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The GOP Farce Continues

“La Commedia è finita! The farce is ended.” So says the clown at the end of Leoncavallo’s famous Italian opera. The U.S. Senate has voted to confirm John Brennan as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Brennan is well known for his sympathy with the terrorism-infused Muslim Brotherhood, and his careless attitude toward the Constitutional constraints that require the U.S. government to respect the legal rights of people subject to U.S. jurisdiction. The public record includes more than ample evidence that Andrew McCarthy had a point when he said that Brennan’s appointment is “the most monumental mismatch of man and mission I can imagine.”

It’s not at all hard to understand why someone like Barack Obama nominated Brennan. From the beginning of his questionable tenure as President, ‘appeasement’ has been the most charitable way to describe Obama’s foreign and national security policies; ‘collaboration’ the more temptingly accurate one. Indeed, unless the rumors of Obama’s sharp intellect are laughably untrue, deliberate collaboration with America’s enemies is the only way to make sense of the destructive effect of his policies on the security and strength of the United States. It is also consistent with his self-confessed, lifelong hostility toward the nation’s God acknowledging founding principles, the U.S. Constitution, the free enterprise economic system, and just about everything else that has been critical to the nation’s moral, economic and strategic strength.

The melodrama the Republicans staged around the Brennan vote (including Rand Paul’s Mini-Me filibuster) serves the Party’s narrow political interests while posing no obstacle to the Obama faction’s anti-American intentions. This outcome is exactly what one would expect if the GOP elitist faction leaders have formed a de facto coalition with Obama. It’s exactly what one would expect if part of the GOP’s assigned role in the coalition is to manage conservative grassroots opposition to Obama’s betrayal of America’s strength and sovereignty.

According to America’s founding principles the key aim of political action and organization is to produce a government that enjoys and represents the goodwill of the people. But as things stand today the aim of America’s elitist faction party system has nothing to do with such representation. The Democrat and Republican parties are simply management tools, instruments for manipulating people in ways that serve to strengthen and facilitate the power and domination of the elitist faction. This goal is precisely adverse to the perpetuation of government of, by and for the people. It is in this sense inherently anti-American. This explains why, in its ongoing push to consolidate its power in perpetuity the elitist faction has coalesced around an anti-American personality like Obama.

In this respect the elitist faction leaders of the GOP are like elements members of an employee owned company’s board and senior executives who are working with a CEO who represents a rival company’s interest in a hostile take-over via a very highly leveraged MBO (management buy-out). Their role is to cooperate with policies that destabilize the company’s performance so that the equity owners (in this case the American people) lose control over the company’s assets. But the key part of their assignment is to manage the employees whose intense opposition would prevent the takeover if it ever coalesced into an organization the takeover collaborators could not manipulate.

To achieve this objective the GOP”s elitist faction leaders feed the GOP’s conservative base a steady diet of false hope: little episodes of supposedly conservative bravado that are like the flavored biscuits people use as treats to keep their dogs in training. Sometimes the episodes actually feature some red meat conservatism. Mostly they are, like the doggy treats, the political equivalent of corn meal and flavoring. Such was Rand Paul’s mini-filibuster against the Brennan nomination, and the pathetic ‘conservative’ hype the GOP’s media hacks are trying to generate with it. More pathetic still are the intended dupes willing to be taken in by it. Fortunately, the GOP’s consistently treacherous performance in recent years has led most grassroots conservatives to realize that it’s all just the mask or prelude of betrayal.

Anyone willing to think things through should be asking why the GOP leadership in the U.S. Senate didn’t organize an effective GOP filibuster seeking to defeat Brennan’s nomination. 31 Republicans voted against Brennan. If even a fraction of that number had joined in a filibuster against the nomination, the filibuster would have attracted serious and prolonged attention from the American people as a whole. This would have contributed to enormous pressure from the Party’s grassroots against any Republican who voted to end the filibuster. The political dynamic generated by that pressure would have most likely either (a) doomed the nomination, or (b) doomed the political careers of GOP Senators who voted to end the filibuster. The real drama of such a filibuster would also have brought concern about the destructive effects of Obama’s national security policies to a boil.

