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Obama’s high crime: not corruption but lèse majesté (What’s that?)

When I hear the word “corruption” in relation to judges, legislators and other government officials I immediately think of taking bribes of money or other personal favors in exchange for a favorable decision or action. I naturally thought of this as I was reading the various headlines that came out of Obama’s recent interview with Bill O’Reilly:  “…when asked whether corruption, or mass corruption, was at play, Obama responded: ‘Not even mass corruption–not even a smidgen of corruption.’”

Taking the word “corruption” in the sense I just mentioned, I’m open to the possibility that, for a change, Obama is telling the truth.  It’s quite possible that neither he nor any of the IRS officials collaborating with him, sought or received bribes of money or other personal favors to abuse power as they did (and are still doing?). Their motives are ideologically partisan.  They are openly using the power and resources of office to harass and cripple the political activities of American citizens.

This abuse of power is actually a far worse offense than personal corruption.  The sovereign body of the American people established the U.S. Constitution. From the consent of that body the government framed in the Constitution derives its just powers.  An abuse of power directed against the people’s deliberative political activities is a direct attack on their sovereign body. This is lèse majesté, a crime committed against the sovereign, from whose authoritative word the branches and ministers of government derive their power.

Such actions are high crimes and misdemeanors exactly within the meaning of the terms used in the constitutional provisions that deal with Congress’s power to impeach and remove civil officers of the U.S. government. Obama’s abuses constitute “injuries done immediately to the society itself” (Federalist 65), in its political capacity.  Left unchecked they imply and will eventually produce the overthrow of constitutional government of, by, and for the people.

Use of the term “corruption” cleverly shifts the terms of the discussion of Obama’s malfeasance, and that of his collaborators. It invites us to look away from the evidently impeachable “abuses of power”, toward the more factually questionable allegation of “corruption”, in the narrow sense of personal graft.  In common sense terms, this is the difference between an unproven allegation of fraudulent activity, and an instance of attempted murder heavily substantiated by the evidence.

As you listen to or read about Obama’s interview, it’s important to notice that the evasive terminology was supplied by the interviewer on Fox News.  Now Fox News is supposed to be the “conservative” media outlet, inclined to oppose Obama on every front.  The sly manipulation of terminology, in a way that offers Obama a chance to rebut a substantially irrelevant allegation, hardly seems consistent with that pose.  However it is consistent with the view that Fox News, like the whole quisling GOP establishment, feigns opposition to Obama while in fact it bows to the same elitist faction forces he serves.

Real conservatives in America should be long past the point where this comes as any kind of surprise.  The pattern of events in recent years has clearly proven the truth of the Newsweek magazine cover that appeared as the elitist faction exulted at the start of its final offensive against America’s constitutional republic.  “We are all socialists now!” they crowed.  Their arrogance betrayed them into speaking the truth.

Their boast about themselves will soon be oppressively true for all of us, like it or not, if we don’t use the coming months to mobilize the Constitution’s remedy. Let the quislings go to perdition. We must make it our first priority to elect an impeachment/removal Congress in 2014.

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  • boris27 February 3, 2014, 11:47 pm

    While I agree with the major premise of the posting, I must take exception to a couple of points. First, Bill O’Reilly is not conservative. I would characterize him more as a “free spirit” who sometimes expresses conservative views. He has always bent over backwards to avoid looking like he is unfairly critical of President Obama. Secondly, while it is possible that Mr. Obama was interpreting O’Reilly’s question within the confines of the more narrow definition of “corruption”, the mere fact that he denied it categorically inclines me to believe that corruption (in the classic sense) WAS involved in the IRS dealings.

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