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GOP quislings seek midterm that doesn’t much matter

But what Pelosi wished for contradicts what America needs

In the wake of Eric Cantor’s defeat the in-house a report of the maneuverings of the GOP wing of the elitist faction’s Congressional leadership put me in mind of Nancy Pelosi’s infamous bleat that elections “shouldn’t matter as much as they do.”  In particular, one line from the article brought it to mind: SmallLogoLTL“Capitol Hill insiders expect the next majority leader to become the next speaker of the House…”

If this expectation has any merit, it shows how totally the present corrupt political culture has departed from practices aligned with the U.S. Constitution.  Midterm Congressional elections are intended precisely to give the American people the chance to make course corrections if and when the U.S. Government’s performance proves dangerous or inadequate in the aftermath of a Presidential election.  A convincing Presidential performance can be rewarded with a Congress inclined to co-operate with the occupant of the White House.  Voters can respond to a bad performance with a Congress primed to resist the President’s leadership.

Obama is the first anti-American occupant of the White House.  Many Americans have awakened to the real nature of the change he is seeking to consolidate.  Left unchecked, it means that they will no longer be free people, under the rule of law, able constitutionally to elect from amongst themselves people intended to be the instrument of their self-government.  Instead they will be callously exploited thralls, ruled by an elitist clique.  Its whims will be forcefully imposed upon them by the decrees of a dictator, abusing the powers of a government unconstrained by respect for their rights or any other constitutional limitations.

Thanks to Obama’s evident abuses, in 2014 many voters will be inclined to elect a Congress primed finally to remove him from office by Constitutional means.  The GOP wing of the elitist faction leadership in Congress could find itself sternly rebuked by that outcome. A conservative majority in the GOP caucus mandated to oppose Obama’s dismantlement of Constitutional government, would undoubtedly replace them.

One way for the GOP’s Obama collaborators to prepare against this possibility is to engineer the perception that the GOP’s leadership fight ended before the November elections.  This would foster the pretense that the leadership votes that take place in the new Congress are just formalities.  Newly elected members of Congress anxious to challenge the Obama collaborators could be impugned as upstarts, inappropriately marring the presumptive unity of the GOP on account of their ignorance and inexperience.

The truth is, however, that the new blood which could flow into Congress from the 2014 elections may be the only hope of ending the elitist faction corrupted political culture that is poised to end America’s liberty.  During the Obama era, the unprecedented threat from the elitists’ across the board offensive against the Constitution, aimed at its very foundations, urgently requires an unprecedented response.  Obama is clearly determined to wage implacable war against the rights, sovereignty, safety and strength of the American people.  In 2015, the Congress must be even more determined to implacably to resist him.

The best way to resist Obama, by Constitutional means, is to challenge his hold on the powers he is blatantly abusing. Doing so will constitutionally compel him to respond before he can continue offensive action against the Constitution and rights of the nation.  This is precisely the import and purpose of the Constitutional provision for impeachment and trial of civil officers engaged in alleged high crimes and misdemeanors, including, for example:

  1. “The establishment of an absolute tyranny” over the states, respectively and the people;
  2. Dereliction of duty with respect to the security of the borders of the United States;
  3.  Treason, involving aid and comfort to enemies of the United States; and
  4.  Collusion in what amounts to the invasion of U.S. territory.

Instead of maneuvers aimed at making sure we have a midterm election that doesn’t matter, America needs a strategy to guarantee that the election matters as much or more than any election in the our history.  We need a new Congress that will dutifully proceed with the impeachment/removal process, to wit:

  1. carefully investigating the alleged offenses;
  2. drawing up a comprehensive indictment, that includes not only Obama but all the civil officers who have acted on his authority; and
  3. Bringing to trial and, as warranted by the facts and the law(s) of the land, removing Obama and the whole corps of malefactors who are acting, as it were, as members of his person as he abuses the Executive power of the U.S. government.

Discharging its duty in this regard requires, of course, that the Congress have due regard for the integrity and continuity of the U.S. government as the impeachment/removal process unfolds by preparing for the consequences of whatever conclusions it eventually produces.  With this in mind, instead of preemptively seeking to minimize the impact of the will of the people, as expressed in the 2014 elections, care should be taken to make sure that the new Congress selects its leadership, including the Speaker of the House, with no regard for presumptuous claims derived from the Congress it replaces.  The first concern should be to make sure that the Speaker is someone fit to assume the office of President in the event that the impeachment/removal process produces results that require it.

Instead of business as usual, elitist faction corrupted politics, America needs a new Congress committed to ending it.  The pledge to impeach mobilization implements the voters’ empowerment strategy aimed at achieving this goal.  Have you taken the pledge? Are you encouraging every like-minded person you can influence to do likewise?

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