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Does Romney disavow GOP platform’s supporters?

In the title of a recent post I referred to Romney/Ryan double talk.  In recent days conservative voters got several high definition illustrations of what that means.

There was Paul Ryan showing off his new talking points in the wake of the dust-up over Todd Akin’s stand against murdering innocent children conceived as the result of forcible rape.

Ryan said: “I’m proud of my pro-life record….Mitt Romney’s going to be the president.  The president sets policy.  His policy is exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother.  I’m comfortable with it because it’s a good step in the right direction.  I’ll leave it at that.”

Here we have a man professing to be proud of the principled stand he has taken in defense of life. As Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan has accepted a role that will associate his name with policy positions that step away from the principle  that justifies the pro-life movement as a political cause (i.e., the equal endowment of all human beings, by the Creator God, with an unalienable right to life). He calls this “a good step in the right direction.”

So we’re supposed to believe that it’s a good thing when political ambition leads a reputedly principled pro-life leader to abandon the key pro-life principle.  I say that only the devil himself can honestly see it that way. Of course some people are bound to contend that Paul Ryan does this bad thing in order to achieve a good purpose.  From his position as vice-president he will influence Romney to change his policies, they’ll say.

But how likely is that.  Like Ryan, over this past weekend, Romney was standing proudly on his past record, especially his responsibility for the government health care takeover in Massachusetts.  In an appearance on Fox News Sunday Romney “said he is “proud” of the health care plan he signed into law as governor of Massachusetts, and cited it as evidence that [he] would protect women’s health as President….”  Romney’s Massachusetts plan included government funded, $50 co-pay abortions. It also included the successfully implemented coercion of conscience re abortion inducing drugs.

Are these things part of what Romney did “to protect women’s health”?

Obama followed the Romney model in his Obamacare proposals.  But thanks to pro-life conservative opposition he was unable to include government funded co-pay abortions.  He has also met with fierce opposition in his efforts to implement features that involve the coercion of conscience.  Will Romney move “to protect women’s health” by succeeding where Obama has failed? If and when he does will Paul Ryan see these “improvements” in Obamacare as another “good step in the right direction”?

The willing shills of the GOP’s “gull the conservatives” strategy are eagerly rejoicing at the fact that this year’s GOP platform will be filled with language carefully designed to tickle the itching years of conservatives. As we consider the possibility that Paul Ryan will be their conduit of influence in a Romney administration what are we to make of GOP chairman Priebus’s blunt statement that the GOP platform “is the platform of the Republican Party; it’s not the platform of Mitt Romney.”  What are we to make of the statement by “Avik Roy, a health care policy adviser to the Romney campaign” who “said Sunday that the Republican activists who write and adhere to the party’s platform…will have “very little” purchase on a Romney presidency if the former Massachusetts governor is elected.” What are we to make of Romney’s leadership in the effort to purge Todd Akin from the electoral arena on account of his adherence to what has been the GOP platform position?

Apparently the elitist faction leaders who control the Romney/Ryan campaign are absolutely confident in the success of their Obama bogeyman campaign strategy.  Conservatives “have no choice”, and can therefore be treated with the utmost contempt.

That contempt isn’t just an attitude.  It serves a strategic purpose.  Those who vote for Romney will do so in the face of unequivocal statements that their views and priorities are not Romney’s, and that they themselves will be of no account in a Romney administration.  They will not be able to scream “betrayal” when Romney behaves exactly as these statements suggest he will.  They will have no one to blame but themselves. (Given the record of Romney’s actions and fruits, they were in this position anyway.  But the bold statements remove the fig leaf of possible ignorance.)

This is exactly what I meant by the “self-extinction of conservatives” as they follow Romney’s lead. This is exactly what I have anticipated and tried to get people to act against for the past several years.  It would not matter so much if it were just a matter of failure for a self-serving elitist clique, such as the so-called “major” parties have become.  But rightly grounded, articulated and carried out the conservative cause is the cause of American liberty; the cause of hope for the survival of conscientious, representative self-government in America.

I feel much as I did when I tried to warn people about Obama’s Communist convictions, and his intention to destroy America’s way of life.  Like the folks who are now finally decrying the elitist faction’s moves to crush grassroots representation and establish an openly dictatorial system for controlling the GOP , others will decry the crushing betrayals of the conservative grassroots that are more than likely to characterize a Romney administration. Why is it that people insist on ignoring the warnings that would allow them to prepare against threats foreseen a long way off?  So many of those who ask me now “What can we do?” didn’t listen or even care to read the careful analysis presented months and even years ago on the pages of this blog, warning the American people against the designers of despotism who now offer the nation a choice that is no choice, which either way portends the end of their self-government.

