Uprooting the tree of liberty?

Phyllis Schlafly was in good form in an article she wrote in April decrying the push for an Article V Constitutional Convention.  She rightly observes that, despite the disclaimers of the supposed conservatives who are backing the idea, it would be hard to keep it from being hijacked by people … Continue reading

Beating the de facto racists

Thus conscience makes cowards of them all.  This is what I've been thinking as I read articles from or about so-called “conservatives” who promptly tucked their tails and joined the leftist jackals after the New York Times libeled Cliven Bundy with the accusation of racism.  If someone tells … Continue reading

War in the GOP: real or contrived?

I've been reading  lately about an alleged war going on in the GOP.  Is this for real? The supposed "battle for the soul of the GOP" has for years been the cover story intended to divert attention from the GOP's treacherous role in the process of destroying America's soul. I feel sorry for … Continue reading

The GOP’S “C”PAC Parody

This past weekend’s “C”PAC outing was a stage show, put on for the benefit of befuddled grassroots conservatives still trapped in the GOP delusion. [Befuddled, i.e., muddled or stupefied as if with drink, legalized pot, sexual lust, or episodes of the soap about “What I’ll do with my … Continue reading