removing Obama by impeachment – refer to David Schippers’ book “Sellout” for a good indication why – than there is for calling a state-initiated Constitutional convention with the sole purpose of repealing Article 2 of the Constitution – a section that several drafters and other outside the US properly and accurately warned would result in disaster.



The convention route was never intended to deal with high crimes that immediately threaten the survival of Constitutional government. Such crimes destroy the authority of the Constitution, so that any changes made in its words are a dead letter once it is no longer regarded as “supreme law”, but only as an indication of general intentions. Think of the way the GOP platform is treated these days by the quisling GOP leaders.SmallLogoLTL

When the enemy is storming the gates, holding a convention to rewrite the city charter is just a way to pass the time while you wait for them to show up and tell you what to do. You’ve heard the expression about bringing a knife to a gunfight. Well, using a convention to stop a coup (by the elitist faction, which includes the GOP leadership, not just by Obama and his Democrat cohorts) is like bringing an army of lawyers arguing about the draft of the specifications for a knife, to a gunfight.



Yes, I know a convention isn’t intended to remove a president. But the investigation and conducting of Clinton’s impeachment took longer than the time available now to impeach and remove Obama, unless perhaps denying him his last month is supposed to make a noticeable difference. That’s why I referenced “Sellout”.

The Anti-Federalists were opposed to the idea of the president; I can’t yet find the source for this, but Ben Franklin was warned by at least one member of the French royalty that the drafters were replacing the monarchy that the founders had just shrugged off with a domestic version. Those forebodings have turned out to be the case. When I look at what presidents have done throughout their existence, I see almost nothing but harm. Separation of powers has done little to nothing to stem government growth, and I suspect the majority of drafters knew that that would be the case, and used that notion only to fraudulently sell it to the states and the people. They met in the first place under false pretenses and conducted the entire convention in secrecy; who’s to say that the deception ended there?

I believe we need another convention to eliminate that office. There’s far too much power invested in it; the vast amount of time, focus, and campaign finances devoted to that one position is clear evidence of it. We’ll be far better off converting the white house into a museum dedicated to educating people how one man can do so much damage.


Without the presidency the U.S. would not have survived as a unified nation.  Its existence reflects the fact that the Founders, though idealistic in the truest sense, were also realistic about our flawed human nature.  In terms of that flawed nature, the inclination to tyranny is irresistible.  They knew that you can’t avoid tyranny by denying that inclination, only by making realistic preparations for dealing with it.

The problems we’re having aren’t simply the result of the Constitution’s imperfections (though the Founders knew it had them.)  They are the result of our loss of character and understanding, both encouraged by elitist leaders committed to ending government of, by and for the people. At the moment it would be fair to say that the American people have let themselves become unfit for self-government.

But like people who have let their bodies become unfit, they can regain their fitness through exercise.  The Constitution’s provisions provide us with the regime that should guide our training.  Pretending that holding a therapy session to discuss changes in that regime is just a way of avoiding the exercise, like people who think that discussing some fad diet or new exercise facility will solve their obesity problem.  We’re at the point where the Nike slogan applies: Just do it!

With an election around the corner, the gym is right around the corner.  At present, the talk of a convention is just a way of avoiding exercise.  (It could also be the bad guys’ way of getting us to hand them an opportunity that they will hi-jack and abuse to institutionalize the demise of liberty and call it constitutional change.  They would like nothing better than to stage a “new beginning” that cuts us off from the wisdom of the Founders, particularly when it comes to acknowledging our Creator as the font of human right and justice.)

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