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Encouragement about the Notre Dame Scandal

Here is my latest WND article Encouragement about the NotreDame Scandal. Take a look, then leave a comment here to let me know what you think.

Series NavigationThe Notre Dame Scandal- A Brief ReportOn the continuing scandal at Notre Dame
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  • Dawg_em August 31, 2009, 1:25 pm

    Since this article was posted Ted Kennedy has died. It has been reported a certain Archbishop, speaking at the funeral Mass, said Kennedy is in Heaven because throughout his political career he defended the least among us. Now I would never suggest a Mass for Christian burial would be the place to emphasize doctrinal differences. But certainly a neutral tone could have been used. To say he was a champion of the "least of these" is an insult added to the injury caused by the American Genocide.

    But if this report is accurate it illustrates the lunacy as practiced by the heirarchy in the US. One has to ask if those words were spoken with a straight face. Talk about scandal. It's bad enough to have the leftists in the Church reinvigorated by this nonsense. But what of those struggling to come to grips with the teachings of the church, or simply wondering about what is taught versus actions that belie supposed unalterable truths? How can anyone take the Church seriously?

    The scandal at Notre Dame is a logical devolution of the faith-life of American Catholics. On the one hand abortion is an intrinsic evil subjecting its' participants to grave consequences. Wink, wink. Nod. But it really isn't so important as to be of primary concern to all. Sadly, the leadership of the American Catholic church is failing miserably.

    Where does it start? I would hazard to guess money is the defining baseline from which we can see a lack of fortitude. Let's be honest. Just try to find a solid pro-life homily emanating from the pulpit. Even during October, the designated Respect Life month. The reason? Tax exemption. This false premise that the church in America cannot get political. Either due to the threat of government sanction for violating the unconstitutional restrictions in place or fear the collection baskets will not yield the resources necessary to support parish infrastructure. The former exists due to a lack of courage to confront the feds over the (501C3?) tax status and the latter is a lack of faith in a God who will supply us with all our needs.

    Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Joe Biden, et al should have been excommunicated long ago. This would have prevented this sacriligious event from occurring in the first place. And it would have sent a strong message to the likes of Jenkins that the church is serious when it comes to the slaughter of His precious little ones.

    Until those who speak the words follow them with action they can never expect to be taken seriously. Either the killing of 50 million people is an outrage or it isn't. Quit sending mixed messages. A timid heart in the face of pure evil is a loser every time. It's time to show some love. Love of God. Love of his beautiful creation. And tough love for those who are disobedient children sorely in need of a trip to the wood shed.

  • Call Me Mom August 28, 2009, 10:01 pm

    I'm happy that he evinced opposition to this heinous event, but wouldn't that opposition have been better voiced at a time when the event was preventable? Maybe he didn't know about it before hand.

  • WingletDriver August 28, 2009, 3:44 pm

    Dr. Keyes,

    I agree with your article but think Bishop D'Arcy showed weakness from the beginning. This is his diocese, not Notre Dame's. He is in charge of all of the priests from the diocese, which admittedly many (if not most) of the Notre Dame clerics are not under his direct control. However, he may evict or remove their priestly faculties while they are in his diocese. This is solely at his discretion. He could have sent a powerful message by removing Fr. Jenkins or forcing the Congregation of Holy Cross (Fr. Jenkins' order) to replace him.

    Instead, he seems more than willing to debate a priest in public about the unequivocal teaching of the Church. This is a debate that should be held with Protestants in an effort to teach the mind of the Church, not with a subordinate who already knows and obviously doesn't care.

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