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Guess who Mitt Romney Represents?

My WND column for this week concludes with the observation that “the elitist forces currently in control of the Republican Party have tacitly agreed with their opponents in rejecting the ideas of America’s founders. They are implementing a different understanding of politics, one that clearly appears in their relentless insistence that issues involving the acquisition and use of money be given exclusive priority over issues that involve articulating and applying the standard of right and wrong on which America’s constitutional liberty depends.”

Once in general use the acquisition of money represents the possession and/or command of material power. The preoccupation with money is therefore just the sign or token of the preoccupation with material power. So in their determination to make money issues the exclusive focus of politics the GOP elites are promoting a view that makes the possession and control of material power the exclusive aim of politics. This in turn implies that government institutions exist to serve this aim.

This view of politics and government corresponds to a more general view of humanity in which human nature is characterized by what the English political theorist Thomas Hobbes puts “in the first place” as “a general inclination of all mankind” i.e., “…a perpetual and restless desire of power after power after power that ceases only with death.” As Hobbes makes clear in his most famous work (the Leviathan), this view of human nature makes perpetual war the characteristic condition of life. It is a violent war “of all against all”, in the context of which life is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.” To escape this fearful condition, human beings must surrender their natural freedom to a sovereign government with sufficient power to hold at bay its most oppressive consequences. The only freedom involved in this conception of government is the freedom to live without the constant and ubiquitous prospect of imminent death.

The establishment of despotic government mitigates this fear by replacing the actual and ubiquitous prospect of violent death with the virtually ubiquitous fear of a controlling sovereign power, armed with the exclusive power of life and death. This sovereign power, by virtually extinguishing the natural freedom of those subjected to it, delivers them from the fearful misery that their natural freedom otherwise entails.

Totalitarian despotism is the form of government that corresponds to this view of the human condition. Under this form of government, human beings live subject to a godlike, controlling human power that works absolutely to contain their freedom of choice and action in order to dole it out in ways strictly consistent with the goal of keeping them in subjection. It’s critically important to notice that the key to imposing this view of government is the assumption that natural existence is a perpetual state of war in the context of which the virtually ubiquitous oppression of government offers the only relief from the naturally ubiquitous fear of violence and death.

The terrorist attacks in 2001 offered an opportunity to make this key assumption the operational premise of American government and politics. Since allegiance to the ideas of America’s founders is no longer prevalent among America’s elite, most offer little or no resistance to a strategy that consolidates elite control by exploiting the environment of fear and insecurity 9/11 inaugurated. Others who are for various reasons more explicitly committed to the overthrow of the constitutional sovereignty of the American people sought benefit from the subsequent economic collapse that for most Americans, palpably drove home that state of fear and insecurity.

For political purposes the elitist Party leadership of the GOP may allow candidates to deploy rhetoric that appears to address issues of right and wrong (moral issues). Indeed for those purposes they make cynical use of some who have gained credibility with pro-American voters for their moral stands. But beyond this manipulative deployment, the current GOP leadership has little tolerance, and will give no real support, to politicians who seriously act upon the view that moral issues must come first on the nation’s agenda because they properly limit and define the purview of both political and governmental action.

In this respect Mitt Romney perfectly represents their self-serving intention. He is a much practiced political gymnast, skilled at moving his lips in one way (mouthing conservative claims) while his decisions and actions take the power of government in the opposite direction (enforcing socialist outcomes.) This duplicity is not peculiar to Governor Romney or other double dealing GOP politicians. Nor is it confined to the GOP elite. Rather it reflects the prevailing mindset of the entire elitist faction. While beguiling people with whatever words they like to hear, this faction moves the nation toward the renewal of elitist despotism, i.e., the characteristic form of human government that America’s institution of constitutional self-government (of, by and for the people) was intended to replace.

America’s founders wanted the nation’s government to be the exception to this despotic rule of the powerful, self-serving and regarding few (oligarchy). But the prospect of Mitt Romney’s nomination as the Republican Party’s candidate for President makes one thing self-evidently clear. The pantomime elections currently being staged, under the phony rubric of two-party politics, exist to allow an elite faction to replace representative government with a pathetic illusion. If they continue to allow themselves to be distracted by such sleight of hand, Americans will look back to find that their liberty is gone, along with all the once and future blessings it has, and would still, secure.

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