Given the damaging results Obama’s anti-American policies have already inflicted on the nation, this increased concern would be a tremendous contribution to our national security. The GOP’s leadership deprived the country of this contribution because they covertly serve the same elitist factional interest Obama more overtly represents, which seeks to overthrown constitutional self-government based on respect for the God-endowed rights of the people. When they stage manage and play up some episode that pleases conservatives (like Rand Paul’s Mini-Me filibuster) their aim is to fool Americans still loyal to the founding principles and Constitution of the United States into staying within the ambit of a party system they manipulate and control.

These elitist enemies of America’s God acknowledging constitutional republic know that as long as they can forestall the consolidation of a principled conservative challenge to the sham party system they control, time is the enemy of its survival. In cooperation with the elitist faction media the elitist GOP leaders easily maintain a superficial culture of lip-service conservatism within the GOP. They work hard to suppress or marginalize conservatives capable of articulating the well-reasoned persuasive understanding of God endowed rights America’s founders left for us. Meanwhile, they tacitly acquiesce in the God hating premises of Marxist socialism and Ayn Rand libertarianism.

So they obfuscate the plain violation of God endowed right inherent in the legalized murder of nascent human beings. They irrationally promote homosexual marriage, pretending that the selfish love of sensual pleasure is morally equivalent to the self-sacrificial love ordained by God to perpetuate human life. They cynically act on an understanding of economics that admits no difference between free enterprise principles that respect God-endowed right and the idolization of profit and wealth which acknowledges no standard of right but material power. Thus embracing an agenda of unbridled individual lust and greed, they obligingly leave the articulation of the nation’s common moral purpose to their opponents, who fill that convenient void with an agenda that uses the rhetoric of compassion to induce dependency, and that exploits humanity’s natural longing for community in order to consolidate and impose elitist control by means of unbridled government power.

The Party’s elitist faction leaders are willing to see some political personalities promoted as the focal points for conservative hope within the GOP. But they allow visibility to no one who has not, in one way or another, demonstrated loyalty to the elitist faction’s anti-American agenda. This is the significance of the GOP’s failure to take seriously the Constitution’s “natural born citizen” requirement for the Presidency. The inclusion of that requirement puts the lie to notion that the U.S. Constitution can be read without reference to the “laws of nature and of nature’s God.”

In fact, every time a Presidential election takes place respect for the Constitution’s language requires everyone involved in the process to consider the relevance and meaning of God-endowed natural right. Yet both Parties have ridiculed and rejected this plainly stated provision of the Constitution. And no officeholder in the GOP has courageously fulfilled the sworn oath of allegiance to the Constitution. None of them have demanded and engaged in the serious discussion of God ordained natural law required to make a decision that respects the Constitution’s “natural born citizen” provision. Nor have they spoken out against the dereliction of the U.S. Supreme Court for refusing to do so.

This is because they are all unwilling to articulate and implement the acknowledgment of God without which America’s experiment in decent liberty is doomed to fail. They are all bought and sold by the globalist clique of elitist forces seeking to erase from human memory the nation that is living proof that God-fearing self-government—of, by and for the people— produced a result unequaled by any elitist tyranny in the history of humankind.

The GOP is now irreparably dominated by forces that have purposely surrendered the God-acknowledging principles of the founding. It is therefore incapable of being the vehicle for restoring those principles. In fact, it now exists for no purpose but to dissipate without effect the material resources and energy of principled conservatives. So they will be kept uselessly fixated on a mirage of partisan politics until it is too late to build a political alternative that actually battles to restore and preserve the God-endowed capacity for right that makes us truly free.

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  • brigin March 14, 2013, 11:09 am

    Great column. I think there is hope. The “elitist faction” as Dr. Keys calls it is being exposed.

  • Matt Victor March 11, 2013, 6:26 pm

    I guess I am one of those pathetic dupes that fell for the not so noble filibuster. You’re one smart man Dr. Keyes. We sure do live in scary times. May more men like you get elected into public office.

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