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Reconstructing the politics of liberty

What choice for liberty? Part 2
  • Reconstructing the politics of liberty

GOP loyalists, tempted as usual to believe that the political leaders they continue vainly to support have simply been outfoxed, eventually come to resent the fact that the Constitution allows people with good intentions to be outmaneuvered by forces hostile to constitutional self-government.  Without meaning to, they end up reflecting Obama’s often stated view that the Constitution is outmoded, OBE, unsuitable for our changing times.  Of course they do not see themselves embracing Obama’s rationale for discarding its provisions, yet they do so tacitly by jumping on the Article V Convention bandwagon.

Apparently it seems sensible to them to expect that people who lack the will or competence to understand and implement key provisions of the existing Constitution will miraculously find the will and competence to:

  1. Assure a constitutional convention composed of people committed to restoring liberty, rather than cutting it off at its roots (i.e. producing an altogether new Constitution that owes nothing to America’s Founding principles); and
  2. Come up with provisions that will be proof against the machinations of intelligent cunning, adverse to liberty, which they have already proven themselves unwilling or unable to anticipate.

This expectation smacks of the irrationality, born of embarrassed pride, which prevent people from admitting past mistakes.  GOP loyalists have repeatedly backed leaders who have proven themselves fatally disloyal to the task of preserving America’s liberty.  But rather than admit this tragic mistake, many are inclined to reap its consequences by trusting these same betrayers with an opportunity to replace the constitution that allowed the American people to bring decent liberty to heights of prosperity and good influence previously unknown to human history.

Doesn’t the notion that the present crisis of liberty is due to some deficiency in the provisions of the U.S. Constitution reflect actually reflect the arrogant attitude of the present era, common among Obama Democrats? They scorn the American Founders as racist slaveholders, whose provisions for government are unworthy of our serious consideration. Tacitly accepting this view, many GOP partisans are unwilling to insist that the principles and reasoned logic of the America’s Founders should be respected studied, and applied to the challenges of our time.

Such purblind partisans accept the notion that the rise of the United States fits the false Marxist mold of oppressive imperialism.  They inwardly shrink from battling the Obama faction leftists who eagerly enact the view that the American way of life is consigned to the ash heap by the “judgment of History”.  Their irresolute response to the ideological war on America’s soul has allowed the elitist “vanguard of history” to conjure a fantastical, self-serving utopia from the witches’ brew of violent oppression and suffering actually characteristic of governments based on the Marxist delusion.  Though it has been uniformly murderous to humanity, this false utopianism still serves to screen the advance of their ultimately ruthless, blood drenched, and tyrannical ambition.

If GOP partisans were as loyal to America’s founding principles (and the Constitution based upon them) as they are to the sham party system, they would not be so easily shamed and intimidated into abandoning them.  They would instead examine their own actions in light of the precepts and reasoning of the Founders they are supposed to revere. This scrutiny would include:

  1. Seriously questioning the truthfulness of people who promote allegiance to the so-called two-party system, which the nation’s most influential founder and first President warned against as subversive to liberty;
  2. Seriously questioning the moral judgment and intentions of so-called “leaders” who refuse to articulate and apply the moral logic and premises of the Founding to the challenges of our time;
  3. Questioning the bona fides of politicians, whatever their Party label, who give priority to issues, policies and programs predicated on “governing” the American people rather than faithfully representing their common sense and good will;
  4. Questioning the integrity of politicians and public figures who even tacitly accept the absurd notion that a nation predicated on the proposition that “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” will survive for very long after being purged of respect for God, “the laws of nature and of nature’s God,” and the implementation of right according to God’s will;
  5. Question the wisdom of continuing to support, with votes, money or other resources, any and all public figures in any walk of life, who surrender the God-acknowledging premises of the Republic;
  6. Questioning the knee-jerk allegiance to any and all Parties, associations and groups that aid, abet and collaborate with such public figures in political, governmental or social programs, projects and affairs;

Given that the quisling leaders of the GOP have continually betrayed voters loyal to the provisions and principles of the U.S. Constitution, any one of the considerations listed above demands renouncing that leadership and the Party presently controlled by them.  In their capacity as elected officials, however, these leaders are still subject to the demands of the citizens they are supposed to represent.  This includes first and foremost the demand that they implement the Constitutional provision that empowers them to call Obama to account for the continual usurpations of power by which he is seeking to overthrow the republican form of government that Constitution requires.

This withdrawal of confidence from the treacherous sham party system is, of course, only the prerequisite for rebuilding a system for political activity rooted directly in the activity of the people themselves; one that focuses on identifying and supporting candidates loyal to republican liberty and its constitutional constituents, rather than on achieving self-serving partisan victories at their expense. If you are willing to think seriously about ways to reconstruct America’s politics on a sound Constitutional basis, come back for the next installment of this essay, which I will be posting shortly.

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  • mike day March 20, 2015, 11:30 am

    Dr Keys I and my fellow AMERICANS here in San Diego are going to sign the Declaration of Independence on June 27, high noon we are going to Pledge our Allegiance to our AMERICAN FLAG AND TO OUR REPUBLIC. Americans here think it is time to remind the powers that be we know our history. Would you please come out here and speak about our CONSTITUTION and sign the Declaration with us ? My name is Mike Day and I am loyal to liberty .

  • NDaniels March 18, 2015, 2:05 pm

    Dr. Keyes, Thank you for your dedication to the spirit of the law, as well as The Spirit of The Law. In recognizing that regardless of ancestry, every son or daughter of a human person can only be a human person, we recognize that slavery, abortion, the reordering of man according to sexual desire/orientation, and anything that sexually objectifies the human person, is a violation of our Life, our Liberty, and our Pursuit of Happiness. Objectifying the human person, denies our inherent Dignity as sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers.

    Every act of Love is ordered to the personal and relational Dignity of the persons, which is why a man does not Love his wife, in the same manner as he Loves his daughter, or his son, or his father, or his mother, or a friend.

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