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Drug addiction- a paradigm for political servitude?

Why do Obama and his collaborators (including, of course, the quisling leadership of the GOP) promote or tolerate every movement aimed at breaking down the moral character and self-discipline of the American people, as individuals and as a whole? In fact, when it comes to homosexual behavior they are bent on using the coercive force of law to compel people to accept a paradigm of normality that erases the distinction between selfishly undisciplined individual actions, and those that admit and respect the individual’s responsibility for the good of the species as a whole.

I deal with this question in my WND column this week [available after 8 PM this evening] in order to establish the proper context Obama’s latest reiteration of his apparently lifelong “don’t care” attitude toward drug abuse. Pundits and commentators who use his remarks as an opportunity to let off a few ad hominem potshots miss the real point.  They actually become part of the melodrama the elitist faction media uses to distract people from the deadly subversion of America’s liberty that is now approaching its final act.

In my WND piece I reach the conclusion that “much like the terrorists who targeted the Towers in New York, which symbolized America’s material commerce, these scornful elitists target the pillars of moral and spiritual commerce that uphold our political constitution. But when liberty’s pillars fail, the smoke that rises from their crater will signify the fatal triumph of our stupefaction, courtesy of those, like Obama, who are working hard to make us too stupid to be free.”

Tragically, our individual addictions to licentious passion precipitate a fearful spirit of servile dependency that affects the way we fulfill our duty as citizens.  Drugs provide a false sense of well-being that masks their enervating effect on the information processes that actually maintain the integrity of our bodily functions. Using the drug, we neglect the body, which becomes more and more unfit.  Maintaining the drug-induced delusion of well-being becomes our preoccupation, reducing and threatening altogether to displace the activities that really contribute to our welfare.

In effect the drug becomes the focal point for energy and attention that we ought to bestow on those activities.  This delusional focus may eventually replace the proper one, redefining the hierarchy of our self-consciousness to such a degree that it transfers the locus of our self-identity. Instead of the natural sources of information provided by one’s own body and will, we identify ourselves (i.e., what sustains and perpetuates us) with the external system that provides us with the drug, or with the individual/institution that represents it to us.

As drug dependent personalities we organize ourselves around the actions and activities that will procure the drug, instead of the actions and activities that naturally preserve our own persons, according to the provisions and determinations informed by our own internal wills.  Accordingly, we lose our sense of personal responsibility.  The drug acts for us because we no longer have the sense to act for ourselves.

It’s irrational to suppose that people whose personal dependency on drugs, or any other passionate addiction, has reordered their self-consciousness do not carry that disability into every area of their lives.  The seat of authority which governs their lives is no longer within them.  They literally hunger and thirst for some external command, like robots inoperable until the right order in fed into their system. Obviously, such people become incapable of self-government.  They must and will be governed by extrinsic factors.

Herein lies the profoundly practical significance of the understanding of natural right that is the original basis for America’s liberty.  It is predicated on accepting as true for us (i.e., for all those “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”) what Christ said to his disciples: “the kingdom of God is within you.”   These words place the seat of supreme authority within the individual. So, by ordering our actions in accordance with the dispositions wherewith God informs our nature, we can, from within ourselves and on our own initiative, receive the commands that authorize and justify our actions.

“For when the Gentiles…do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves.  Which show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness….” (Romans 2:14-15)

People who conscientiously abide by the law God has written on their hearts “are a law unto themselves.”  Their conscientious actions represent God’s standard for right.  They therefore provide the pattern for just laws, i.e., man-made laws that respect this standard.  So when conscientious people choose magistrates and legislators who will represent their actions, because in their actions they represent God’s law, they establish government deriving its just (i.e., justly employed) power from the consent of the governed (i.e., those who are governed by God’s law.)

The conscientious initiative of people respecting the standard of right with which God informs their nature (unalienable right), is the key to preserving and perpetuating the republican form of government (of, by and for the people) originally established by the people of the United States. People who surrender their initiative, either by abandoning the God-endowed standard of conscience, or by passively allowing people who have abandoned it to act in their name, abjure the authority to govern themselves which they would otherwise acquire from it.

But this abdication of conscientious initiative is precisely what characterizes the drug dependent personality.  Instead of acting on the information intrinsic to their God endowed nature, such personalities wait on (in the sense of “await” but also in the sense of “serve”) the command of the external authority imposed by their dependency.

In American politics today, the external authority that represents the rule of passionate addiction (in lieu of natural right) is, in the first place, a party system dominated by people who have abandoned the God-endowed standard of conscience, and in the second place, an ever increasing body of laws, judgments and policies imposed by their abuse of government power.

The liberty of the American people will soon be lost forever if Americans of good conscience do not awaken from the political stupefaction this corrupt party system exists to maintain.  Barack Obama’s has openly and repeatedly violated the U.S. Constitution. He has declared his intention to establish an executive dictatorship utterly inimical to the republican form of government the Constitution is supposed to establish and guarantee.

Revulsion against his anti-American agenda has moved many Americans to long for some way to thwart it.  The Constitution’s provisions for the impeachment/removal of civil officers provides the means to do so. Only one thing prevents the 2014 election from becoming an effective vote of no-confidence in the Obama Administration, one that results in the impeachment/removal of Obama and all the civil officers of the U.S. government  (including judges and justices) collaborating in his anti-constitutional agenda.  That obstacle is the quisling dominated leadership of the so-called Republican Party.

Following the impeachment/removal strategy for the 2014 elections Americans determined to restore their nation’s liberty can break the rigor mortis imposed by the quisling GOP.  But only if they stop waiting pathetically for their next political fix; only if they find the clarity of mind, energy and courage to reclaim the conscientious political initiative. Stop being junkies for the quisling GOP. Rediscover what it means to be Americans, truly free. [This weekend: GOP junkies- Ending the stupefaction]

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