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Only U.S. House has initiative to check Obama’s tyranny

Boehner's dereliction makes GOP Congressional reps tacit accomplices

The elitist faction media’s propaganda machine is still encouraging the view that the GOP will make a strong showing in the Congressional elections in November. In the two articles I posted this weekend, I explain why this could prove to be a questionable expectation. The outcome of the fall elections very much depends on how authentically conservative voters respond to the SmallLogoLTLquestion I raise in those articles: Who is responsible for America’s ongoing demise?

In the past few years, many Americans have perceived this deterioration, not only in terms of our decent self-respect and standing among nations, but in terms of our national security; our economic strength; our moral spirit and self-confidence as a people; and our confidence in the institutions of government ordained and established by our Constitution to secure our God-endowed unalienable rights, including liberty.

We all know the period that marks the fateful breach in our prosperity as a nation.  It began with the sudden attack against our national livelihood in the fall of 2008, at a political juncture that facilitated the election of Barack Obama.  That attack set the stage for actions (the 2008 Bank bailout; the so-called stimulus package in 2009) that systematically looted the wealth and debased the credit of the American people. Meanwhile, in practically his every word and gesture Barack Obama has made it his special mission to denigrate the heritage and achievements of the United States.  He has bowed down or reached out to governments that had quietly financed and encouraged the terrorist network responsible for the 9-11 attacks against us. He has made himself the focal point for efforts by elements of his faction, and the elitist faction in general, to disparage or discard the authority of the people of the United States, evinced in the provisions of the U.S. Constitution.

Since the first vain beginnings of his White House tenure, Obama’s hostility toward the Constitution he falsely swore to preserve, protect and defend, has appeared in ways immediately damaging to the nation whose union the Constitution represents.  In foreign policy Obama and his collaborators have treated America’s friends with contempt and not only encouraged its enemies, but aided and abetted their crimes and atrocities.  In order thus to render aid and comfort to our enemies, Obama and his collaborators have ruthlessly and openly sacrificed American lives, both in the theaters of war and in the context of the protection international norms are supposed to provide to our envoys involved in diplomacy.

They have systematically abused, for political purposes, instruments intended, by due process of law, to provide for the financial wherewithal of the U.S. Government. They have deployed technologies developed to enhance the nation’s ability to anticipate and respond to threats to our national security, in a fashion that burdens and violates the Constitutional rights of our people.  They have faithlessly neglected the enforcement of laws passed pursuant to the U.S. Constitution, in disrespect of their status as provisions of the Supreme Law of the Land.

And now, by palpable facts considered in light of reason and common sense, it appears that Obama and his collaborators helped foreign governments to prepare an invasion of U.S. territory, which they are now facilitating by dictatorial means.  This invasion is already effectively erasing the borders of the United States, but it is also likely to burden the already fragile condition of the nation’s finances and social infrastructure to the breaking point.

The factual and circumstantial evidence that Obama and his collaborators are guilty of inflicting wholesale damage on our society is more than sufficient to warrant the conclusion that they should be formally accused of high crimes and misdemeanors. Only by thus impeaching them may their guilt be tried and determined in the manner provided for in the Constitution of the United States.

Yet House Speaker John Boehner, and the other elitist faction quislings who now make up the GOP’s leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives, have steadfastly shirked their responsibility to initiate that Constitutional process. Despite hollow rhetorical outbursts decrying his lawless behavior, and what they must know (or ought to know) to be feckless gestures, (like Boehner’s proposed lawsuit against Obama,) they are, in effect licensing the Obama faction’s Constitutionally criminal behavior.

There is no doubt that Obama spent his whole life preparing to be the lense for bringing into focus forces capable of destroying the United States.  There is no doubt that he should be held to answer for the actions he is taking to fulfill this function.  Because they refuse to do so the quislings who now make up the GOP’s leadership run afoul of a common sense maxim most Americans are aware of because of our nation’s love affair with the automobile: When two parties are implicated in producing a destructive result, blame falls on whichever party has the last clear chance to avoid it.

At the moment, this doctrine clearly leaves the GOP leadership in the House with responsibility for the ongoing damage being inflicted on our Constitution and way of life by Obama and his collaborators.  They can speculate if that like about what would be the outcome of a trial once a thorough, formal investigation has been pursued under the rubric of impeachment.  But right now, this simple fact is clear: nothing is being done to call Obama to account because the quisling GOP leaders refuse to take the initiative the U.S. Constitution puts at their disposal.

If they do all they can to initiate the turn of events that can thwart the fatal damage Obama and his collaborators intend, the burden of blame and responsibility will pass to the people, at the polls in November.  Voters will have the opportunity decisively to influence the makeup of the U.S. House that actually votes on a bill of impeachment, and the U.S. Senate that actually holds the trial, hears the evidence, and decides for or against the effort to install an elitist faction tyranny in place of the government of, by, and for the people ordained and established by the U.S. Constitution.

As things stand now, the GOP leaders suffer blame at least in part because their declared motives for inaction are suspect.  Either they believe the facts warrant the view that Obama’s policies are doing immediate damage to the nation, or they do not.  If they so believe, the good of the nation requires that they do everything they can to inform voters of the danger, so that when they cast their ballots in November they are fully apprised of the consequences of the choices they make.  By invoking the rubric of impeachment, and formally initiating the investigations required to prepare a bill of impeachment, they satisfy this requirement.

On the other hand, if they do not believe the Obama faction’s policies are immediately damaging to the nation, why do they persist in opposing them?  Why have they decried his lawlessness? Why are they proposing to subject him to proceedings in a court of law? Unless impeachment proceedings are initiated prior to the November election, it will be clear to all that their rhetorical attacks on Obama are motivated entirely by partisanship, without regard for the nation’s good. What lust for power, what sick attachment to the status and perquisites of office justifies putting partisan victory above our nation’s good?  The GOP quislings can protest, if they like, that this is not what they do.

But the main reason they invoke for not initiating impeachment is that doing so will harm the GOP’s chances for victory in November.  However, if they proceed with the seriousness and gravity the process requires, it will give them a chance to make their case against Obama in light of facts and the nation’s good.  It will also give Obama the chance to show that he is confident of his innocence by cooperating fully in the investigation of the facts; or to display his consciousness of guilt by evading and thwarting the investigation at every turn.

The GOP’s elitist faction leaders proclaim their fidelity to the oath in which they swore to support and defend U.S. Constitution. Yet they stand idly by, preventing the people’s House from upbraiding Obama’s ongoing attack on it.  By doing so they leave the Constitution defenseless, inviting Obama to press forward toward his destructive goal. Can anything be done to recall them to their duty? To seek an answer, click the image below.


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  • Sharkfood August 6, 2014, 1:14 pm

    The House Republicans who have foolishly taken impeachment off the table have thereby demonstrated for all to see that they are a complete sham, and are in fact on the take along with their Democrat counterparts.

  • Guy C Stevenson August 5, 2014, 11:41 am

    Impeach the House, throw them out!

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