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This coming Tuesday members of the US House of Representatives will be called upon to vote for the next Speaker of the House.  In the run up to the midterm elections this past November, Barack Obama emphasized the fact that the election was a referendum on the policies and actions pursued during his occupation of the White House.  TheSmallLogoLTL result was clear.  Voters not only overturned Democratic control of the U.S. Senate, the emphatically increased the GOP’s majority in the U.S. House of representatives.

Obviously, Obama’s policies were emphatically repudiated.  But even on election night, the GOP’s quisling congressional leaders lied about the significance of the vote. They spoke of a mandate to work with Obama, ignoring the election outcomes emphatic call for an end to Obama’s attack on the constitutional integrity, rights, and material strength of the American people.

Given the electoral outcome the goal of the GOP majority should have been to make sure that the lame duck session of the 113th Congress did nothing to advance the destructive agenda the American people had just emphatically rejected.  Instead, the GOP’s quisling leadership cooperated with Obama to assure that his rejected policies and initiatives would be well-funded and even expanded throughout most of 2015.  They did so boldly and without shame, congratulating themselves on the result, happily accepting Barack Obama’s self-satisfied praise of their willingness to betray the voters who elected them.

Readers of this blog know full well that the Republican betrayal came as no surprise to me.  I anticipated and expected it.  Throughout the midterm election cycle. I pleaded with conservative voters to adopt a strategy that that would elicit a clear and unequivocal commitment from the candidates they supported to oppose Obama’s destructive agenda, and call him to account for his attack on the sovereignty and strength of the American people.  Though it was clear that a solid majority of voters shared my sense of urgent opposition to Obama and all his works, many of them cast their vote without making this demand.  Once again they chose to trust the GOP rather than make a determined effort to verify that their trust was justified.

Now, on account of their die-hard support of the GOP’s treacherous quisling leaders, GOP complicity in Obama’s agenda of destruction for American liberty has set the stage for the final act of the American political tragedy- in which liberty itself dies hard with the compliance of  the shams.  Obama knows he can count on Boehner and McConnell to be his partners in the dance of death the elitist faction has choreographed for America’s constitutional liberty. That’s why he has been emboldened, rather than downcast, by the repudiation of his policies at the polls.

Like the other arrogant elitists who now relish the prospect of an end to respect for God endowed rights and limited government, Obama believes in the boastful Nietzschean maxim “That which does not kill me, makes me stronger.”  He rejects the idea that “the laws of nature and of nature’s God”invalidate the claims of unjust power, no matter how successfully that power resists correction.

Obama is the high priest of the worthless cult of power the elitists have substituted for the American creed.  Boehner and McConnell have proven themselves to be his equally worthless acolytes.   Practically, everything they said and did before the 2014 election gave token of their intended betrayal of the American way of life.  So too now, practically everything they are saying and doing gives token of their willingness to continue as Obama’s willing partners in the dance of death for the American Republic.  They will persist as long as they remain in the undeserved positions of power and influence they now hold.

Thanks to the foresight of America’s founders Boehner’s position as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is most liable to be corrected by the results of the 2014 election.  If only 29 members of the Republican caucus vote for someone other than John Boehner (abstaining is not good enough), his election as Speaker will be thwarted for as long as they persist.  29 GOP representatives who are willing to stand against Boehner’s  shameful record of deceit and betrayal and treachery can finally provide a voice for all the voters effectively disenfranchised by that record.

The Representatives willing to stand despite Boehner’s threats of legislative and political retaliation will prove that they have courage to match the courage of the voters who elected them.  They will prove that they are public figures to whom conscientious Americans can look for representation that goes beyond lip-service; representatives who will stand firm against the pressures and blandishments of seductive or threatening power.  They will thereafter deserve respect and support from all Americans who stand against Obama’s dictatorial abuses, and who are determined  but to fight, no matter what the odds, for the preservation of our heritage of God endowed right, including decent liberty.

By contrast, any GOP Representatives who refuse to do what is required to unseat Boehner will prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that they are irretrievably lost to the  power-mad corruption, bent on tyranny, for which Obama is the vehicle, model and figurehead.

When he took office as president in 1961 John F. Kennedy declared that the torch had passed a new generation of American leaders.  Next Tuesday’s vote for Speaker of the U.S. House could relay, even more clearly, the advent of a new generation of representatives for the American people.

Those willing to stand without fail against Boehner’s betrayal will prove that they have the brave integrity required to represent the goodwill and faith of every American still loyal to our way of life.  They will firmly take hold of the torch handed, off by those in previous generations who faithfully dedicated their lives, in war and peace, in peril, loss and victory, so that liberty would be extended and renewed in each and every generation of Americans.

When the smoke clears, whether Boehner stands or falls from his undeserved position of leadership, the hardy souls, many or few, who persevere against him, will prove,  that they understand and remember what it means to be American (as Lincoln did in 1858, even though he lost his bid for office.)  I for one am sure that only among those who thus bring to life that sacred memory can we hope to find people fit to raise the standard of our hope in 2016 and beyond.

In the next three days, by every means you can, let the GOP members of the U.S. House of Representatives know that if  they fail to abandon the treachery of quisling leaders like John Boehner, YOU WILL REPUDIATE THEM, rather than continue to support them in abandoning America’s exercise of right, which Obama and his quisling collaborators in the GOP are jointly determined to destroy.  





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