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Romney/Ryan: “The better to fool you with…”

Mitt Romney claims to be pro-life, though the record of his entire career in public life says otherwise.  This naturally leads people who know the facts to expect that his actions as President will follow his well- established pattern of talking in one direction while walking the opposite way.  Yet and still some ignorant or pathetically gullible moral conservatives have fallen prey to the notion that his decision to choose Paul Ryan should reassure pro-life voters who quite logically conclude that this will be the case.

Using the Obama bogeyman to good effect, the elitist faction’s propagandists have some of these folks so thoroughly terrorized that their brains have seized up. They are no longer capable of rational thought.  However the rest may want to consider the implications of the Romney/Ryan campaign’s statement about Todd Akin’s stand against murdering innocent children conceived in the course of a forcible rape.  “Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan disagree with Akin’s statement, and a Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape,” the statement read.

Two things are especially noteworthy about this statement: 1) It does not focus on Todd Akin’s alleged “gaffe”– his use of the term “legitimate rape.”  (Maybe the campaign staff were unwilling to belie their own intelligence, unlike many others in the elitist faction’s media claque.)  2) It uses the occasion make it clear that a Romney/Ryan administration will leave in place the legitimacy which the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions purport to confer on abortion in the case of rape. ( I say “purport to confer” because they cannot actually make lawful that which violates the God-endowed unalienable right to life.)

Ironically the Romney/Ryan campaign’s statement aims to do precisely what Todd Akin’s statement did not do, i.e., confer legitimacy on an act  (the intentional and specific destruction of innocent human life) that human beings can never legitimately undertake.  But there’s something even more ironic.  The Romney/Ryan campaign issued the statement in order to distance itself from Todd Akin’s principled stand against murdering innocent children conceived in the course of forcible rape. But it is well known that Paul Ryan takes the same position as Akin:  “…as a Congressional candidate in 1998…Ryan said he opposed all abortion except in cases where the mother’s life was in danger.  And last year, Ryan co-sponsored federal legislation called the “Sanctity of Human Life Act” meant to “provide that human life shall be deemed to begin with fertilization.”

If this episode is any indication of Paul Ryan’s likely role as Vice-President, it indicates precisely what sensible people would expect.  Ryan’s name and pro-life reputation will be used to lend a false air of pro-life credibility to actions that repudiate the pro-life views and actions on which his reputation is based.

I have often argued that the main difference between Obama and Romney is that Romney hides his Obama-like features behind a conservative façade.  Ryan’s function is and will be to add a touch of conservative realism to that façade.

“My what big principles you have,” said Little Red Riding Hood.

“The better to fool you with,” replied the big bad wolf.

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  • Yista August 25, 2012, 4:29 pm

    Christ did not compromise. We are to follow Him. I compromised Truth once in my life, when young and scared, and justified it by my choice being the lesser of two evils. I have now lived for 30 years in regret from the moment I made that choice. I have never done that again and by the Grace and Love of GOD, will not do it again.
    Satan presented Christ three times to comprimise His ministry and three times He used GOD’s word to NOT compromise.
    I have been praying for over three and half years for the evil to be exposed. I believe I am seeing my prayers answered.
    God’s word is very explicit on who God approves of to lead.
    Until Americans again realize the duty of man (all men) is to glorify GOD and that we gain our rights from Him not government, we will continue to be led into self-deception and destruction. Just look at history and what self-serving accomplishes. How many see the narcissism in Obama, and Romney for that matter, but do not see it in themselves?
    Who honestly could sign their name to a document that ends stating, “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection
    of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes
    and our sacred Honor.” I have known a few that would sign this in a heart beat and those are the ones I have always voted for. God has given us a brain, a heart and chance to live in Freedom eternally. Use it, give it and commit to it. God bless. LORD have mercy on U.S.

  • SB August 24, 2012, 5:33 pm

    Dr. Keyes, I too noticed that Ryan has already lightened his stance on abortion to align with Romney’s, so-called pro-life views, but who do I vote for instead??? You are not running again. Leaving the ballot empty for President/V.P. is casting a vote for Obama ‘they say”. I continue to struggle as to what to do…

    • Bill August 25, 2012, 11:19 am

      I am to struggling as what to do.

    • voteobamaout August 25, 2012, 2:36 pm

      Struggle? You have a struggle within when it comes to deciding if you want another four years of obama??? Then you are just as bad as the Hope & Change sheeple crowd that will vote for him.

    • JohnOfPhiladelphia August 27, 2012, 7:08 am

      The right to vote also entails the right NOT TO vote.

      Believe me, not voting for either Romney or Obama is better than deceiving yourself into believing one side is better than the other and thus casting your vote for the Romney/Ryan lie. Besides, Alan Keyes has prescribed a solution. See his ‘Restoring Representation’ series. I believe a link to it is available along this website’s menu tab.

      God Bless, bro/sis.

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