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Betrayal-A Common Theme in Santorum’s Political Life?

[This is comment came in response to the Facebook post that contained my WND article for April 13, 2012 re Santorum’s withdrawal from the GOP primary race (Santorum’s Supporters Played for Fools.)

Hi Alan,

David commented on your post.

David wrote: “Betrayal – a common theme in the political life of Rick Santorum. Dr. Keyes states where he betrayed his supporters this year, and where he betrayed Pennsylvanians by endorsing Arlen Specter several years ago. This should have been no surprise. Early in his book “Sellout”, David Schippers, Henry Hyde’s lead counsel in the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton, writes of the first meeting between the House managers and himself, and two senators – majority leader Trent Lott…and Rick Santorum. This is the meeting where Lott (and Santorum, by his silent acquiescence) explained to the House managers that the Senate had already determined that Clinton would pay no penalty for his felony purgeries The exact quote from Lott – “Henry, you’re not going to dump this garbage on us.” – made it clear, as did all the unanimous senate votes on trial procedures, that Santorum, as well as the rest of those worthless oxygen-users, were betraying their country and the oath they all took to protect the Constitution. Why Santorum was able to garner any support at all during this campaign is beyond me, unless all the left’s claims that Republican pols and voters are stupid (almost as stupid as the opposition) are true. Well, I, for one, am washing my hands of the entire worthless GOP; maybe the Democrats will drag the GOP so far left that the only way for the Democrats to distinguish themselves will be to double back and become constitutionalists (I’m not holding my breath).”

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