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Obama’s Marxist coup: Ending the Nightmare (Part II)

[My WND column for this week is Part I of this essay, which summarizes the Impeachment/Removal Database (IMRD) Strategy for the 2014 election.]

A successful grassroots mobilization that turns the 2014 election into a vote of no-confidence in Obama and his collaborators (including the GOP’s quisling leadership), is the elitist faction’s greatest fear.  That’s not because they care so much about Obama.  It’s because they know that in order to mobilize themselves successfully Americans who are loyal to liberty and the constitutional republic will have to rediscover and fervently deploy their political initiative. They will also have to study and make use of the 21st century tools that enormously enhance their ability to do so.

This demonstration of their initiative, to themselves and all the world, would break the Wizard-of-Oz-like hold the elitist faction’s sham twin-party system still has upon them.  It must be the clear strategic objective of the impeachment/removal effort. By keeping that objective in the foreground of their tactical thinking liberty loyalists may prove able to resist the specious overtures the GOP’s deceitful elitist faction quislings will undoubtedly contrive, if and when they conclude that the impeachment/removal mobilization stands a chance of success.

It’s actually fairly simple to see the simple, unambiguous, goal that serves this overall objective while maximizing effective use of widely available technological tools. That objective is to build a national database of qualified voters who:

a)      Back the demand that Congress vote to impeach and remove Obama and all his collaborators (i.e., Biden, Obama appointed cabinet officers, judges and justices, etc.); and

b)     Solemnly agree to refuse to vote for any candidate who does not formally pledge to initiate and support the impeachment/removal vote, and all the Congressional actions need to achieve it.

c)      Solemnly agree to support the steps required in their state or district to place a pledged candidate on the general election ballot in the event that no already ballot eligible Party chooses to do so.

This goal is easily stated. The next key question is this: How many qualified voters must be recruited for the Impeachment/removal database (IMRD) in order to have a significant impact on

a)     The choices available in the General Election; and

b)     What is perceived to be the likely impact of IMRD voters on the outcome of the General Election, particularly the makeup of the new U.S. Congress?

Somewhere between 70 and 90 million voters went to the polls in each of the midterm elections held since the end of the Reagan era (1990-2010, the time during which the elitist faction has been consolidating more or less unchallenged control over America’s twin-party sham).  This means that a database  of somewhere between 5 and 7 million IMRD participants would represent significant leverage, calculated or perceived, in the 2014 election. Of course, in light of the actual margins of victory in most Congressional elections, the effort would begin to generate leverage long before it reached that range.

Will it take enormous resources to build a database of that size?  Most of us own or have personal access to computers that would easily manage the database, so the resource question is really about organization (i.e., establishing a central clearinghouse for collecting and storing the database entries) and recruitment.

Would the recruitment effort require millions of dollars? Would it require a massive communications effort, with millions spent on mailings and media advertisements?  Would it mean recruiting a stable of famous politicos and other public figures to make media appearances promoting the mobilization?

With big bucks and big names, the mobilization might very well reach its goals, even if the questionable methods used to inflate the numbers of Twitter, Facebook and other followings would be of no use (for political purposes, they are too easily discredited).  But even in the improbable event that such backers came forward, relying on their help would defeat the overall objective of the mobilization.  For its success would then say nothing about the grassroots capacity to take an initiative that escapes direct control and manipulation by the elitist faction. It would therefore do nothing to restore the people’s confidence in their ability to demand true representation from the people they elect.

As Frederick Douglass aptly said, “Those who would be free themselves must strike the blow.” This is not literally the case all the time.  But once it’s becomes clear that the people cannot, or will not, act for themselves, any government based on “the scheme of representation” is doomed to fail.

So what’s the alternative to begging for help from the elitist faction powers that be?  Simply apply the grassroots networking principle: “It takes one to grow one.”  If everyone who enrolls in the database commits to find and recruit others; and actually does so, exponential growth is guaranteed, wherever a supply of potential recruits (i.e., people who sincerely want to see Obama constitutionally impeached/removed from office) remains available.

In this respect, political mobilization aims to produce something akin to a living organism, in which the component parts and organs have the capacity to “be fruitful and multiply” among themselves, informing the resultant organism as they do so. Right now Obama’s destructive socialist coup has piqued the anger of a range of groups composed of people whose rights are being threatened or trampled upon; whose consciences are being violated; whose families and livelihood are being destroyed.  Many of them also share a deep concern about the damage being done to the security and safety of our nation, as well as the damage being done by falsely evoking or really exacerbating, threats to both.

At the moment these different groups of likeminded people are each of them fighting on its own front.  But by offering to put an end to Obama’s destructive coup d’état, the IMRD mobilization has all of them working together toward an end that will alleviate the threat all of them are facing.  And they will do so by continuing to emphasize the threat they are fighting, and the danger it poses to America’s rights, strength, character and liberty.  All they will ask is that people take a step that involves no great effort beyond enrolling themselves in the IMRD, and suggesting to others who want this nightmare to end that they do the same.

The IMRD mobilization thus takes nothing away from ongoing efforts to fight Obama’s coup d’état on every front where people are politically mobilizing to do so.  It would, however, give a common focus of action to demonstrations, rallies, meetings and other ways of encouraging people to act. But beyond expressing their strong and justified feelings, their activities would build toward a result that will decisively influence the outcome next Election Day, the day the Constitution designates as the occasion for the only direct application of the people’s sovereign power.

For some time I have been building a database of people willing to implement this strategy of personal commitment as the key to restoring the basis for true representation, which latter is, in turn, the key to constitutional self-government in the U.S. If you are willing to join, do as others have already done. Make your solemn personal pledge to recruit one, two or more people of like mind and heart from among the people you know.  Then send an email to me, alan@loyaltoliberty.com. All you need to do is put “Yes I will” in the subject line. When you recruit others, ask them to reply in similar fashion to your email address, but with a cc. to alan@loyaltoliberty, thus adding their name to the central database.  

That’s all it takes.  Individuals reaching out to individuals to reiterate what the elitist faction wants us to forget: people, willing to act one on one with faithful courage and initiative, may altogether become a  sufficient majority to act as one in order to save liberty, for themselves and their nation as a whole.

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  • jeremiahjoseph January 31, 2014, 4:17 pm

    I do not reside in the U.S. anymore but I wholeheartedly endorse your position here. Our only possible stand at this point is uncompromising defense of the wonderful God-given document which articulates the liberty of not just Americans but all of humanity.

  • kenneth roberts January 21, 2014, 8:36 pm

    Dear Dr. Keyes , Yes I Will ! I have been a supporter of yours since your first run for POTUS . I wish you had won then ! I know our country would be a lot better now .Please run for president again sir. Thank You , K.C. Roberts

  • Michael Lewinski January 18, 2014, 2:13 pm

    To extract a promise from candidates, a pledge to impeach/remove President Obama and his underlings, would seem to require a candidates pledge which can be presented to the candidates for them to sign and to be maintained. Where can this document be obtained?

    “A change of government election” is a brilliant strategy.

  • Cdreeder January 14, 2014, 6:19 pm

    Yes I will! The e-mail link would not send due to an error in the address..

  • Lea January 11, 2014, 1:49 pm

    Dear Allan, I am sorrowed to find that the majority of Americans are so deeply programmed that they have lost the ability to think. I hope you succeed. Jesus be with you.

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