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Is the GOP headed for electoral disaster in November?

Whose to blame for America's Ongoing Demise- Part II

It’s a tragic version of Obi Wan Kenobi’s Jedi mind trick. Despite pervasive evidence of Obama’s de facto overthrow of the U.S. Constitution, the GOP’s quisling leadership in the House wants Americans to go about their business as usual. “Move along. There’s nothing to see here,” their actions say.  It’s as if they are willing to give Nancy Pelosi her heart’s desire, i.e., midterm elections that don’t matter so much.  But SmallLogoLTLif the elections don’t matter much, why should people bother with them?

Why should people, grieved and angered by Obama’s evident treachery, be moved by the GOP’s approval of hollow, toothless legislation, which would effectively do nothing to stop him even if it ever did run the gauntlet of Democrat opposition in the U.S. Senate to become law. Why should such people think it’s worth bothering to turn out at the polls to re-elect leaders whose every move confirms that they are part of a partisan charade, a charade that has no purpose but to let GOP leaders hang on to their offices while helping Obama steer America along a trajectory that leads to the demise of our nation’s constitutional self-government.

Meanwhile, we’re supposed to frightened of impeachment talk because it’s a Democratic fundraising scheme, from which they have raised millions. In light of the very real high crimes by which Obama is destroying the Constitution, this is plainly irrelevant.  But thoughtful people will also realize that it’s based on the fallacy that fundraising success is an indication of voter support. In fact it may be nothing more than a demonstration of elitist faction power. (Do you seriously think “walking around money” is only distributed at election time? Has it never occurred to you that people who will slip someone a few dollars to buy their vote will also slip them a matching grant, as it were, in exchange for letting their name be used to front a contribution?)

Nothing can or will be done between now and Election Day in November to stop the ongoing attack on the U.S. Constitution, spearheaded by Obama and his collaborators.  At best, the phony partisan maneuverings that take place will produce a result that assures continued funding for the perpetration of that attack.  Or else there will be no legislation, which result Obama will cite as the reason he must take dictatorial action.  Contrary to the foolish strategy the GOP’s elitist faction leaders are following, this way of framing the fall elections leaves GOP candidates taking the lion’s share of the blame.  If they don’t co-operate with Obama, they will blamed by the Democrats and the elitist faction media for failing to allow effective action on the border “crisis”.  If they cooperate with Obama, they will be rightly perceived by their own conservative supporters as collaborators in his  assault on the sovereignty of the American people.

The GOP will take the blame from all sides because the Party’s elitist faction leaders are not willing to sound the alarm about the true and fateful crisis we are in: the crisis brought on by an historically unprecedented effort to gut the U.S. Constitution and replace it with an oligarchic tyranny. Obama is the focal point of that effort. In response, people who care about America’s survival as a free nation should focus on investigating the facts, detailing the offenses, and using the Constitution’s relevant provisions to  accuse Obama and his collaborators of their crimes.

This would turn the 2014 elections into a referendum on Obama’s crimes, for which he and his collaborators should clearly take the blame.  Contrary to Boehner’s dubious protestations, voters would not see the GOP’s refusal to be silently complicit in these crimes as a fault. Many would see it as a heroic stand in defense of the American people. So why does the GOP’s elitist faction leadership refuse to do what’s right for the country?  Because they are part of the elitist faction political clique that seeks power and advantage for themselves, and for the money and propaganda powers that support and preserve their political schemes.

Ironically, because of the GOP’s refusal to call Obama to account, it’s quite possible GOP candidates will bear the brunt of blame for America’s ongoing tragedy.  They will be seen as the shiftless traitors who lost America, even though Obama is actually the instrument of its destruction.  In consequence, people who would otherwise rally to them in order to rescue the nation from attack, paralyzed by mingled grief and outrage, will be reluctant to cast a vote that serves no purpose but to make them accomplices in the elitist faction’s rape and destruction of their country.

However, there is a strategy by which the people themselves are mobilizing to do what the GOP’s elitist faction leaders will not.  They are pledging their votes to leverage the demand that Obama and his cohorts be held accountable for their high crimes.  They constructing the political goad needed to move candidates for Congress solemnly to pledge themselves to investigate these crimes and to impeach and remove Obama and all others they find to be complicit in them.  Have you joined the pledge to impeach mobilization?  If so, are you urging everyone you can influence to do likewise?


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  • iconaclastor October 4, 2014, 11:55 pm

    As an Independent, I am even more determined to remain one when I hear no real impeachment cries coming from the GOP in the House. I understand that even if the House tried to see impeachment happen that it would not pass the current Democrat majority Senate for approval. However, the main point on this is for me is similar to what you stated here, that the people will not think there is any serious call for impeachment of the President if they are not hearing it from the House. The House members should be “crying in the wilderness” to prepare the way for impeachment.

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