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Evidence of Planned Parenthood’s hateful racism

The video featured on this page is a news report out of Texas about a pro-life billboard campaign just launched there by the Radiance Foundation and the Life Education Resource Network (L.E.A.R.N.).  It’s an effort to focus attention on the disproportionate number of nascent blacks being murdered in Texas under the rubric of abortion rights.

What caught my attention was the statement from a Planned Parenthood spokeswoman quoted in the report.  “This is about trying to interfere with women making private personal decisions and unfortunately and really shockingly, this group has decided to use racism as a wedge issue,” Rochelle Tafolla said. “We think that  is just reprehensible…”

So its reprehensible to focus an individual’s attention on the impact her individual action has on her community.  Could there be a more perfect illustration of Planned Parenthood’s moral insanity?

In many U.S. communities today local laws encourage or even require that individual households sort their waste products for disposal and recycling.  These laws are the culmination of long years of effort to get people to focus on the impact their individual actions have on the environment of the whole community.

Many communities now also have laws that restrict smoking in public places.  Again, they are the culmination of years of work gathering and sharing information about the impact an individual’s decision to smoke has on the community in general.

Ordinances that deal with noise, public drunkenness, or that restrict blood donation in certain circumstances- all deal with the detrimental impact individual action may have on the welfare of the community.

In the past, many Black Americans preferred to prepare and eat dishes that led to a disproportionately high incidence of disease and death in the Black community.  All kinds of civic and fraternal organizations in the black community sought to focus attention on this fact.  Was this reprehensible?

But Planned Parenthood thinks it reprehensible to encourage black women in Texas to think about the genocidal impact of the decision to procure the murder of their nascent offspring.  Though their spokeswoman points the accusation of racism at the black Americans seeking to encourage this awareness, the stink of real racism hangs about Planned Parenthood’s sly efforts to prevent blacks from wrestling with the communally self-destructive impact of their abortion decisions.  Passionately working to keep individuals from realizing that what they do destroys their community surely raises the suspicion that the aim is to destroy their community.

Isn’t genocide the ultimate expression of racial hatred?  Isn’t Planned Parenthood’s determined opposition to an information campaign that may interfere with the mechanism of genocide presumptive evidence of hateful racism?  They will say, of course, say that they defend and promote the “abortion rights” of black women.  But there is something deeply sinister about  people who encourage black women to be smugly self-righteous as they do what directly destroys the present life and future existence of their ethnic community.

For more on the sinister origins and nature of Planned Parenthood’s racist agenda, look for the video “Maafa 21-Black Genocide in the 21st Century”.

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