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Gingrich and the GOP’s destructive, crypto-leftist moderates

The headline reads “Newt Gingrich warns of ‘destructive’ GOP primaries”.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicted disaster for his party if the conservative wing of the GOP continues to field independent candidates to the right of the party’s nominee. “If we get into a cycle where there are tea parties and there are conservative third-party candidates, we will make [Nancy] Pelosi speaker for life,” Gingrich told POLITICO in an interview Thursday, calling the practice “totally destructive.”

There is a telling confusion in this POLITICO.com piece that should be carefully pondered. Gingrich’s quoted words discourage conservative third party candidates. But both the article’s headlines and the thrust of the former speaker’s reasoning suggest that conservative candidates in Party primaries, are bad for the GOP. Which is it?

The answer should be easy. Since the Party’s primaries are supposed to allow voters to decide the GOP candidates, Gingrich surely doesn’t mean to suggest that conservatives should not run in the primaries. After all, at the primary stage there is not yet a party nominee to oppose, so they aren’t being destructive. But there is a candidate preferred and backed by the GOP leaders. (In Kentucky, for example, that’s Trey Grayson.) Does Gingrich mean to suggest that even at the primary stage, conservatives should simply accept whatever RINO the leadership pushes? I suspect that he does, though in the context of the race in NY’s 23rd district, his words could be otherwise construed.

Of course, the outcome in NY’s 23rd District doesn’t support the notion that fielding conservative candidates is destructive. On the contrary, it reveals the truth. Support from GOP leaders like Gingrich gives crypto-leftists like Scozzafava (or for that matter, Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney) the clout to thwart the election of good conservatives. What appeared in the three way race in New York is actually the ongoing reality of the situation within the GOP itself. The GOP base is conservative. A solid majority of voters in that base want candidates who oppose abortion, support the God-ordained natural family, favor limited government, free market economics and respect for the Constitution of the United States as written (not as fabricated by elitist judges.) But the GOP leadership favors blank slate mediocrities. They can then write them up as conservatives for the primaries, while secretly assuring that once nominated they will run and govern as ‘moderates’ (a term that refers to their dilution of conservatism, as I make clear in How GOP party bosses betray grass roots.) These anti-conservative leaders pretend that they favor ‘moderates’ because conservatives are unelectable. In fact, as we saw in NY’s 23rd district, they favor moderates in order to make sure conservative candidates don’t win elections. This is the goal and purpose of their “moderate” inclination. 

This reality within the GOP is the reason I feel sorry for people who think that they can somehow reclaim it from within. I constantly get emails and other communications from sincere conservatives, deeply concerned to stop the slide into socialism, suggesting that Gingrich, Huckabee, Palin or even Michael Steele and Romney will somehow join forces with conservatives like me to restore the GOP to its principles. They haven’t yet realized that the GOP leadership is now dedicated to the goal of making sure that real conservatives become obsolete. The greatest fear of the GOP leaders now is that the intense rejection of Obama’s national socialism will somehow catch fire enough to lift up real conservatives to replace the phony, manipulated, sham that presently uses conservative voters to put crypto-leftists (wearing the Republican label) into power. Since Reagan left office, this has been the main purpose of the GOP party machinery, perfected in that regard by the shrewd maneuverings of people like Karl Rove.

The Politico article refers to the GOP’s “center-right” coalition. This is quite simply deceitful. The GOP consists of a conservative majority being ruthlessly exploited and betrayed by a tiny, parasitical, crypto-leftist minority that relies on pro-abortion money to create a media megaphone that drowns out the voices that speak to and for the conservative heart of America. Sadly, Newt Gingrich now seems determined to speak for this minority, and its successful abuse of the decent conservatives who, but for the abuse, would join together to save the Constitution and our liberty. While people like me work to revive and restore the republic, they have apparently cast themselves as the undertakers of its demise, content to prepare the body for viewing by carefully preserving the outward appearance of life until the time comes to fulfill Khrushchev’s boastful communist prediction, “We will bury you.”

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  • frankd November 16, 2009, 10:39 pm

    Alan, I was forwarded an article from teh Pahrump Valley Times stating that the Nevada GOP delegates in 2008 went heavily to Ron Paul supporters, but the vote was closed and sealed until now. The actual delegates got almost no votes but now all hold offices.

    It's this sort of nonsense that drove me away from teh GOP forever. If they can't have the decency to honor the will of their own members – what respect can they possibly have for us?

  • Dawg_em November 16, 2009, 10:34 am

    "'That's a mistake,' he said, referring to a candidacy such as Scozzafava's. 'But it's equally clear that you can't be a right-wing party and govern the country.'"

    At least he admitted to making a mistake in supporting her. Or did he mean it was a mistake for the party to nominate her? Correct on both counts. Which goes to show why both he and the GOP are irrelevent to the resurgence of our Republic.

    And let's be clear, blue-dog Democrats are "right-wing" when compared to the National Socialists in charge. I've said it before and I'll say it again; conservative Christians and blue collar dems are a powerful block and can save the Republic if they can coalesce into a true alternative. Even Reagan wasn't "right-wing" but he was able to attract middle-class dems fed up with Washington.

    Now is the time to strike. The iron is hot. History beckons. Will we as a nation have leaders step forward (Thank you, Alan) and an electorate with the courage of their convictions, to think and step outside the box? To turn our backs on those who have turned their backs on us?

    God's precious little ones need us and they can no more count on the GOP and the likes of Newt Gingrich than they can the democratic party. If self-preservation be the motivation, then so be it. We have to start somewhere, and sometime.

    And that's here and now.

