The Swedish Solution?

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Amidst the din of the political fray, it’s hard to do much clear, quiet thinking about the economic crisis the politicians claim they are addressing. A lot of people won’t listen anyway. They’ll assume it’s politically motivated. That assumption is actually a symptom of what’s wrong with any approach that seems to put politicians at the helm of economic decision-making. When it comes to economics, partisan political ambition is a bad counselor. What’s called for is a clear head, and a common sense willingness to think about what really works.

From what we’ve been told, bad debt precipitated the crisis. Encouraged and pressured by self-serving politicians, banks and the government agencies responsible for regulating them, suspended good lending practices to make sub-par loans to people who couldn’t sustain the payments involved. To attract investment, (that is, make money) supposedly reputable financial institutions created and sold hollow assets based on these bad loans (that is, they made virtual hay in the phony sunshine.) For a while (a long while), the pyramid of false expectations built upon these virtual reality assets balanced on its mostly imaginary base, against a blue screen backdrop of lies and regulatory collusion. But, for reasons still shrouded in mystery, at a politically critical moment last fall the CGI program crashed, revealing a largely hollow pyramid precariously set upon its pointed end. Investors awakened in a panic from their suspension of disbelief, seeking desperately to avoid being crushed by the collapsing monument to political ambition, shortsighted greed and blindly arrogant deception. It proved all the more weighty in its fall precisely because it was just an illusion.

As far as I can tell, the key ingredients in this breathtaking con game were bad debt, unregulated greed and self-serving political ambition. To get homes they couldn’t afford people made promises they couldn’t keep. To make money they couldn’t earn, bankers offered assets they couldn’t back. To get votes they didn’t deserve politicians forced lending practices the financial system couldn’t sustain, while implicitly making their constituents involuntary co-signers on loans they knew nothing about.

Now we’re being told that the remedy for the threatening mess that resulted is more of the same. Only now, to buy a power base they can’t afford, the politicians are spending money the government doesn’t have, on political assets that won’t produce one kilobyte of real economic profit. How can it make more sense to direct funds through political channels to support projects dictated by political ambition, than it does to leave those dollars in the hands of millions of people with even more incentive (in tight times) to squeeze every ounce of value out of them? A handful of politicians maximizing their own political gain can’t possibly make better use of money than millions of earners and enterprises forced by necessity to seek the best economic return on every dollar they expend.

This is the common sense reason why tax cuts are more likely than government spending to produce solid economic recovery and growth now, as they have in the past (e.g., under John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.) Of course, such plain reasoning only seems sensible if economic recovery is the goal. I’m sure it has few attractions if the goal has more to do with seizing power. In that case, the propaganda of the economists who attended a recent globalist conclave in Davos, Switzerland will seem more compelling (see WND’s exclusive Globalists see econ crisis as excuse for ‘new world’.) They urged governments to take advantage of the crisis to seize control of the banking system in their respective countries, using bureaucratic control to impose decisions on behalf of the taxpayers. They call it “the Swedish solution.” Now let’s see. Would those be decisions along the lines of pressure to make more bad loans? Or the allocation of more tax dollars to subsidize politically valuable special interests, like the ones hogging the benefits of the so-called ‘stimulus’ bill?

But why stop there. Once the government is running the banks on behalf of the taxpayers, the bureaucrats will need to dictate terms to the businesses getting bank loans, starting perhaps with the media companies, the energy companies and the health care facilities. Last fall when folks like me warned people that the so-called bail-out was America’s leap across the Rubicon into socialism, I’m sure the usual claque of more ‘moderate’ observers snidely dismissed it as alarmism. But now that Newsweek has proclaimed it, I’m sure they all agree it must be true. Is this the real purpose of their so-called ‘moderation’: to encourage people to ignore the truth until it’s too late to forestall disaster. (That may explain what they’re up to. It doesn’t explain the lemmings among the people, who follow their lead.)

Here’s another “alarmist” view prematurely shared. The reference to Swedish socialism is meant to make us all think we’re in for sex, saunas and Bergman at the cinema. In fact what’s coming are gag rules, gun-grabbing, and gulags (in that order.) Before the gags silence us, and the gun-grabbing leaves us defenseless, it might be a good idea to heed the alarm. Someone’s in the house making off with the jewelry and silverware. And by the time the police arrive, they’ll be under orders to arrest the people who live there. Except you luhhhhhhhhhove Obama (Ok everybody, Group hug!!!!!) that means you.

