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What really drives the GOP’s anti-Akin lynch mob?

When some politicians explain away an ill-conceived remark by saying “I misspoke”, their explanation is often taken at face value, especially by people in their own Party.  So why the has the GOP wing of the elitist faction instantly united in an  “off-with-his-head” reaction to Todd Akin’s use of the word “legitimate” in connection with rape?

Is it  because Romney/Ryan RINOs  can’t imagine any circumstance in which those two words could ever be juxtaposed? Or is it because they reject and mean to defame the coherently pro-life view that it’s simply wrong to punish an innocent child for the sin of the child’s father?  Or maybe they agree with Barack Obama that pregnancy is a punishment that shouldn’t be inflicted on the child’s mother in any case.

Imagination isn’t usually my strong suit, but sometimes my memory serves me reasonably well.  I remember, for instance, when Al Sharpton fanned the flames of public indignation behind Tawana Brawley’s accusation of rape against six men, including some police officers, back in 1987.  “After hearing evidence, a grand jury concluded in October 1988 that Brawley had not been the victim of a forcible sexual assault and that she herself may have created the appearance of an attack.”  Would it be unforgivable sin to say that it turned out that the rape of Tawana Brawley, repeatedly referred to in inflammatory screeds by the leftist media, was not a legitimate rape after all, but a fictional one? (If you go to the Merriam-Webster online definition of legitimate, by the way, the second definition given is “being exactly as purposed : neither spurious nor false”.

Given what Todd Akin went on to say, this is quite clearly the meaning he had in mine, since he was specifically referring to the violent trauma involved in “forcible sexual assault”.  We all know that Akin’s use of the word “legitimate” in this way is not uncommon.  (In fact, it has passed into common slang in expressions like “I think he’s legit”, which crop up all the time.) It’s also not hard to see that far from failing to acknowledge the violence inherent in the definitive crime of rape, he was specifically thinking of it.  The tribe of elitist pundits and scribes that labor in the GOP’s media vineyard can’t be  unaware of this common usage.  I wouldn’t disrespect their intelligence by suggesting they are.  So why do they abet the slanderous assumption that his words somehow implied that the crime of rape can or ought ever to be considered  lawful when, with a little thought, it’s easy to show that they do not?

Akin’s assertions about the effect of the physical trauma of rape on the possibility of conception are scientifically questionable, and should be questioned.  But if one statement based on highly questionable science means that a candidate should bow out of contention, what about Mitt Romney’s repeated statements about climate change and global warming?  His straddle on the issue includes statements that would be questioned by scientists first on one side of the issue and then on the other.  I don’t hear the nabobs of the elitist mobocracy calling for his head. To be sure, the speed with which they formed their lynch party suggests that little or no thought went into their chorus of disapprobation.  It’s precisely as if they were waiting for an excuse to hang Todd Akin from the yardarm.

Then the Romney/Ryan campaign dropped first one shoe and then the other.  First they issued a statement that focused on making it clear the Romney/Ryan team disagreed with Akin’s position (also taken by Paul Ryan before he became Romney’s running mate) that the victimization of the mother by rape does not warrant the victimization of the child by abortion.  Now Romney has added his voice to the chorus calling on Todd Akin to withdraw from the Missouri U.S. Senate race.  These actions make it plain.  What the Romney/Ryan Republicans object to is Akin’s principled defense of the nascent child’s unalienable right to life in cases of rape.  They mean to make an example of him in order to terrorize other GOP candidates into avoiding or surrendering that principled position.  Their aim in doing so is to sap the foundations of the pro-life movement’s political cause.  But, beyond this, they mean to sap the foundations in principle of the U.S. Constitution and the whole project of self-government of, by and for the people of the United States.  In my WND column this week, I will explain why I think this is so.  If you care about preserving America’s liberty, that explanation will interest you.

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  • Judy McDonald August 25, 2012, 9:27 am

    “clear the Romney/Ryan team disagreed with Ryan’s position that the victimization of the mother by rape does not warrant the victimization of the child by abortion. ” I assume you meant to say AKIN’S POSITION?

  • KenPrescott August 24, 2012, 3:54 pm

    Mr. Keyes, if there is anyone to blame for Barack Obama being in the White House, it’s you. I understand your support for Akin: he’s just as inept a politician as you are, and you have both done enormous damage to the Republic through your ineptitude. Please go away and let the grown-ups advocate for your causes.

    • Donna Soileau-Anthony August 24, 2012, 10:18 pm

      Ken-your comments to Mr. Keyes are interesting to me. What do you mean by ‘you have both done enormous damage to the Republic thru your ineptitude…’ and more importantly this: ‘if there is anyone to blame for BO being in the WH, it’s you.’

      • KenPrescott August 25, 2012, 5:58 pm

        Had Keyes run a modestly competent campaign for Senate in 2004, Barack Obama would not have won 70% of the vote, and would not have been seriously considered for President in 2008. Obama was the ONE bright spot for the Democrats in 2004, and he was that bright spot solely because Alan Keyes was utterly incompetent at campaigning. In working to make Obama look that good, Keyes did enormous damage to the republic.

        Those who seek public office to represent conservative ideals have a sacred duty to not behave foolishly. Keyes and Akin are prime exemplars of foolishness. Since we, as conservatives, do not have a friendly mass media willing to cover up our mistakes, we must demand sound judgement from our candidates, and we must ruthlessly demand their resignation when they are egregiously foolish. I understand that this is not fair. Tough. Life is not fair.

