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Fifth Column Conservatives

Webster’s online dictionary defines the phrase “fifth column” as “a group of secret sympathizers of an enemy that engage in espionage or sabotage within defense lines or in national borders.”

This phrase has been much on my mind of late as I consider the bloodless coup d’état that is currently underway in the United States. In speech and deed the Obama faction has displayed its intention to overthrow the Constitution of the United States. The faction’s claim to presidential power rests on an overt act of contempt for the authority of the U.S. Constitution (Obama’s refusal to submit for scrutiny (as John McCain did) proper evidence that he satisfies the Constitution’s eligibility requirements for the Presidency.) The destruction of the private sector economy is well under way; along with denial of the effective basis for anything like private property (the term means nothing if the government can at will and without due process of law dictate its disposition. No due process, as required by the 5th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, will be involved in the exercise of the Treasury Secretary’s discretionary authority to hire, fire, set salaries, etc. in any business enterprise with a government-funded credit line.)

The Obama faction’s majority in the Congress has asserted a patently unconstitutional power to dole out voting privileges in the legislative branch of the U.S. government without regard to the Constitution’s language restricting such voting privileges to states, or voting districts within them. They aim to take steps that infringe the right to keep and bear arms explicitly protected by the Constitution’s second amendment and that implicitly removes the freedom from governmental coercion in matters of religious conscience explicitly protected by the first amendment (for instance, by forcing medical workers to participate in the pagan practice of child sacrifice disguised as a medical procedure). Obama apparently has no problem with legal appointees who advocate the absurd view that Islamic sharia law can be implemented in the United States despite its grotesque inconsistency with Constitutional provisions that forbid cruel and unusual punishment and that demand equal protection of the law for all persons (without, for example, the discrimination against females routinely found and practiced under sharia law.)

Faced with all this evidence that regime change is the goal of the Obama faction, conservatives whose understanding of the term includes support for our constitutional republic have been bucking the tide of slack-jawed adulation promoted by the Obama faction’s media claque. We have been hard at work trying to awaken people to the fact that there’s nothing “business as usual” about the Obama faction’s challenge to American freedom. It is nothing short of a politically implemented insurgency.

Here and there it’s meeting pockets of resistance on particular issues, with words and arguments mostly oblivious to its general significance. Not much further down the road (after the Census has been rigged and enough illegals added to the voters’ rolls to swing any election), the political liberty for which so many Americans risked and gave their lives will be gone. I live in hope that as the true nature of their goal becomes obvious to more and more people, even some of those gulled by phony charisma and false claims of historic significance will realize that the loss of their participation in America’s historically unique exercise of democratic, republican self-government is too much of a price to pay for guilt about racism. I live in hope that they didn’t mean for their votes to end government of, by and for the people.

As it turns out the greatest threat to the effort to dispel complacency before it’s too late doesn’t come from the Obama faction. They have moved with alacrity to implement their agenda. Like a brake-impaired double tractor-trailer hurtling down a steep incline, their excessive speed stirs up a gust hefty enough to shake the unwary from their stupor, provided no one explains it away as a harmless passing breeze. But some folks stamped with a phony imprimatur of “conservatism” are doing just that. At first people like this resisted the idea that we should call Obama a socialist, as I did during my campaign against him in Illinois in 2004. Now they themselves admit his socialism, but claim that it’s a benign variety, well known in Western Europe to have caused no more than a mild epidemic of productivity-stifling bureaucracy, with no jackboots in sight. The smug epithets and ridicule once reserved for anyone who wouldn’t call a socialist a “liberal” is now heaped upon anyone who calls Obamacytes by their right names.

They are advocates of cult-of-personality fueled submission to pervasive government control (complete with Hitler Jugend style re-education of the young as uniformed “mandatory volunteers” programmed for loyal subservience to “the leader’s” will). But the Devil take anyone who identifies them by the labels historically associated with the strikingly similar Nazi, Fascist, Stalinesque and Maoist models of totalitarian socialism that wrecked havoc in the twentieth century. Obamacytes could sing the praises of Che Guevara to the tune of the Internationale, waving Mao’s little Red Book in the air in time to the music and these so-called conservatives would chide the ‘hotheads, birthers and fringe loonies who dared to notice the obvious. I suppose we must wait until they have consolidated their power and are emboldened to eliminate their opposition before we act on the hard lessons of all too recent history.

The best way to handle the threat from such totalitarians is to make sure they never reach that point. But the 5th column conservatives seem bent on making sure no one is moved to united political action to thwart the coup before it’s too late. What’s their motive? Well, the definition of a 5th columnist assumes they nurture a secret allegiance to the enemy’s objectives. I believe that the most reliable outward sign of that allegiance appears in relation to the controversies that strike at the moral foundations of liberty, where these false flag conservatives can pretend to question the political relevance of the issues involved. Of course, as such military theorists as Sun Tzu and Clausewitz understood, the ultimate aim of all action in war is to destroy the moral cohesion of the enemy. In violent warfare, that usually comes as an after effect of the successful application of physical force. In politics, it comes first.

What do you think are the most reliable markers of 5th column conservatives? I’ve asked fellow users of Twitter to share their flashes of insight on this. Why don’t you join us? While you’re at it, leave a bit of your wisdom in the comments section here. One way or another it may help to open some eyes.

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