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Is ‘ruling class’ right for America?

Having sapped the foundations of liberty for several decades, key elitist forces  are completing the emplacement of the economic and political WMD’s with which to overturn government of, by and for the people.  But thanks to the arrogance of the Obama faction, many Americans have awakened to the fact that we are in the midst of an assault against the sovereignty of the people.

These Americans are praying, writing, gathering, speaking and organizing to produce what could be one of the most spectacular tidal waves of democratic revulsion this country has ever seen.  This is cause for hope and satisfaction.  But in political battle there are times when a change in language cedes victory to the enemy just as the contest reaches its tipping point. In this respect I’ve noticed that some people who seem sincerely committed to encouraging the rejection of totalitarian elitism are adopting a paradigm that quietly suggests that the issue is already decided.

More and more I am seeing and hearing reference to the contest between the people and a political “ruling class.”  Every time I encounter it, I feel something like the tremor associated with chalk screeching across a blackboard.  This is the language of Marxist/Socialist historicism.  There hangs about it the unhappy stench of a hapless, subject people stirring with impotent resentment against the masters who hold them in thrall.

If this language is now appropriate, then the battle to preserve self-government is already lost.  If this language is now appropriate, then the people turning out at the town meetings and Tea Party rallies are not striving to assert their disused liberty.  They are at best maneuvering in the hope of better treatment at the hands of those already acknowledged to be their masters.

The people I have met at such gatherings didn’t strike me as restive masses sullenly agitating for some kinder, gentler despots at the helm.  They struck me as a people caught napping, but who still see themselves at the helm of liberty.  They know the difference

between rulers and representatives; between qualified and successful people chosen to take the lead, and arrogant elitists determined to take control and keep it.

The paradigm implied by the term “ruling class” is an insult to these right-minded and decent Americans.  They are a free people, ruled by God, but otherwise only governed by those whose lawful powers derive from their consent.  So people friendly to liberty may occasionally be led by ignorance or fashion to make use of this vocabulary.  But I would be wary of anyone who lets it become a habit.  I can’t say if they think themselves already subjects rather than citizens.  I suspect, however, that they already think we are.

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