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The GOP’S “C”PAC Parody

Move along! There was no real politics there

This past weekend’s “C”PAC outing was a stage show, put on for the benefit of befuddled grassroots conservatives still trapped in the GOP delusion. [Befuddled, i.e., muddled or stupefied as if with drink, legalized pot, sexual lust, or episodes of the soap about “What I’ll do with my Lottery winnings”. From what I hear it’s a depressingly accurate SmallLogoLTLdescription of the libertine atmosphere at the “C”PAC gathering.]

To prove the point, as the GOP staged “C”PAC parody unfolded this weekend, I noticed two articles that conveyed the truth about what the elitist faction forces actually in charge of the GOP really have in mind for the 2016 election.  One headline conveyed Mitch McConnell’s boast “We Will ‘Crush’ Tea Party Challengers ‘Everywhere’”.  The other reported the results of an informal sounding taken among big money donors who backed Mitt Romney in 2012: “WaPo: Every Romney donor we’ve spoken to recently wants Jed Bush for 2016”.  Both stories are meant to make sure no serious observers of American politics take anything that went on at “C”PAC seriously.  As Obi-Wan Kenobi might say: “Move along. There’s no real politics going on here.”

“C”PAC  was a rather tawdry audition to see which of the “Mystery Meat Conservatives” among the GOP’s so-called “Rising Stars” (so designated because they are willing to confine their political choreography to routines programmed by the GOP’s elitist faction Politburo) may prove worthy of a place in the Presumptive Nominee’s (PN) retinue. Several among them will doubtless be selected to be among the attendants chosen to accompany the PN during stops along the national coronation tour. Out of respect for tradition, those stops still follow the schedule, set up during the long-ago republican era, for the Republican Party Primaries. That was when voters actually chose the nominee for President. [Hear an emphatic gasp from readers.]

As for Mitch McConnell’s boast, was the fate of Steve Stockman’s campaign against U.S. Senator John Cornyn in the GOP primary in Texas intended to deflate the spirits of any GOP conservatives who bothered to take it seriously? (Don’t laugh.  Any sincere conservative who’s still taking the GOP seriously might just have fallen for it.) Because Cornyn’s  Texas colleague, Senator Cruz, refused to endorse Cornyn, there may have been a tiny patch of ground on which for Stockman to build the expectations of gullible grassroots conservatives.

Tiny as it was  it was more than enough space for Stockman’s virtually non-existent bid. His all-façade “movie set” campaign was altogether too obviously a sham, easily put down by Cornyn’s multimillion dollar effort.  Cornyn’s campaign manager had “run FreedomWorks’s efforts to help elect Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in 2012.” So we didn’t need Obi-Wan Ken-obi to tell us that nothing was really going in that “David and Goliath” send-up.  All of them were in on it and David’s “Gone Fishin’” sign was prominently on display.

Still, with sibilant whispers of that outcome making the rounds, McConnell’s Khruschev like vaunt has some air in it, especially given the fact that the GOP’s big money powers have made it clear that they will back it with megabucks.  All of this draws the Party line: Conservatives of principle who reject the GOP’s now dominant coalition of lust and greed have no place in the GOP.  They will get with the program, or be crushed.

This isn’t just war, it’s war to extinction. It’s clearly aimed at liberty loyalists who realize that America’s liberty will be lost beyond recall if Americans agree to choose between the quisling GOP’s agenda of unbridled individual lust and greed, and the Obama faction agenda of unbridled government power.  The first encourages the kind of moral depravity that makes people unfit to govern themselves.  The second takes advantage of their unfitness to establish tyranny over them. So the two wings of elitist faction domination work in harmony to hurry America’s constitutional republic toward irrevocable doom.

But there is a way to outflank this elitist faction bird of prey.  Instead of rallying around any of the hollow, stuffed choices the GOP’s elitist leadership cares to offer, sincere conservatives can work to turn the 2014 election into a vote of no confidence in the elitist faction’s two-party scam, and the tyrannical Obama government it shoehorned into power.  At one stroke they can build support for the one action that works to remove the ongoing threat of Obama’s tyranny; and at the same time prevent the quisling GOP leadership that is collaborating with him, from succeeding in their bid to make a dynastic version of corporate socialism the only alternative to the Democrat’s Communist-style Party dictatorship.

To learn about the strategy that can achieve this goal, go to the Pledge to impeach website. Sign the pledge, and add your efforts to the work of thousands who have already done so.  Then share the opportunity with all the like-minded people you know.  The two party sham is an ‘arsenic and old lace’ way station to servitude for the American people.  The only chance for a real revival of hope for our liberty is that people like you pitch in to make a difference, while the tools to do so are still within our grasp.

Still hesitating? The reluctance you feel is your chain. Say to the elitist would-be despots what the Bible has such princes of the world saying to God and His Son: “Let us cast away their cords from us, and break their bonds asunder.”

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