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The Thought Tyrants

In a society once renowned for its dedication to open, even raucous discussion and debate it’s shocking to witness an increasingly systematic effort to suppress any views that run counter to the zealous stupefaction that characterizes the Obama media claque. Because of his willingness to recognize the need for a factual resolution of the issues being raised with respect to Obama’s Constitutional eligibility for the Office of President of the United States, CNN anchor Lou Dobbs is being attacked, described as a “far-right hater”, and subjected to a campaign for his removal from the network. In the same vein, “Jon Klein, the chief of CNN’s U.S. operations, has issued orders that no more talk-radio hosts will be allowed on CNN News programs… .” Because he has championed the views of those in opposition to the Obama faction’s national socialist makeover of American society, the Obama faction has now made Glenn Beck the target of “a furious campaign…culminating in major companies such as Geico and Lawyers.com pulling their spots from the Fox News star’s daily show.”

It appears that one of the key hallmarks of the much touted change heralded by the Obama faction is the substitution of repression for debate when it comes to dealing with opposing views. The faction’s corporate fellow travelers on the road to the new national socialist order now openly seek to eliminate from the public platforms they control views that don’t conform to their elite party line. Their efforts remind me of what Major Sean M. Hoyer observed about the environment for thought created at the inception of the Third Reich in the mid-twentieth century. “The individual intellectual capacity was greatly degraded….The Nazis sought to completely own the minds of their minions.”

Ownership of the mind (or as Thomas Jefferson put it “tyranny over the mind”) is the indispensable prerequisite of successful dictatorship. The will of the rulers must provide the only criteria of reality. Facts, experience, logic- all must give way to their will. The frenzied invective against people who question the specious evidence thus far put forward regarding Obama’s eligibility for President is a perfect instance of this tyrannical imposition.

As direct evidence of Obama’s citizen status, the media agents highly paid by the Obama faction’s corporate fellow travelers have relied upon the Certification of Live Birth published on the internet during the presidential campaign. As a matter of fact, 1) at the time of Obama’s birth, such certificates were issued for babies born on foreign soil; and 2) the published form contains no indication of the facts that usually serve to substantiate the physical location of a baby’s birth (such as the hospital where he was born, or the signature and/or name of the doctor who delivered the baby.)

As a matter of law, 1) Obama’s father was a foreign national; and 2)according to the law at the time, his mother was not of age to transmit citizenship by blood. He therefore had no claim to US citizenship at birth unless he was born on US soil. This makes it necessary to ascertain exactly the facts omitted on the published form of the Certification of Live Birth. Hence the simple demand for the release of the long form Birth Certificate that should contain the required information.

People who insist on this evidence are not necessarily questioning Obama’s eligibility. Lou Dobbs has repeatedly stated that he believes Obama is a natural born citizen, as the Constitution requires. His sin (if it is one) is that he understands the need to substantiate this belief with something other than statements by Obama, his press secretary or other government officials. He dares to acknowledge that it is reasonable to demand factual evidence. But this demand implies that the word and will of the government officials is not the sole criterion of reality. It implies that they are subject to scrutiny based on a standard of proof and reason they do not dictate, and which gives individuals legitimate grounds for independent thinking and judgment.

The frenzied effort to vilify, humiliate and discredit so-called ‘birthers’ thus reflects the underlying goal, which is for the proponents of the new national socialist order what it was for the henchmen of the old national socialist regime: to degrade individual intellectual capacity and own the mind of the people.

Thomas Jefferson pointed to the best antidote for this tyrannical ploy when he wrote “In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Obviously, the chains of the Constitution will be of no avail if its provisions are made to depend on confidence in the word and will of government officials no longer subject to the demand for factual evidence and logically reasoned proofs.

As the repression of individuals becomes more open and intense, it becomes increasingly clear that the issue at stake goes to the very heart of the survival of American freedom. As it began with the reasonable recognition of self-evident truths not dictated by human will and power, so it must end when the will and power of an arrogant elite are permitted to drive from the public square the common sense demand for a similarly independent and reasonable standard of truthfulness.

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