  • JohnOfPhiladelphia August 24, 2012, 9:16 am

    Mr Keyes, than you for this wonderfully insightful and thoroughly cogitative piece. I will admit that, though, I am pro-life to the T with no exceptions whatsoever, I was one of those who condemned Akin outright for his comments. I believed them to be severely thoughtless and careless, especially considering that I have always believed that those we elect to deal with these issues must be of the most persuasive and articulate specimen, in order that our case for the unborn not be manipulated and misrepresented by the other side.

    However, in condemning Akin and hoping for his resignation from the electoral race, I was fully aware of the fact that my reasons for doing so were different to those of the Romney camp’s. I understood completely that Romney’s desire to see Akin go was purely on an amoral basis, for his own political gain. And this caused me to sympathise somewhat with Akin. After reading this piece of yours however, I have come to see that my udnerstanding of the motivation of the faux conservative pair of Romney and Ryan in condemning Mr Akin was even more sinister than I believed. Indeed it is not merely politically expedient for Mr Romney to distance himself from Akin’s comments; The distancing is more pro-active than reactive in that Govenor Romney seeks to use the incident as a way of silencing the adamant, staunch and no-exception pro-lifers in the conservative base of the Republican party.

    I suppose that the saddest thing in all of it is that those selfsame conservatives who make up that powerful base still will not realise this and will continue to allow themselves to be co-opted by the abomination that is the Romney/Ryan ticket. (I am one who has even been banned from certain websites and online forums simply for continuously hammering away at the fact that the Romney/Ryan ticket is in no way different to the Obama/Biden ticket!)

    Once again, thank you Mr Keyes.

  • Adam Badtothe Bohn August 23, 2012, 9:31 pm

    I’m sure you mean Akin’s position in the last paragraph, 3rd line down.

  • Bob August 23, 2012, 1:16 pm

    I’m a conservative. These liberal republicans will not get my $ or vote, since they are out to destroy conservatism just like the democrat liberal fascists

  • Robert17 August 23, 2012, 2:44 am

    I’ve been checking your site everyday to see your take on this. I personally favor the rape exception, but am outraged by the willingness of the Republican brand to be manipulated by the abortion crazed left wing blogosphere. This man said nothing even controversial…if you understand that both chronic and acute stress effect hormone optimization, and hormones surely effect fertility. It is widely known that some miscarriages are stress induced. I see the phony outrage on this issue as an indictment of how far off base morally our country really is.

  • Dale Scheihagen August 22, 2012, 11:58 pm

    Well said, Alan. You may be interested to know that I found at least one pro-abortion person that would agree with you on this. I usually only listen to Peter Schiff when it comes to economic matters, but I was pleased to see that even with his views on abortion he is able to see though all this silliness about Akin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29NeMJ1zQf8&feature=share&list=UUIjuLiLHdFxYtFmWlbTGQRQ

  • VR August 22, 2012, 9:59 pm

    I have never been able to get my posts on here though they never contain anything offensive. Therefore, I am making this post very brief. Well said, as always, Mr. Keyes. You are fresh air blowing through the smog and hot air, and you have opened my eyes to the utter hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the Republican party elite. Picking the lesser of two evils just naturally leads to a lowering of the bar with every subsequent election, hence greater evils to choose from. As so much of America’s institutions (political, educational, entertainment) are corrupt, is not best now to go back to basics — one person and one family at a time. Homeschooling is one encouraging trend and the only way to preserve our children’s innocence and cultivate their virtue.

  • Yista August 22, 2012, 11:28 am

    Thank You Dr. Keyes for exposing what they are trying to do to Mr. Akin. I guess this proves what you have been stating about Romney/Ryan…they agree with the other socialist and Claire McCaskill…Akin is “too conservative”.
    A child is a child, a baby is a baby and it is innocent of who made him/her. Two wrongs do not make a right.
    Our local paper strung Mr. Akin up, as you would expect the mainstream media to do, but never once quoted what he said or the context in which he said it. I prefer my news from the side of truth so I finally got the whole story from The New American. Of course they put the qoute in their article and they had it in context. I totally agreed with what Mr. Akin when I read it and I understood the context in which he said it, which you have so elequently explained here.
    I contend Mr. Akin made some regrettable votes lately in the House and believed he was turning “politician” because of them, so I wasn’t convinced he was “too conservative”. I applaud Mr. Akin for his comment and I will continue to do so if he allows this incident to show him he must stand for Truth and forget the politics. He must look behind every bush, every tree, every desk and know he will be persecuted no matter what, so he must go on and vote the truth, and hopefully, vote with his dedicated (to the LORD) conscience.
    I believe this came about to show the true colors of the GOP.
    There are no coincidences because GOD is in control. May this incident be the start of our answered prayer.

  • Brandy Pedersen August 22, 2012, 10:37 am

    are falling into the Democratic Play book by continuing to eat our own.
    You are helping OBAMA by continuing to trash Akin! The GOP have also
    fallen into this trap as well. People don’t like GOP bosses telling
    people to GET OUT for one mistake. They
    should have said he made ONE mistake he said he was sorry. THIS WOULD
    HAVE BEEN OFF THE RADAR LONG AGO! Now this is on the headlines because
    We will have to agree to disagree on this. I hope you don’t EVER made
    a mistake if you do you should RESIGN even IF YOU OFFER A SINCERE
    APOLOGY !!!! I am sure many on the blogs are coming from outside the
    state to TRASH Akin. In history we find that BAD PEOPLE DON’T USUALLY
    GET PERSECUTED IN USUALLY IS GOOD PEOPLE! God Bless!about a minute ago · Like

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