When you find that you’ve dug yourself into a hole, what’s the first thing you should do?  The trite but true answer is simply “Stop digging.”  All the signs suggest that, in continuing to put their money and efforts behind the mirage of GOP politics,  Tea Party activists, pro-life moral conservatives, and patriots who respect the organic law of the United States (e.g., the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution) are digging their own political graves and that of their country.

So what should sincere conservatives do? STOP DIGGING!  Stop co-operating in your own destruction. Stop ignoring the counsels of those who tried to awaken you when the danger was still a long way off.  Make the effort needed to understand the true nature of the challenge you face.  Start spreading the word to others so that they can do the same.  It is already to late for anything except a miracle to save government of, by and for the people in the United States.  But there is a place of miracles; not far off, but there within you.  To reach it you have only to remember where the nation’s founders began: by acknowledging their dependence on the will and providence of God almighty.  Instead of scoffing at those who won’t allow you to forget this fact, start reasoning as they do, carefully, accurately, faithfully from this first premise.  “Make straight the way of the Lord.” (John 1:23) Take no path that departs from it;  accept no choice that compromises it; trust in no candidate or party whose record and fruits make clear that they have, in fact abandoned it, and intend to go on doing so now and in the future.

Instead of closing your eyes to truth and following deceitful “lesser evils”, close your eyes to evil, the greater and the less. Trust only in the places of your heart that are open to God’s justification.

Then we may see the revival of America’s spirit, the revival of America’s hope, and the revival of the courage required to stop digging the nation’s grave so that we may build and rebuild its God-acknowledging liberty. (Matthew 13:9)

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  • DAVID JONES September 2, 2012, 7:47 pm
  • Karl Priest August 31, 2012, 5:26 pm

    Here are the thoughts of a fellow named Teno that, I think, state the situation quite succinctly.

    Settling for the lesser evil is exactly why we keep getting worse and worse candidates. If we will settle for someone who appears just one step to the right of liberal Democrats, that’s all the Republicans will ever offer us. We will NEVER get any better if we continue to support lesser evils.
    We’re accountable for whom we vote, not for who wins. The results are up to God; our job is to DO RIGHT.
    Every vote for a godly candidate is a vote for a godly candidate, no matter who wins.
    If you vote for pseudo-conservative then YOU are responsible for purposely voting them into office. If you vote for a godly candidate you are responsible for supporting a godly candidate, no matter who wins.
    We don’t even have to have our candidate win to accomplish much importance. The last few presidential elections have been virtual dead heats. If we had even a 5% bloc of solid, principled, constitutional conservatives who would not compromise, the GOP would know they needed that 5% if they ever wanted to win. Then they’d HAVE to run a more conservative candidate to win back our votes.
    All that’s needed is for Christians to stop throwing away their votes on lukewarm frauds and vote only for godly candidates. That’s what will make those parties viable. If Christians stop voting for moderate/liberal fakers, the 3rd party candidates would get enough votes to at least force the GOP to run honest conservatives if they want to win. That’s all it takes. The problem is simply that Christians won’t stand for righteousness. They want to support a “winner”, even if that winner is 75% liberal. So long as the other guy is 90% liberal, they think they’re doing well.
    If Republicans were the answer, America should be a virtual Eden by now.
    That’s not to say Democrats are the answer, but they are at least honest about being liberals and socialistic. The GOP has had plenty of chances, but there are not enough truly conservative Republicans to enact their own platform. The “Big Tent” philosophy has done nothing but make the GOP more like the Democrats. If they cannot keep their own party conservative and constitutionally American, how could they possibly bring the country in the right direction?

    If you vote for a pseudo-conservative you actually have voted for a loser. Christians have gotten so far away from God’s word that they no longer have a clue of what winning and losing is. Winning is doing RIGHT, no matter what. Compromise is LOSING.
    I’m not concerned with being a majority. I’m concerned with being RIGHT. I’d rather be in the minority and be RIGHT. I’d rather vote for a godly “loser” than an ungodly “winner”.
    We need to SPEAK UP and vote for politicians who will not compromise. I’d rather vote for a loser than vote for a winner who won’t deliver on why I voted for him.
    Democrats and Republicans are two wings of a bird flying the WRONG way!

  • Cecilia Joder August 30, 2012, 11:18 am

    We all know, deep in our hearts, that Alan is right.

  • Jesse Gilbert August 30, 2012, 3:57 am

    I was once a fan, Alan. But you’ve blown a gasket. You’ll elect the godless communist for all your pride.

  • Here_is_my_reply August 28, 2012, 2:26 pm

    2Ch 7:14

    “If my people, which are
    called by my name, shall
    humble themselves, and
    pray, and
    seek my face, and
    turn from their wicked ways;

    then will I hear from heaven, and
    will forgive their sin, and
    will heal their land.”

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