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Elitist leadership of Mass. GOP wars against conservative Fisher

Vicious tactics employed to preempt voter choice in GOP Primary

I just read this account of the tactics used by the Massachusetts’ GOP’s elitist faction leadership against conservative Mark Fisher. Fisher boldly declares himself to be “a full-Platform Republican.” Take a moment to visit his campaign website and confirm for yourself that this is not just rhetoric. Then read the article I just mentioned.


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The tactics described in the article smack of the domineering “Old Communist” Politburo mentality of the GOP’s elitist faction leaders.  I know from my own experience that this mentality is at work to poison the atmosphere for GOP conservatives, at the national level and in States around the USA.  Habitual visitors to this site know that I have tried unceasingly to help people realize that it reflects an understanding of government deeply hostile to constitutional self-government, of, by and for the people.

It reflects the fact that, like the Obama faction they purport to oppose, the GOP wing of the elitist faction has abandoned the idea that just government is derived from the consent of the governed.  Therefore, they no longer show any respect for the founding premises of constitutional government in the United States (which are also, by the way, supposed to be the premises of the Republican Party) to wit, that periodic elections are:

a)      Indispensable for assuring government’s due dependence on the will of the people;

b)      Occasions on which citizens act as voting members of the sovereign body of the people;

c)      And in which they mobilize to identify and support candidates they believe will represent them in doing “right as God gives us to see the right”, for their localities, or their States, or the nation as a whole.

In place of this founding idea, the servitors of the elitist faction are treating elections as political weapons, which they cynically manipulate to facilitate the imposition of their faction’s tyrannical will.  In this context the sham Party system exists to enable their faction to identify potentially successful opponents, so that they can do what is necessary to co-opt, discourage, demoralize or neutralize them.

As I’m sure they expected, the Obama faction’s openly aggressive disregard for constitutional procedures and constraints, has stirred more and more opposition from Americans. Many are at long last awakening to the fact that the rights they have taken for granted are close to being systematically extinguished, including the unalienable right of liberty itself (which is self-government, rightly understood).  In response, the elitist faction’s political henchmen have are more and more brashly implementing their agenda for control.

What emboldens them in this regard?  The assumption that, however upset they may be, Americans lack the courageous resourcefulness that was the most distinctive characteristic of their frontier heritage.  More and more of them have accepted the mind-chains of manipulated fear and passion.  More and more have accepted the ultimately enslaving notion that freedom is only for those who have the courage to defy the rational dictates of conscience.  So they feel resentment and contempt against any  who still walk faithfully, even unto death and wounds, in the path of God-endowed right.

One feature of this abandonment of the spirit of true liberty is the willingness to treat the degradation of our politics as if it is “business as usual.”  What has been done to Mark Fisher and other “Full Platform Republicans” during this primary election season ought by now to have roused deep anger and indignation among all citizens of goodwill who still understand that American liberty cannot be sustained without respect for what is right.  For at its heart, constitutional government is all about making sure that such respect is clear not only in the goals we claim to pursue, but in the means we employ to pursue them.

Respect for right and rights is thus about making sure people committed to right  cannot be driven from our politics, and consequently from the authoritative offices of our government.  If we quietly sit by while such people are roughly shouldered aside with blatant abuses of political power; while their voices are silenced; while their organizations and activities are starved of resources; then the rights they strive to vindicate in action will suffer a similar fate, and as it befalls them it will come upon the rest of us as well.

That said, if what you’ve read here, or in the above mentioned article affects you as it affected me, one question demands an answer: What will you do about it?  The elitist faction means to extinguish the lights of faithful conservative candidates, organizations, websites and ministries all over America.  Will you let them go out? Or will you respond, with all your mite?

mark fisher for gov


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  • senseimitch September 3, 2014, 7:32 am

    Thank you for continuing to pull back the curtain and expose the wizard for us all. You speak from experience (as I remember all to well!). We can only hope the nation wakes up before we become a nation of fools.

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