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Does Obama see Israel as vassal or enemy?

During his visit to the White House Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu reportedly experienced the kind of self-consciously scornful treatment intended to tempt a soon-to-be declared enemy foolishly to take responsibility for the break in relations that precedes open hostility. “For a head of state to visit the White House and not pose for photographers is rare. For a key ally to be left to his own devices while the President withdraws to have dinner in private was, until this week, unheard of. Yet that is how Binyamin Netanyahu was treated by President Obama on Tuesday night, according to Israeli reports on a trip seen in Jerusalem tonight as a disastrous humiliation.”

Obama indulged in this arrogant display “after failing to extract a written promise of concessions on Jewish settlements, telling the Israeli head of government to “let me know if there is anything new.” This brings to mind the way Hitler’s Germany treated the subject leaders in Poland or the Czech Republic after the Wehrmacht crushed their defenses. Or the attitude the Soviet dictators took toward their vassals in Eastern Europe once the last vestiges of their independence had been crushed. The health takeover that is the engine for the Obama faction’s suppression of the sovereignty of the American people had just won enough Democrat support to achieve Congressional approval. But Obama wasted no time before making it clear that he intends the same fate for the sovereignty of Israel. There was a time when America had leaders in the White Housewho knew that their responsibility for the nation’s extraordinary power meant they should speak to the world with decent pride, while treating our allies with decent respect. Infatuated with his own power, the present occupant of the White House seems ever ready to humiliate both the United States and Israel in order to display and exalt in his always repulsive self-importance.

The episode brought back to my mind words that I wrote about Obama’s success a year ago today:

The incongruity of this moment appears especially in this: that he could not have achieved his goal without the support of rich and influential people from the very community indelibly scarred by the 20th century’s inhuman ambitions. Lamentably, I believe that their reward for this support will be policies that usher in the destruction of Israel and greatly encourage and strengthen the deadly aims of those in the Islamic world whose lust for its destruction has led them to ingest and act upon some of the foulest ordure left by the Nazis’ dysentery of hatred for the Jewish people.

Given the obvious success of Obama’s life long course of leftist indoctrination it’s hard to understand why people blithely assumed that he did not imbibe the implacable hostility to Israel characteristic of left-wing globalists. I saw it frequently during my years representing the United States in various UN meetings. I also saw the unreasoning hostility that lurked beneath the diplomatic façade of some Arab Islamic states. Obama’s studied attempt to curry favor with even the most extreme anti-Israeli actors in the Islamic world (like Iran, for example) should only add to the logical expectation that he sympathizes with the view that the greatest obstacle to peace in the Middle East is the absence of the headstone that marks the place of Israel’s demise.

Sadly, some Americans of both right and left applaud Obama’s willingness to take Netanyahu to the mat. For some this quiet glee is marred only by a nagging suspicion that it’s all a carefully orchestrated diplomatic charade, intended to burnish America’s credentials as the good guy in a good-cop, bad-cop diplomatic mugging of the Palestinians. The latter will only be convinced that Israel has finally been abandoned when Israel deniers are able to give speeches aimed at proving that it never existed in the first place.

The advantage of pursuing an unthinkably atrocious goal is that decent people will have trouble thinking about it. It’s hard to provide against an inconceivable evil. Of course, after the experience of the twentieth century, it’s also hard to understand why there are still people who think there is any evil beyond the appetite of human ambition, particularly the ambition to rule and transform the world. Anyway, when it comes to the elimination of a Jewish enclave by a self-idolizing would-be dictator with delusions of socialist grandeur on a global scale- what’s so inconceivable?

Two things offer hope. Obama’s arrogant willingness to erase the independence of Israel isn’t supported by many decent Americans. They don’t want the existence of Israel will  surrendered to one factional leader’s little fits of vanity. What is more, Israel never was, and still is not, a creature of American power. It rests in the hands of God, and it will survive as long as in heart and soul, and mind and strength the people of Israel walk humbly with their God. Many Americans who love their liberty will be walking there beside them, trusting the same God for the strength to preserve us free.

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  • Christian Van Niekerk March 28, 2010, 2:40 pm

    Obama, Clinton and Biden are the biggest danger to Israel.
    Obama has diverted miltary harwear meant for Israel, and has supplied the Arabs with the latest miltary hardwear.

    Does this not show that he is a Muslim and “taking orders” from the Koran to destroy the Jews and Israel?

    I only hope and pray that this imposter, who has never proven his actual birthplace, who managed to obtain education in the USA on the basis of being an immigrant , will soon have to prove his true birthplace. If he cannot show that he was born in the USA, then he must be impeached as a liar and a danger not only to USA and the free democratic world, but a serious danger to Israel.

    His words before being elected, were, “Jerusalem must never be divided.”
    He still said that Israel is the most important ally in the Middle East, and that USA will protect Israel. Of course his whole presidency has proven that he is a liar.

    His VP Biden, said, ” I am s Zionist and a Jew” What a liar.

    Clinton was elected to the Senate with lies to the NY Jews who still contributed millions for her election.

    Now, she has followed Obama’s words and DEMANDED that Israel surrender Jerusalem to the terrorists. and move nearly half a million Jews from their homes. This is what Hitler did. Is he taking a lesson from Hitler?
    Obama, Clinton and Biden are making huge demands on PM Netanyahu, but not one demand on the PA. They have strengthened the PA who know that they have the “3 stooges” support against Israel.

    • Mark B March 28, 2010, 4:46 pm

      I must agree with Christian Van Niekerk.

      As he calls them the “3 stooges”, I am afraid that they are busy trying to destroy the Jewish state.

      They must be stopped URGENTLY.