  • Dawg_em November 16, 2009, 10:04 am

    I watched some of the episodes on the Coservative Political Network with Stan Solomon. He had as one of his guests Dan Burton. Alan, you were there as well.

    The conversation turned to the problems associated with the GOP and their lack of true conservative leadership. He (Burton) made a weak case for turning around the party from within. Right there I thought to myself "He still doesn't get it". To be fair, it did seem to me his heart wasn't completely in it. There appeared to be some hesitation. Afterall, someone involved in politics as much as he has been should know it's not going to happen.

    In my humble opinion, anyone who remains a Republican is not conservative. And anyone who is conservative should ditch the party asap. Self-delusion is the only "excuse" for not seeing the writing on the wall. Supposed "political practicality" notwithstanding.

  • chiu_chunling November 15, 2009, 5:02 pm

    Huh. I would think that already being neutered (Newtered?) would make the cost of liberty seem lower, all things considered.

    Of course, the idea that liberty has any cost other than taking real responsibility for your own actions is one of those clever lies slavers tell. Forsaking responsibility for the consequences of your own actions doesn't mean those consequences won't occur, you'll have only lost the power to be involved in deciding which consequences come to pass.

    There is no trade-off between freedom and security, because only the free have any realistic shot at any of life's blessings. Whatever the slavers say to the contrary, they never have your best interests at heart, and even if they did, they are less competent than you to know what those interests are or how to secure them.

  • Ted November 15, 2009, 3:14 pm

    Judge Carter can completely save face — and do the right thing — by simply allowing Orly to file her second amended complaint in the still redressable Keyes case for tort fraud damages against pre-President Candidate Obama!

    That one correct move — which is not inconsistent with Judge Carter’s Order granting the Motion to Dismiss for the UNredressable claims, per the Order — and which any counter appeal by Team Obama can go nowhere (no delay) — may have been in Judge Carter’s plans all along.

    We’ll soon find out!

  • Joel Lehman November 14, 2009, 9:13 pm

    I asked Alan one time in an email to team up with Newt and/or Buchanan in order to strengthen the Republican party. Changed my mind about Newt. He is not conservative enough on social values. I think Keyes and Buchanan would make a good team though. Buchanan is a smart, experienced, conservative. …and…and, golly, he may just even be as erudite as Alan! The problem with Alan is too much fire in his belly…which personally I love, but don’t count on the lukewarm American public, especially most Catholics (talk about a lukewarm bunch), to ever support a John-the-Baptist-style Alan Keyes.

  • Terry Morris November 14, 2009, 8:40 pm

    Yeah but Chiu, we don't like to think about the actual, the real price of liberty because we've all been neutered.

  • chiu_chunling November 14, 2009, 5:03 pm

    Unfortunately, the tendency for those with careers in government to increase their own power combines with the money interests, which are never willing to pay merely to be left alone themselves. This steady trend to consolidate more power in the hands of the government can never be resisted except by the refusal of the governed to submit to usurpation.

    And that refusal must bear force of arms, or it is nothing but noise.

    For this purpose, the Framers of the American Republic stated that a well ordered militia was necessary to the security of a free state. By militia, they meant exactly what we understand the term to mean today, armed groups of citizens acting independently of any government control. That the Framers provided for the militia to be a functioning part of the defense forces of the United States does not disprove this. They knew perfectly well the differences between a regular army and the militia, they had fought a war not many years previously in which their forces were composed of a mix of regular troops and armed citizens with limited training and organization.

    The moves to eliminate armed citizen groups which served at their own discretion rather than at the will of government officials eliminated a vital bulwark against tyranny. If you hope to revive the Republic, you must restore this essential component of liberty. Exercise your right to arm and organize yourselves independently of any permission or authority from the government. If you do not, then all your efforts to restrain the impetus towards a totalitarian government will be in vain.

    And, if you don't succeed in restraining the incompetence of government from invading every sector of your lives, your nation will not long survive. In that case, you'll need a militia just to keep yourselves alive.

  • nail-in-the-wall November 14, 2009, 12:44 pm

    Alan, I think you got it all wrong! Wrong I say 🙂

    Any Plantation owner knows,… that you can not allow any, or not a single, of your own slaves to run free or think for themselves.

    Think, what would happen if they all started running,.. and 'Thinking it through'!

    “Silence, In Defense of Slavery”
    -Look for ‘Party Slaves’-

    PS. You got any free candy?

    Scrapping the slave tax –Alan Keyes

    But then again, that's why I'm Just,..a-nail-in-the-wall,.. For Liberty and Justice.

  • Michael November 14, 2009, 11:32 am

    Mr. Keyes there is no way I could put into words my respect and admiration for you. I am only 24 years and have always been interested in politics and history. During the 2000 primaries I decided to pick a candidate and donate what little money I had, not being old enough to vote I wanted desperately to take part in the Republican primaries. After hearing you speak I was inspired. I had no doubt that you were the future of the Republican Party and the person that could finally break the slave-like grip the left has on the black community. You were the only true conservative in that primary. I was completely lost for words how conservatives I knew threw their support behind Bush. It sickened me. How did someone like Bush beat an articulate, well spoken true American like Keyes!?!
    And now after the Republican Party has lost all branches of the federal government, after they gift wrapped the White House for a foreign-born Marx who has never hidden his contempt and hatred of this country, Newt and the GOP leadership believe we need to embrace the ‘moderates’ that caused all this!? This is Bush’s doing, this is the GOP’s doing. Thank you for getting the word out that these parasites use conservatives, and they don’t believe a word they say! We need a leader that will unite and speak on behalf of us ‘tea party’ people, not exploit us. Alan Keyes you are that leader! Keyes 2012!!!!

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