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Do-it-yourself Liberty- It’s the only way

The Congressional impeachment/removal process is the only Constitutional way to end unconstitutional abuses of the U.S. government’s power at the highest levels.  It can only occur if the people effectively demand it.  The people can effectively demand it only by electing a U.S. Congress controlled by a sufficient majority in both Houses to achieve the desired result.  In this respect, liberty is a Do-It-Yourself proposition. Only the people can rescue the constitutional sovereignty of the people from destruction.

The 2014 election offers Constitution minded voters the chance (perhaps the last clear chance) to do so.  Which is precisely why the elitist faction’s media and political minions are anxious to rush voters toward premature preoccupation with the 2016 Presidential race.  Under the U.S. Constitution the Congress represents the ultimate sovereign authority of the people.  Unless and until Americans reclaim it from elitist faction control, government of, by and for the people will continue along the path toward its final demise.

Thus ends my WND column for this week.  I can already hear some of you objecting. “But Alan,” you rightly point out, the elitist faction controls the leadership in both the Democrat Party and the GOP.  Neither party will use the 2014 elections to mobilize people in favor of ending the Obama nightmare by Constitutional means, so it won’t happen.”  To which I reply: Whose fault is that?  These days many conservatives loudly decry the GOP’s betrayal of its grassroots constituents, as Rush Limbaugh just did in the wake of Ken Cuccinelli’s RINO induced defeat in Virginia.

But how long will these folks be content with whining instead of the only thing that can remedy these betrayals. What’s needed is a massive mobilization of American voters, loyal to the terms of the Constitution and its Declaration principles, who unite in affirming that no candidates for national office in the 2014 elections will get their vote until and unless they formally, adamantly pledge that their first priority when the U.S. Congress convenes in 2015 will be to impeach, try and remove Barack Obama and all his appointees and collaborators from their positions in U.S. government.

Millions of voters must unite to make this demand. They must organize themselves to enforce it by electoral means, including appropriate action to place pledged candidates on the ballot in the 2014 general election if and when the GOP and Democrats refuse to do so.  Such an electoral movement will fundamentally alter the political environment in which the U.S. Congress convenes in January, 2015. It will build the foundation for the political realignment the country desperately needs; one that gives birth or rebirth to a political vehicle freed from the elitist faction’s anti-American domination.  On every front, on every issue, this reassertion of the independent sovereignty of the people is the key to saving America’s liberty.

For the past several months I’ve repeated this point in various contexts.  Some people get the point and have been moved to sign onto the effort.  Others support the idea, but are apparently waiting for someone else to do the work.  Is this the effect of the consumer mentality now encouraged by our whole way of living?  People are responding as if what they’re answering a survey about a proposed new product.  “Yes, I would buy that product,” they affirm. Then they sit back and wait for it to appear at the political equivalent of the local supermarket (i.e., the ballot on election day.)

But liberty isn’t something you can pluck off a shelf and consume.  Like a body fit for golf, running or some other sport, you can’t get the product you want until and unless you do what’s needed to produce it.  If you’re content to watch someone else make the effort, they get the fit body.  In this context, this means that they get and keep the freedom to wield government power in a way that represents their will, not yours.

I hear from many people you lament the fact that, regardless of party label, politicians these days vote to ignore the strongly felt wishes of their constituents.  I think this is happening because people are passively accepting whatever products they find on the shelf when they go into the voting booth, even though those products have already proven, time and again, that they won’t get the job done.  Voters have lost control of the political process that produces and selects those who run for political office.  By the time a name is recognizably on the election ballot, the person attached to the name is already beholden to money, media and partisan powers who thenceforward command his or her real loyalty, whatever deceitful lip-service is paid to the voters.

But what if people of like minded make the effort to reach out to one another in order to create a network of voters who share a common heart, common principles and the pledged commitment to a clear electoral goal that goes beyond the victory of some candidate or another? Candidates produced and beholden to the network of principle and conviction they create and maintain will have a strong incentive to keep their pledge, and represent them faithfully. This would new political cogency to the oath of office all too many now callously contemn.

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  • Tatiana Covington January 31, 2014, 8:51 pm

    Very well… don’t vote. Let all the terms expire with no refills. Abolish all parties.

    As for the rest? “No faith, no belief, no loyalty, no love.”–Ralph Lowell McMurray

    • Alan Lee Keyes February 1, 2014, 8:44 am

      I’m not sure I understand. Are you saying that because our fate is in our own hands, we should give up in despair? To lose hope when effective action lies within your reach doesn’t make sense to me.To despair because there’s no one to help you but yourself- that feels downright anti-American.

  • Guy C Stevenson November 8, 2013, 6:17 pm

    Speaking of Liberty . . . it is the central theme of Freedom Under God by Fulton Sheen, and one of the main reasons I chose to find a way to republish it. Liberty is in the title of 9 of the 13 Chapters. But Alan Keyes, how do you expect the mass of disenfranchised — most of whom can’t read or understand Do-it-yourself Liberty — to restore liberty? They have been miss educated, hood-winked by the elite, and just left for plain old serfs of the modern day collective. Of course I do have a simple solution, for the do-it-yourselfers out there – pick up a copy of Freedom Under God, and discover the same battle that Fulton Sheen was battling (mostly single handed) in 1940. Pay special attention to chapter three “True Liberty” which proceeds “False Liberty”. http://www.amazon.com/Freedom-Under-God-Fulton-Sheen/dp/0944997112

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