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A Plea for the New Year

Tragically these days, anyone who speaks out consistently in support of the Founding premises of our Republic is liable to have a hard time sustaining their activities.  Along with the premises of unalienable rights, endowed by our Creator, the elitist faction powers-that-be have abandoned the Founding generation’s respect for the fact that Christ’s understanding of humanity enables people who hear and keep to his word, in good faith, to govern themselves, regardless of their material circumstances, or their position (or lack thereof) in the world’s esteem.

As a result of this elitist apostasy from the principles of the American Declaration of Independence, which evoke and depend upon the authority of the God—as the Creator of all things—sincere advocates of the Declaration’s premises for just government are not just neglected by the elitist faction’s controlling powers.  Those power are bent on silencing, discrediting and even destroying such advocates of God-endowed liberty.  Their reaction against Judge Roy Moore’s bid to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate dramatically proves that this is so.

Thanks to my active participation in electoral politics, as well as my activities as a speaker, commentator and expositor of conservative views grounded in Declaration principle, I have experienced the consequences of the elitist faction’s determined opposition.  Because their animus against the logic of the Declaration is mainly fueled by selfish interest and ambition, they are hard put to answer arguments rationally framed in terms of that logic.  So, their response follows a pattern familiar to anyone who has thoughtfully observed the behavior pattern of their faction’s leftist elements.  They rely on ad hominin attacks.

In verbal argument, this involves ridicule, name-calling and deceitful efforts to douse conservatives with the stink of whatever reputed attitudes and/or actions they think will do them the most harm.  Along with respect for the concept of self-evident truth– essential to the Declaration’s understanding of justice and rights—the elitist faction has discarded respect for truth as such.  For them it turns out to be whatever serves the purposes of their agenda for power.  For the sake of that agenda, for example, data may be falsified, and/or natural events mischaracterized to promote the specious certainty that man-made climate change is a greater evil than Islamist terrorism; and laws may enforce the view that sexual differences are a function of arbitrary individual preferences and cosmetic surgery, not natural empirically verifiable natural facts.

This disregard for natural facts and delimitations portrayed are portrayed as respect for freedom and service to humanity’s “common home”.  Yet it involves devaluing the bonds of natural affection mostly responsible for the existence of the homes that have actually hosted and nurtured human individuals throughout the history of the world.  And it involves casting aside the understanding that every individual has a claim of dignity rooted in the Creator-provisioned substance of humanity as such, which is therefore critical to understanding and preserving humanity as a whole.

Obviously, this disregard throws aside the recognition of equal dignity that is the first premise of the Declaration’s logic, to wit, that all human beings are equal in respect of their Creator’s will for the existence of humanity.  Absent that assumption, differences in power and material success imply a hierarchy of existence in terms of which some are entitled to respect for their dignity as human persons, and others are entitled to nothing but the fate their material condition dictates.  In terms of government, this means that most outwardly appearing humans are born, as Jefferson wrote, with saddles on their backs, and others booted and spurred to ride them.  Or as Aristotle asserted, a few are born to be masters, but most are fated to live as their instruments, merely slaves.

In our day, the elitist faction now intends to rise, like a double-headed phoenix, from what “liberal democracies” in the twentieth century thought were the ashes of oligarchic tyranny, finally burnt out and swept away.  Instead they are more and more appearing to be the dying embers of the energetic and courageous vision of self-government the success of the United States imposed, for a shining moment, as the face of humanity striving to break through the age-old currents of its history.

Those of us who remember, and continue to champion, the just pride of humanity as a whole, are obviously swimming against this current, even as did the Founders of the United States.  What aid is there for us to count on in this contrary effort, unless it be from others who believe as they did—as we still do—in the intention of God, warranted by the presence of His Son, Jesus Christ—to restore the equal life of humankind that God intended for all whom He stamped with his image, and made for activities reminiscent of His own power of Creation.

This contrary effort has been and will remain the mission of LoyaltoLiberty.com, and of all my ongoing efforts in speaking, writing and media commentary.  I’m again in a period when internet and other tools vital to sustaining these efforts will have to be renewed or renovated at a cost running to several thousands of dollars.  So, I’m appealing to everyone who feels they have benefited from the work I do, to contribute whatever you can so that I can keep on doing it.  I raise an independent voice, for which I pay a price in terms of hostility from the powerful elitist faction interests who see no benefit in perpetuating the understanding, uniquely favorable to the responsible sovereignty of ordinary humanity, which the United States was born to implement and champion, by its example, to all the world. If you want to help, I recommend doing so by clicking here to go to loyaltoliberty.com.  Then you can:

1.     Simply subscribe to the site.  Click on the blue ‘Free Views Left’ button in the upper left-hand corner, and follow the instructions;

2.     Use the Help LTL Makeover button in the left-hand column. It goes to the gofundme.com page for loyaltoliberty.com; or

3.     Use the yellow donate button, further down the page which links to Paypal.com.  The latter button has a check box, if you would like to make a monthly contribution.

Those of us accustomed to put our faith in God are also trusting in the hearts of people who do likewise. We must be willing to be the instruments of His good will toward those who are serving it.  If you are able to do so, I hope you consider the work I do on my blog, and the other sites where my articles appear (only one of which pays a small fee for my writings), worthy of your help.  Godspeed, and my prayers to you for a New Year blessed according to God’s will.  


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  • Cory Daniel Wolf January 13, 2018, 12:44 am

    Glad to see you still at it! Thanks Dr. Keyes! I can’t wait for more! I hope I can bring some support to you and will social network your page!

    • Alan Lee Keyes January 13, 2018, 11:52 am

      Thanks for you encouragement and support in keeping loyaltoliberty.com alive.

      • Cory Daniel Wolf January 30, 2018, 3:08 pm

        Sure thing!

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