      The previous Israeli government strengthened Abbas by giving them whatever they wanted. Olmert supplied them with 1000 automatic rifles and milions of rounds of ammo.
      This was high treason, for which he should have been arrested and executed before a firing squad.
      Now, Abbas is demanding, besides trying to destroy Israel politically, and demographically, he is now demanding that Israel release 2000 terrorists. Besides the fact that he said he will never recognise Israel as the Jewish state. If that is not racism and apartheid, can someone tell what it is?

      Why has Obama never demanded the safe return of Shalit as part of his demands?
      Obama, Clinton and Biden insulted Israel and the PM Netanyahu.

      Obama’s behaviour to Netanyahu in Washington was a totaldisgrace.

      When are the USA Jews and Christian supporters going to demand that Obama apologised to Netanyahu?
      And demand an apology from Clinto who said that Israel “Insulted” USA because of plans to build in Jerusalem.
      No government in the world, would have behaved like this Obama asdministration.

      Obama bows to one of the wickedist leader, the Saudi king, smiles when he talks to Venezueala President, and stalls any discussion on Iran.

  • SleepBarn March 27, 2010, 4:21 am

    i guess a vassal that if his on his positive feet..


  • Chris Anderson March 26, 2010, 10:43 pm

    Been reading the posts here for a while, first time commenting. I’m trying to figure out Obama’s character. Based on his own words I had come to believe he was something like a humanist. That or worshipped himself, couldn’t tell for sure. I had dismissed the muslim link. What do you guys think about this? Especially Chiu, enjoy your posts. Alan thank you for your perseverance. I’m telling everyone I know about you and sending them here and to videos of you in various debates, etc. I does seem like Obama sees himself fulfilling the roll of the man of lawlessness and other various titles given to that roll.

    • Chiu Chun-Ling March 27, 2010, 1:53 pm

      Well, the criteria for being a Christian are pretty simple. Originally it was simply a term for a follower of Christ, or a disciple. In this sense it is hard to define precisely without full accord on the nature of Christ and the requirements of true discipleship, which are points in dispute amongst all who would like to claim the title of Christian. But the Romans pared it down a lot, and their definition is good enough.

      A Christian is someone who confesses the unique divinity and authority of Christ even when threatened with retribution from those opposed to Christ.

      Obama clearly doesn’t qualify. There is no evidence that he has ever acknowledged Christ as the Lord of life and Author of salvation, the only Begotten Son of the Father, or any of that (he dislikes even referring to Jesus as Christ). He has clearly placed Jesus on the level of an “inspired teacher”, which happens to be the status assigned Jesus in Islam, the only faith in which Obama was known to have been instructed as a child. He has never attended any religious instruction that could be characterized as Biblically Christian, based on the teachings and life of Christ as recorded in the Bible. He appears to be either completely ignorant of the basic precepts Christ taught or deliberately attempting to subvert Christian doctrine every time he speaks on the subject. It is possible that all he knows of Christianity are such subversions, taught to him by the various false teachers with whom he is known to have associated.

      On the other hand, the criteria for being a Muslim are laid out in the Koran, and curiously mirror the requirements of being a Christian. One simply must make any statement of submission to Allah, specifically including the common greeting “Insha Allah“, and thereafter not recant Islam in the face of possible retribution from other Muslims. This is a key element, the Koran repeatedly and explicitly commands that Muslims hide their beliefs from “infidels” in order to gain tactical advantage (taqiyya) and thus only when a person recants despite being under the threat of death for doing so can they be judged to have truly departed Islam…according to the Koran. Obama’s known history and own statements abundantly prove that he was a Muslim and has never recanted except in clear practice of taqiyya.

      But what does this tell us about Obama’s real beliefs? Not very much. In the simple definition of “Christian”, I clearly qualify. But I have never truly been able to become a serious disciple of Christ, and this doesn’t bother me as much as it would anyone who was even on the path towards discipleship. I don’t think I’ve tried being Christlike for a day in my life…or it was a forgettable day.

      Obama is basically a narcissist. He is attracted to the narrative Islam allows him to paint of his own dramatic destiny. Allah is (to him) a very convenient sort of God, very lenient as long as one produces results. And what results Obama has produced! By mere incompetence, he does more damage to the Great Satan than any of his radical brethren, to whom he is always willing to lend a helping hand in escaping and continuing their own work. Furthermore, he is allowed to enjoy the perks which accrue to being the “leader of the free world” while he’s at it.

      In short, he’s something of a mercenary. He doesn’t have to choose between Allah’s demands and his own desires, being Muslim pays out for him (as it has a tendency to do for most wealthy and powerful men in the Islamic world). He doesn’t even have to go all out in destroying America’s security commitments around the world (or even to Israel), just whatever erosion can be accomplished impulsively is more than sufficient.

      Rather a shallow commitment, if you ask me.

  • Derek P. March 26, 2010, 8:56 pm

    Interersting, to say the least.

    Are there any comments regarding the recent signing of the large arms deal between the Untied States and Israel? Hmmm. I guess that pales in comparison to a simple disagreement among friends.

  • Chiu Chun-Ling March 26, 2010, 4:55 pm

    Obama, probably consciously, is setting up an end-times scenario here. He’s trying to push Israel into a corner so that the Islamic nations can plausibly unite and attack Israel for the final battle. Given that Obama himself is a taqiyya Muslim, the probable intention is to call forth the 12th Imam.

    And to wipe out the Jews, of course.

  • a harrison smith March 26, 2010, 10:16 am

    I am south african and wonder what next: all the
    .It is truly a terrible time ahead!! Why did jews vote for obama?? Here in south africa they are leaving in droves as the new south affrica (friends with castro an palestine) are not so friendly and our coutry is collapsing under redistribution…Lived in mid east 15 years


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