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  1. Shark Girl,
    the “secessionist” movement you asked about, isn’t really a “secessionist” movement, it is (as-of-now)8 states that have legislation declaring their sovereignity under the ninth and tenth Amendments. They aren’t trying to secceed just yet, merely put the Feds on notice as to what their constitutional limits are.
    Mr. Keyes,
    a Fox News poll this past week came out with the following results of what Americans thought the responsibities of the federal government is:
    1. help rebuild communities hit by disasters 82%
    2. make sure all Americans have food 68%
    3. make sure all Americans have health care 66%
    4. provide housing to those who can’t afford it 52%
    5. make sure all Americans have jobs 51%
    While I would be the first to say “keep up the good fight,” I would also say we need to understand what we are up against. This poll seems to indicate that a growing majority of Americans seem to think communism is a good idea, although I tend to believe they don’t truly understand what they are asking for.

  2. Rita Erwin, Dr. Keyes ran for president at least three times that I know of, the last time was in 2008. What I found disheartening was the fact that the MSM never gave this extraordinary man the exposure he so rightly deserves. I have followed Dr. Keyes for a number of years and was always impressed not only by his intellect, but also by his ethical and moral standards. You have no idea how much I wish that it was Dr. Keyes who was occupying the White House right now instead of the “Empty Suit” that is there now.

    My greatest fear right now is that the damage that the Obama administration and the Democrat controlled Congress will cause this country during the next four years, may never be able to be repaired.

    Dr. Keyes, please keep running for as long as you can, America really needs a man like you.

  3. Mr. Keyes, someone just sent me a link that talks about a few states seceding. What does that mean? Is Tennessee one of them?

    Here’s the link:

    Is this hope if the courts fail to force Obama to prove he is legally qualified to be the president?

    I’m wondering what this means to the states that getting involved in this, and does this mean they’re trying to form a new country?

    I wish I had paid attention in school. Won’t they round up the people in those states and put them in the concentration camps that Halliburton built, or do I watch too much YouTube?

  4. My fear is what happens when the socialist leftist people get set up full-scale with their agenda.

    What happens next? Are they going to round everyone up and rule the world? What’s very difficult for me to swallow is that the Bible tells us how it ends. Were it not for the Lord returning and interceding, we will destroy ourselves completely.

    Why would He say that if it weren’t so dark that mankind needs the Lord to return to keep us from killing everyone?

    What do the the so-called elitists have in mind for the world and once they get total control, what are they going to do? Mass population control?

    Do you see hope to save America, or will there be genocide here like in the other nations? I already know babies are being killed and I can’t for the life of me understand their way of thinking. But I’ve read the population control remarks made by the world’s leaders.

    Is that the ultimate goal? What is the goal? Absolute control of the masses?

    What shocks me is there are only a handful of people controlling an entire planet. Why?

    Why are the masses like puppets in the hands of a few?

    I just don’t get it. Americans know the current administration is set up in a way that is the biggest hijack of the Constitution, and yet, we sit back trying to fight in courts that are part of the hijack.

    That’s like pouring grease on a fire.

    I am rapidly losing hope because I don’t know what to do. I know how the courts work. I’m in five of them, and I don’t see hope that the courts are going to allow the truth concerning Obama, and if the justice system fails, what happens to us?

  5. Mr. Keyes, I have been a fan of yours for 10 yrs or more. Glad to see you are still fighting the fair fight with your level-headedness. Glad to see your blog and become a follower.

    As to the current presidential fiasco, it is a major duping!! I wasn’t keen on the bailout in the first place of banking institutions and now this has me unable to see the logic at all. The free market is a thin curtain. I am unimpressed with any of the shinanagins taking place and hope that the rubble will not be too devasting in 4 yrs.

    That having been said, my friend, we know that the enemy would have us despair into inaction. Now is the time for action and for all to stand their ground. We must not reliquish or relent on the matters of tradition, family or property.

    I’ve said enough, more later. I have the utmost respect for you.

  6. Reminds of whenever I install a new application on my computer and the user agreement license requires me to press the I Agree button before the program will run. I hardly ever read the documentation figuring that it is the same as the last program and if anything goes wrong with my computer it’s not their fault. It would be decent of the government to offer me the same service at the beginning of every fiscal year to dummy up and press the “I Agree and Understand” what you will be doing with my liberties and income this new year even though I didn’t actually read the agreement nor have the majority of the politicians. Hey Polies, did you get through the latest draft of the Swindle-US bill?

  7. I think it was about 20 years ago when I shook your hand at the Lexington Market in Baltimore.
    More on that later it’s getting late. Great thoughts on this site. Tonight is my first visit, I will be back with some comments another day. I visited Mt. Vernon today for the first time with my family and than stopped at the Washington Monument. We have alot of very hard work ahead of us and I think more and more people are starting to realize it every day,I pray it’s not too late. I know myself and others are trying to do more, we can’t just vote and call congress, that’s sadly not enough anymore. I have some positive ideas I will share another time. Keep up the Great Work Mr. Keyes.

  8. I’m a white person but the color of your skin doesn’t matter to me. It’s the color of your heart that’s important. If we’re to have a black president for the first time in our history, why couldn’t it be this man? God bless you Alan Keyes.