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May Day Prayer

[Yesterday I joined people from around the nation who joined in prayer near the Lincoln Memorial.  Janet Folger Porter organized the all day vigil.  Each hour of prayer was devoted to seeking God’s forgiveness and healing for a different aspect of America’s life.  Janet asked me to be one of those who led in prayer during the hour devoted to the media.  This is the written text of what I prayed for.]

Lord have mercy on us, for we are sinners

Christ charged us to be the media by which the gospel truth is proclaimed to all the universe and spread throughout the earth. Yet we have worshiped electronically produced and digitally graven images. We have let the daily rituals of our observance of them consume our minds with godless understanding, turning us from the standards of your will and judgment toward false standards of human glamour, popularity and calculation. Forgive us, dear Lord, for the sin of our idolatry. Open our eyes to the truth of our responsibility to be alive with the fire of your word, your truth, your justice. Make of us the kindling from which your loving spirit lights that fire in others as it has within us.

Lord, you have called us to be salt, and light and leaven. We are supposed to be the media through which the flavor of truth seasons the understanding; through which the true objects of faith and hope are revealed to the inner eye of the mind; through which the power of God’s love lifts our hearts to rise in witness to His law, His mercy, His just provision of right, and rights and liberty for the good of our nature. Free us, dear Lord we pray, from the chains of fear and selfish calculation that have complicated our hearts with half-truths of compromise and false compassion, and dragged us from the true path of witness to follow worldly wise paths to sham success and victory.

Heal, dear Lord, the wound that tears our minds asunder. With flowing waters of life, fill up the treacherous gorge that marks our double-minded journey through this wilderness of lies. Teach us again dear Lord, by the example of your ministry, your passion, your death and new life, to have but one fear, and that of God; one heart, and that for truth; one mind and that for the wisdom of your word; one hope and that for the victory that ends in a life restored in Christ and lived with you forever.

Lord, have mercy on us, for we are sinners.

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  • Dan May 9, 2010, 8:13 pm

    wow, amazing prayer Alan. The days of freedom are coming to an end because we have turned away from the only One who has the power to set us free and preserve our freedom. I thank you so much for your devout faith in Christ and your uncompromisiong stance on key issues. Obama was set in the office of president because of our moral condition and if we dont repent and turn back, we may never see the freedom we once had. God Bless you and keep fighting the good fight of faith.

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