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Refusing to impeach Obama, GOP “conservatives” impeach the label

By letting Obama destroy the Constitution, what is it they conserve?

This morning a WND headline blares about supposedly conservative lawmakers who don’t want Obama impeached.  (The subhead, “Nobody wants a President Joe Biden”, refers to a supposedly joking remark made by one of the putative conservatives.)  Add this to Speaker John “Dr. No” Boehner’s backhanded dismissal of Sarah Palin’s call for impeachment; and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s truly outrageous assertion that Obama has committed no impeachable offenses; and it’s clear that the GOP’s SmallLogoLTLelitist faction leaders in the House have made it the order of the day to quash the  the demand for Constitutional accountability that continues to rise among grassroots conservatives, though they are the indispensable core of the GOP’s electoral base.

Called upon to name one thing an American conservative seeks to conserve, I’d venture to guess that, among grassroots conservatives, the authority of the Constitution of the United States would be a front runner, along with liberty, limited government, the rule of law, respect for individual rights, and allegiance “to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands.  But, as a matter of fact, all these things are served and conserved by the determination to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution.

So, in the face of the Obama faction’s wholesale offensive against the key provisions and structures of the U.S. Constitution (like the distribution of the powers of government among separate and independent branches, the status of the Constitution and laws and treaties made in pursuance thereof as the Supreme law of the Land, and the commandment that the President “take care that the laws be faithfully executed”, etc.), if some so-called conservative lawmakers refuse to respect the Constitutional imperative of impeachment, it’s fair to question the notion that they are conservatives in any meaningful sense.

Unless, of course, we’re talking about conserving their standing with the GOP’s quisling leaders in the House, and their access to the campaign coffers those leaders will shut tight against any who actually represent the views of the people who elected them.  No matter that the quisling leadership has declared war on those very people; no matter that, at critical junctures, they have consistently preferred to collaborate with Obama, rather than oppose his destruction of the nation’s Constitution, its economic strength, and its national security (including especially the most obvious prerequisite of that security, which is to secure and maintain control of the borders that define its territorial jurisdiction.)

The remark about Biden played up in WND’s sub-headline for the story in question might be dismissed as a lame attempt at humor, except for the fact that it slurs the intelligence of both the public at large and the people who are petitioning and organizing to demonstrate the political will required seriously to undertake the “national inquest” impeachment is supposed to be.  Obama is the figurehead painted on the nose of the anti-constitutional weapon of mass destruction Obama’s administration of the U.S. Government has become. So his name figures in the slogans and headlines of the movement for Constitutional accountability.

But no serious exposition of the movement’s aim (such as the one at the Pledge to impeach website) fails to make clear that the scope of the impeachment effort includes not only Obama but all his collaborators in the assault against the Constitution.  Obviously, when you demand that someone leave your house, the demand encompasses not only their head, but the rest of their body.  (For most of the people I know who support impeachment, their only regret in this regard is that there’s no way to include the Obama faction’s collaborators in the Congress, as well.)

Of course that’s the reason the Pledge to impeach mobilization focuses on demonstrating the political will for impeachment at the polls in November.  John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the other Obama collaborators in the GOP’s quisling Congressional leadership pretend that focusing on impeachment is a losing issue.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say that this proves both their lack of competence and their contempt for the oath they have taken to support the Constitution.  It’s as if, in the face of an enemy’s attack, our military leaders should simply throw up their hands and say “We can’t fight the enemy.  They’ll fight back. We’ll all die. We’ll all die.”  Thank God, this wasn’t how our military reacted after Pearl Harbor, or the 9-11 terrorist attacks.  Indeed, cowardice has never been the order of the day for our armed forces.

Moreover, the GOP leaders in Congress have no excuse for pretending that the Obama faction’s attack on the Constitution is a surprise. They also have no excuse for pretending that anything he has done has somehow destroyed the political forces they need to respond to his attack.  In fact, his offensive against the Constitution is stirring enormous opposition around the country, patriotic cohorts ripe to be recruited into political legions.

In fact, if Boehner, McConnell, et al. were not acting in subservience to the elitist faction agenda, they would be energetically working to build upon, rather than suppress, this grassroots uprising.  It is our nation’s irrepressible response to what anyone (except these quisling leaders) who is willing to look now recognizes as a threat, not only to the Constitution but to America’s entire way of living in decent freedom. People as diverse as Sen. Jeff Sessions and liberal columnist Nat Hentoff see that threat.  You have to be blind not to see it.

The problem, however,  isn’t that the GOP’s quisling leadership in the Congress is blind.  The problem isn’t that they’re incompetent either.  They show remarkable competence when it comes to attacking, thwarting, and defaming the GOP’s grassroots constituents.  And as Thad Cochran’s quisling victory in Mississippi shows, they are also remarkably effective when it comes to collaborating with their putative opponents in order to defeat the views and hopes of their own base. This warlike disloyalty to their constituents, this is the problem.

Their disloyalty to what is supposed to be their Party’s platform is the problem.  Their disloyalty to the oath they have taken, in which all affirmed that they would “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” and “bear true faith and allegiance to the same,” is the problem. This disloyalty is exactly the opposite of the outraged patriotism that grassroots Americans all over the country are showing, as they clamor for their supposed Representatives in Congress to show that they feel the same outrage.

But instead of organizing these patriotic legions to sweep the Democrats from the field in November (as they would be energetically doing do if they were truly opposed to the Obama faction’s tyrannical agenda), the GOP’s quisling leaders are slyly maneuvering to achieve a middling victory, sufficient to win, but narrow enough to justify what they are actually intending to do, i.e., continue their collaboration with Obama on issues like amnesty for illegal immigrants, the erasure of our national borders and the withering away of our sovereignty and good faith as a constitutionally self-governing people.

In light of their intransigent dereliction of duty when it comes to their oath of office, the real question isn’t whether these GOP quislings are conservatives.  As with Barack Obama, the real question is whether they still have any idea of what it means to be Americans.  For their de facto abandonment of the oath to support the Constitution also involves abandoning the core principles that are the common ground of the identity of the American people. That ground includes our common commitment to use our liberty in pursuit of justice, as it is endowed and determined by God, the Creator who made us all.

This is no humanly contrived ‘ism”, no willful ideology- it is rather the living heart and spirit of America, confirmed by generations of toil and anointed on many battlefields by the sacrifice of blood.  It is the common aspiration that defines the more perfect union that is our Constitution’s goal, a union which transcends the usual narrow boundaries of national feeling in order to encompass a goal that sees and embraces the better the  better destiny of humankind.

Rather than surrendering to Obama’s plans to defame, dilute and smother that aspiration, the GOP’s leaders should make conserving it the positive purpose of their determination to call Obama to account for the crimes that he is perpetrating against it.  This they would do, despite the inevitable political risks if, like the generation that found and renewed our nation’s strength when foreign enemies attacked us, they still remembered what it means to be Americans.

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