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The Liberty Proclamation: Living words of renewal

In my WND column this week I report that several hundred people have thus far responded to my call to let their “yes” be “yes” if they will spread the word in support of an effort by Americans willing to reject the elitist faction’s sham parties, in favor of build a political vehicle dedicated to God and the principles of the American Declaration of Independence; and determined to restore respect for constitutional self-government in the United States.

Replies continue to come in each day, but not yet at the rate I would expect if people are taking their word seriously.  Each respondent made a commitment to use every means at their disposal, including employment of the internet’s social networking tools, to let everyone he or she can reach know what is happening.  It’s reasonable to expect that every yea-sayer who makes the requisite effort will call one to several more people into the effort, with intensifying effect as the yea-sayers increase in number.

Judging by the comments that some people sent along with their reply, I have no doubt of the heartfelt love of God and righteous liberty that motivates their emphatic affirmation of the desire to offer Americans an alternative to the self and power obsessed politicians being fabricated and/or corrupted  by the elitist faction’s sham party system.  Many people get the fact that the political parties no longer even pretend that the aim of their politics is representation.  Their only aim is getting and keeping power, using every trick in the book to cajole, deceive intimidate and even terrorize people into cooperating, or standing aside, as they do so.  Such politics becomes a destructive maelstrom of ambition, the playing field for people driven by inordinate ambition that  “thirsts and burns for distinction; and, if possible… will have it, whether at the expense of emancipating slaves, or enslaving freemen.”

Practitioners of such politics don’t care if they bankrupt the country.  They don’t care if they leave its borders virtually undefended.  They don’t cavil at using the excuse of nameless terrors to induce people to surrender their rights; or the promise of nameless pleasures to induce them to abandon their God endowed nature, and along with the self-disciplined character that comes from respecting the reasonable strictures and inclinations of natural duty and good conscience.

As they react against this corrupt and corrupting version of political life, some people see the need for a new Declaration of principle, some new form of words to make clear the shared understanding of rights, justice and decent freedom from which America’s common sense of good derives.  Whenever I am asked to consider this possibility, I am driven to go back to the original Declaration of Independence and to consider its words and their historical context.  I wonder whether, in such a time as this we can be blessed to know the unquestionable respect for God, for reason and for self-evident truth America’s prevalent founders drew upon.  America’s founding was a Providential moment, when the spiritual insights of Christianity bore fruit in the recognition of man’s reason for existence in God’s universe. This recognition made it possible to affirm that the liberty He marked out as humankind’s distinctive destiny could bear fruit, but only in a society of people who choose to respect the simple premises of natural justice. In spite of human willfulness, those simple sentences written upon the heart can even here and now let peace and justice flourish among all people of goodwill, that is, provided they are ready to acknowledge and respect the self-evident truth that the knowledge of good with which God endows each and every one of us is sufficient to preserve our nature, as individuals and on the whole, all knowledge of evil notwithstanding.

Today America’s liberty is not failing because our hearts no longer resonate with the Declaration’s words.  It is failing because the resounding sentences of natural righteousness, written by God upon the human heart, no longer move our limbs to corresponding actions. We feel them much as our founders did, but we are not yet moved to act like them, so that, with faith and courage, we become the living syllables that form and give life to the words of liberty and the Constitution composed to preserve it.  Once they resolved to stand against the overthrow of constitutional government in America, they worked each day to make the stand successful.  This is the kind of steady, persistent effort American’s will need now. We can reclaim the destiny God has marked out for our humanity, but only if we accept the mission to uphold and spread the righteous sentences, whereby He makes it possible for us to proclaim liberty throughout our land.

The purveyors of elitist faction propaganda every day assault our courage with the view that politics is no longer about what we are willing to do for ourselves.  It’s only about what rich, powerful famous elitists are willing to do for us.  This propaganda prepares the epitaph of righteous liberty.  Waiting for what wealth, power and fame will do for us, we lose touch with the God-endowed power of goodwill and conscience that has been and ever will be the only reliable resource for government, of, by, and for the people.  In the weeks ahead I will continue to encourage everyone who has and will join the yea-sayers of liberty to translate that commitment into conscientious actions that will build and spread the message of reviving liberty into a proclamation containing millions of living words, enough to let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.  It will pour through the ballot boxes of America to clear out of government the muck of self-worshiping power and ambition. It will sweep into the halls and chambers of constitutional power the decent aspirations of regular folks: that our people may be faithful God’s will for right; our land may be peaceful and fruitful with enterprising prosperity; and that our children may learn cheerfully to accept the responsibility of personal self-discipline; responsibly to act on the opportunities of public self-government; and generously to share the blessings of righteous liberty which, in this time of peril, God may yet allow us to pass on to them.

Read this and let your “yes” be “yes”

“Those who would be free themselves must strike the blow”

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  • givelifeachance2 July 26, 2013, 8:01 am

    “some people see the need for a new Declaration of principle, some new form of words to make clear the shared understanding of rights, justice and decent freedom from which America’s common sense of good derives. ”

    Is it possible that the importance of the rights of the natural parent were not sufficiently recognized in the Declaration? It does seem as though Big Gov is taking over the means of re-production and hard to see where the Declaration lays down the rights of the natural family.

    • tionico August 1, 2013, 2:17 pm

      The writers of that Declaratin saw no need to “lay down the rights of the natural family”, as they ALL understood well those rights and responsibilities as delineated in the Scriptures… and took tham as established fact. Why take words to “define” what has already been so well and completely defined? OUR problem is that we have had any definition of those rights and responsibllities told out in the Scriptures out with the Scriptures themselves. how many cooed and tingled at Hillar Clinton’s bald faced lie “it takes a village to raise a child”? Marxist socialist to the core, that claptrap. Yet we “accepted it” if by nothing more than our silence. We took that as “gospel” in place of God’s clear command: FATHERS teach YOUR children”. And so now we have daycare and “school”, paid for with OUR stolen tax money yet with NO input from us, “raising” our children… in the image of he who declared “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin”. Our young are not our hope, WE are THEIR hope. For if WE do not teach them well, they will not be taught well. Look to Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Cleveland, New York, to see how that will turn out.

      • Donna Mohler August 3, 2013, 10:00 pm

        Maybe that child she wrote about was “o”. ???

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