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Using children as cover, Obama probes with bayonets

Makes illegal immigrant children pawns in war against America’s sovereignty

In an article I wrote several years ago, I pointed out that large scale illegal immigration is, for Constitutional purposes, a species of foreign invasion. In a related article I published around the same time I compared the elitist faction’s encouragement of illegal immigration to the strategy the ancient Romans used to prepare and facilitate their conquests:

Throughout history one of the key aims in warfare has been the successful implementation of a covert attack. Hannibal defeated and destroyed several Roman armies thanks to his masterful orchestration of battles that made his opponent the victim of such an attack. What he taught at the strategic level, the Romans mastered at the level of Grand Strategy, positioning themselves for the conquest of vast territories under the guise of interventions that seemed innocuous or even SmallLogoLTLhelpful to those they intended to dominate. They invaded and established strongholds of power in the midst of their intended victims camouflaged by declared purposes and intentions that concealed their strategic effect. Often it was only revealed when they exercised the domination it made possible. Their victims slumbered in the delusion of liberty, until the suave accents of diplomacy or arbitration gave way to the curt voice of arrogant command that signified its ruin.

“Is this now to be the fate of the USA?” I asked. I went on to analyze the facts of America’s own history. I concluded that

The more thoughtfully we consider the facts of American history, the more it appears that Americans should be the last people in the world to forget either the concept of unarmed invasion, or its strategic implications. Yet our present so-called representatives in positions of political leadership speak as if the ongoing invasion of the United States, by a force of humanity now numbering in the tens of millions, should be discussed as if it represents no strategic threat to America’s sovereignty and way of life.

At the very least, this bespeaks fatal incompetence. At worst, it gives evidence of studied hostility toward the national existence of the United States.  This hostility has become all too commonplace among the educated elites that are now relentlessly maneuvering to become the focus of decisive power in the regime that is displacing America’s constitutional, democratic republic.

Everything that has happened since I wrote the article here quoted confirms its accuracy.  With Barack Obama at the helm of the Executive branch of the U.S. government, the strategy of lax law enforcement calculated to allow massive infiltration into the U.S. has continued.  It was recently punctuated by the open and purposeful release of thousands of illegal immigrants with criminal records over and above their illegal entry into the United States.  Now it seems that a squall of illegal immigrant children is poised to be unleashed, intended openly to sweep away any semblance of respect for the borders of the United States. True to the paradigm of tyranny, this manipulation of illegal immigration aims to “create facts” that transform Americans from a people conscious of their God-endowed rights, and jealous of their constitutional sovereignty, into a subject people— wards of the state, people literally beholden to their elitist faction masters in government for their very presence on U.S. soil.

This is quite literally the prospect raised by today’s headlines, reporting that “children immigrating illegally into the United States without parent or relatives” are being transported to U.S. military bases.  The elitist clique means to use them as pawns or hostages in the ongoing campaign to force the American people to accept the subversion of their constitutional sovereignty.  Thus some of America’s domestic military bases are being transformed into fortified bases for illegal immigrants, bases immune from interference by State governments acting to defend their territory against foreign invasion, as the Constitution allows.

For several years it has been increasingly obvious that the Obama faction is abusing the Executive power of the U.S. government in order to prepare itself for war against the Constitution and people of the United States.  In recent days Obama has acted to strengthen criminal and terrorist threats to America’s safety, at home and abroad.  Now it seems he means callously to manipulate illegal immigrant children, in order to initiate and mask the transformation of some American military bases into overt beachheads of socialist dictatorship. It’s inevitable that unaccompanied minors will be augmented into subject families and communities, accustomed to live under an Executive Branch dictatorship enforced by the military. This is the alien power Obama and his collaborators truly serve.

Just as the Bergdahl swap had nothing to do with Bergdahl’s actual situation, so this callous exploitation of illegal immigrant children has nothing to do with their good.  Like terrorists abusing children to discourage a susceptible enemy from attacking their key positions, the elitist faction is positioning children on the tip of their political bayonets as they push forward their offensive against the Constitutional sovereignty of the people of the United States.  Obama and the elitist faction clique he represents, are making open, ruthless psychological war against us.  That they can do so using our own military assets against us makes clear the ominous threat our liberty faces every minute Obama and his collaborators remain in office.

Will we be gulled by a feckless quisling leadership into sitting by until the facts these would-be tyrants force upon us can no longer be resisted by Constitutional means?  Or will Americans determined to defeat them come forward and demonstrate their political will?  They must do so in a way timely and effective enough to confirm the one fact vital to defeating the elitist faction threat:  the fact that we are still Americans— sensible, faithful and courageous enough to use our Constitutional power of election to defend the blessings of liberty our nation’s Constitution is intended to secure.

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  • Brenda June 12, 2014, 6:13 pm

    What if our elections are corrupted and no longer valid either??

  • Lou ManciniI June 11, 2014, 7:28 pm

    It was clear to me that Obama knew what power was available to him in the Executive Branch….He built them all up and unleashed them on the American people!! Now he has used it to destroy our Constitution..To me that’s a coup…

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