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Do entertainment idols harden America’s heart?

These days people associated with the entertainment industry use and abuse their notoriety for all kinds of purposes, including of course promoting and glamorizing the servile personality cult worship of Barack Obama. The other day Woody Allen gifted the world with his view that giving Obama dictatorial powers would be a good thing. Whoopi Goldberg inveighs against an Oklahoma law that requires abortion mills to take an ultrasound of the nascent child and give pregnant women the choice whether to look at it or not. The actors from Law and Order: Criminal Intent “teamed up with Planned Parenthood to advocate for taxpayer funded abortions.” Such celebrities also give in hugely disproportionate amounts to Obama faction Democrats. On one of the hottest issues of the day, Shakira, Eva Longoria and others joined the chorus of those seeking to re-educate the supposedly misguided masses who want America’s immigration laws enforced. And so on.

More perhaps than any other element of America’s richly rewarded elites, those in the entertainment industry epitomize the ‘take-their-money, despise their views’ attitude of America’s wannabe aristocrats. The ‘kiss-up, kick down’ conditioning that is apparently de rigueur for success in their world makes them quite comfortable with the combination of contempt and phony noblesse oblige compassionating that is the hallmark of these vanguard oligarchs, whatever part of the social and political spectrum they profess to hail from.

There was a time when, for better or worse, the entertainment world had more respect for the mores of the masses.  They at least tried to hide their contempt for them. These days they flaunt and revel in their rejection of the sexual mores that sustain stable family life; the religious beliefs that empower the voice of conscience; the sense of American exceptionalism that fires patriotism. Being masters of fabrication and illusion, they hold up a masque of great concern for the welfare of the people, but show little regard for their feeling or attachments.

This affects the decisions they make about casting and programming. I thought about that this morning when an internet headline caught my eye reporting that Michael Bay, the director of the so far successful “Transformers” movie franchise has dropped its leading lady, Megan Fox, for the series’ next film. No “Bogie and Bacall” sentimentality here. Perhaps not even a ruthless eye for profit. Fox may have provoked the move by bad mouthing her director in public. He may have taken umbrage and fired her. Did either give much thought to the people who may have been looking forward to further developments in the forged in the maelstrom love affair of the characters on the screen?

Of course, you’d be right to chuckle at the naiveté of that question. The Transformer movies are powered by graphics and action sequences, not characters and relationships. It’s as if they were intended to define the phrase “shallow profiteering”. So who cares? Who cares when their favorite TV series disappears without a trace, along with the characters they made the mistake of investing with a little bit of their heart? Taken by itself, it amounts to nothing. But when the experience becomes characteristic of one of the pastimes people routinely engage in, won’t it harden their hearts, albeit just a little at a time?

The point isn’t that I (or anyone else) should waste much time caring who stars in what. But the entertainment elite’s habitual denigration of any human feelings but their own, -whether on the screen or in the attitudes reflected in their decisions- that’s something we should care about. It’s like a bad smell we’ve gotten used to. But like the smell of chemical pollution in the air, it’s harming us even though we are less and less prone to notice.

Mothers ought to care about the life in their womb. Abortion denigrates that feeling. People ought to care about their aging parents. Health care rationing denigrates that feeling. Politicians ought to care about the work people put in to making every dollar the government takes from them in taxes. Ambition driven, crony rewarding spending denigrates that feeling, even as it drives America into bankruptcy.

“And God hardened Pharaoh’s heart” the Bible tells us. In America today perhaps it’s the industry that produces what are aptly called our entertainment “idols” that is hardening the heart of the sovereign people of the United States. And we do remember what happened to Pharaoh, don’t we?

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  • Chiu Chun-Ling May 20, 2010, 3:22 pm

    What happened to Pharaoh was nothing compared to what happened to his people, all those who relied on his strength and authority to protect and guide them.

    By the way, is there still no way to make the comments appear in the order posted, rather than in reverse?

  • southernboy36 May 20, 2010, 2:50 pm

    “Make believe” is the way of life for these people. They are given gross amounts of money for pretending to be imaginary characters in movies or plays. It’s only a short hop to pretending to be someone important in real life. Someone whose opinions are valid and worth something. Fact of the matter is, most of these people are supremely ignorant of anything outside of their little circle of like-minded associates but imagine themselves to be able to view the world from a superior perch from which they love to pontificate their idiotic platitudes.

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