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Faithful Christian citizens seek victory that counts

By saying yes to God and the Declaration of right derived from His authority

The yea-nay approach to Christian Citizenship- Concluded

Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery apparently believes that the prospect of victory in some political contest should be enough to cause Christians to abandon God’s standard of justice.  But the Scripture says that “That which is gained by vanity diminishes.” (Proverbs 13:11)  And Christ asked pointedly “What will it profit a man if he gain the whole world and forfeits his alkndrosaryown soul?” As I noted in the example of the Republican Christians’ self-defeating appeal to Christians in the Black community, Christians who follow Mr. Minnery’s political advice will find their credibility seriously diminished, exactly as the Scripture suggests.

And the consequences will be grim.  When, for the sake of political gain, Christians themselves sacrifice what, in admonishing others, they rightly identify as the demands of Christian conscience; what becomes of their claim to conscientious objector status with respect to provisions of law passed with the support of legislators they helped vote into office (e.g., pro-abortion Republicans who support the Obamacare mandates)? If you make your living as a paid mercenary, you can’t reasonably expect to claim “conscientious objector” status when you’re drafted into the armed forces.

Let what you say be simply yes, yes or “no, no”; anything more than this comes from evil. (Matthew 5:37)

Does Tom Minnery’s advocacy of the yea-nay, double-minded approach to politics for Christians come of evil, as Christ’s words suggest?

I pray God, for Mr. Minnery’s sake that it does not.  But I have no doubt that it has led, and will continue to lead to evil. For when St. Paul speaks of the wrath of God against those “who hold the truth in unrighteousness” (Romans 1:18, recalled in Part I of this series) the word ‘hold’ means to be held fast, like a snared bird; or to be held back, as one might hold back a runner to prevent his victory.

St. Paul compares the life of Christian evangelism to a race. (2 Timothy 4:7) Run to completion, it leads to salvation. But, as St. James said (James 1:5-8) “a double-minded man” is “unstable in all his ways.  If by calculation of political or other gains Christians are caught in the snare of double-mindedness, what becomes of our hoped for victory?

Yet, with help from “Christian leaders” like Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery, this double-minded snare is the only approach the GOP’s elitist faction leadership offers to Christian Americans, especially when it comes to offices in the U.S. government. It seems as if Christian citizens must either make themselves prey to those who “hold the truth in unrighteousness”, or keep out of politics altogether.  Or so people like Tom Minnery want us to believe.

Mr. Minnery professes to believe in Christian political activism. But the choice he advocates is a poison pill for Christians who heed the Scripture’s repeated warnings against two-faced, double-minded, God and mammon folly. It will make them shy away from political involvement, and rightly so.

Whether he consciously serves them or not, this is precisely the outcome his elitist faction masters aim to achieve.  Their goal is not to represent Christians resolved to act in good conscience, according to their faith, as America’s Declaration principles allow. Their goal is to drive or keep such faithful Christians out of the political arena, much as the poison pill of homosexual indoctrination is meant to drive or keep them out of the nation’s armed forces.

This is exactly what must happen, if, as we are repeatedly told by the elitist faction political bosses and media, Christian citizens have nowhere else to go. But when it comes to leadership, Christians always have an alternative.  They always have a place to go, and a leader who will guide them there. Indeed as Christians this truth defines their lives.

Once people of faith open their eyes to the political snares and pitfalls everywhere being set out for them, all they need do is walk in the footsteps of the Lord. Christian Americans should refuse to heed Tom Minnery’s ungodly, unrighteous counsel. They must walk by faith, and not by sight; with Christ to guide them, not the so-called “Christian leaders” thrust at them by the elitist faction media. Such leaders speak for them as the serpent spoke to Eve, with the sly presumption that God’s way is not the only way.

Their faithful walk will lead such followers of Christ to stand forthrightly for what is right, obedient to God’s will, as Jesus was, even unto death.  But as of this writing, most of us are not yet called upon to face fatal martyrdom.  We need only face down the tempters set on us by the GOP, slyly counseling us to abandon our single minded devotion to God’s justice, in order to support Republican candidates who give priority to everything but what is required for just government by God and America’s Declaration principles.

This stand may or may not take us out of the Republican Party.  It only requires that we make clear our firm resolve to use our votes to take a stand against the rising would-be tyrants whose policies are predicated on abandoning the God-acknowledging foundations of America’s law, politics and government.  We need only pledge to support no candidates for national office but those who stand with us in that resolve by pledging, if elected, to vote to impeach or remove Obama, and all those working directly or in collaboration with his lawlessness.

And if, by standing in the liberty of Christ in whom they dwell, them, we find the GOP departed from us, why should we not see in this departure the fulfillment of Christ’s command, as he says to the lip-servers what he foretold:

“Depart from me you workers of iniquity?” (Luke 13:27)

The wondrous thing about walking by faith is that doing so keeps you on the path where God works miracles— in this world, here and now— through His people of good faith.  In us, Christ works miracles in order to turn hearts toward his Father. For that is the way of Christ, the only way that leads to God. On account of Christ’s miraculous power, Christians may live each day in expectation of victory, now and in their life to come.

By faithful witness, in politics and in every walk of life, we extend the hope of Christ’s victory to others. God uses Christ in us to call them to dwell in Christ.  And through Christ they stand, as we do, for God’s election, in the only race that matters.  In that election Jesus, casting the decisive vote, wins victory for us.  That victory, foreseen by the Holy Spirit of God, means a name in the Book of Life, and an office in the service of God’s greater glory, now and forever.

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  • Geo March 27, 2014, 11:30 am

    Like the Christians back in the day, we are up against a formidable foe; namely, the security and pleasures of money driven by the devil. For me, this explains the enigma why so many sit idly by and watch everything go to hell. Their too afraid to loose what they have, possibly be called out and made an example of dissidence exploited the media.

    These are the signs that tough days are coming because the masses are subdued by intellectual tyranny rather than militant type of the ancient times. When the masses get wind of the fact that they could lose everything, then they’ll rise up. A scenario we want to avoid. Voting out tyranny peacefully is better than watching our children incarcerated an even shot at for freedom lost. That’s why our founders wrote the most important document since the Bible. Obama being a scholar of Alinsky and left wing radicals in his personal and college life, knows this very well. To get around the Constitution he is writing law from the White House. Today, he is seeking support from Pope Francis. This axiom explains why he is soft on Islam. One by one, he compromises the obstacles that would stop his madness.

    Pontius Pilot was instructed by Rome to uphold and respect the Hebrews religion and its laws. This allowed Tiberius Caesar to tax them into oblivion and at the same time keep them quite and docile. A false sense of security by appeasing the masses and at the same time portioning out wealth as seen fit. Like Tiberius and Pilot, Obama needs to convince us that he is doing God’s work. If this devious driven man can pull this off, then we are basically doomed to act out the last scenario. (civil unrest resulting in anarchy and lawlessness)

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