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Why I was never “hell bent” on the Establishment

[Below is a comment I received on my WND column today, with my reply.  I thought it might be of interest.]


I’m having trouble trusting your thinking and your motives, Alan…and I once trusted you.
You seemed [my edit] hell bent on the Establishment, now you’re against them?
Maybe you need a break to think about things.


When exactly did I seem “hell bent” on the Establishment (if you’re using that phrase in a positive sense)?

I was, and still am, a Reagan Republican.  Reagan won the Presidency in opposition to the elitist faction Bush establishment.  I never sought or considered a position with the Bush Administration, and my own forays into politics have all of them been SmallLogoLTLbased on the principles for constitutional self-government set forth in the Declaration of Independence and implemented in the Constitution of the United States.

So the only establishment I have supported is the constitutional Republic ordained and established by the people of the United States.  In 2008, when the overwhelming evidence of my first hand experience convinced me that the GOP no longer supported THAT establishment, I took the only break I needed to take-  I broke with the GOP.

There are those who would say that I have been preaching in the political wilderness ever since.  But I consider no place a wilderness where I can rely on the company of the truth God has made evident to us, available in and through His revealed and Incarnate Word.

Now the GOP race boils down to a choice between, on the one hand, Mr. Trump, an obviously deceitful, leftist Clinton Democrat, sent in, with Bill Clinton’s blessing, to consummate the elitist faction’s determination to  purge the GOP brand of anything that actually implements Reagan’s principled American conservatism.  And on the other hand, Senator Cruz, a supposedly “principled” conservative.  Cruz supporters keep telling me that he too espouses the Declaration principles on which our Republic was founded.  But he consistently refuses to apply the Declaration’s logic to any of the issues of fundamental principle we face.

Even when his status as a natural born citizen is challenged, he slavishly replies in terms of man-made law, rather than invoking “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” (the Declaration’s standard for natural right) which the authors of the Constitution undoubtedly had in mind as they wrote it. His behavior consistently confirms my suspicion that Senator Cruz uses God’s name to win support from Christians desperate for a political alternative.  But when it comes to issues connected with the elitist faction’s attack on the founding principles of the Republic, he consistently refuses to invoke and rely on the power of God, as those principles clearly do.

So he is unwilling to acknowledge and trust in the authority and power of God as he responds to issues arising from that attack (abortion, homosexual marriage and, as noted above, his own status as a natural born citizen). In this respect he pays his dues to the GOP’s quisling leadership, key elements of which are now endorsing him.  Like the Democrats, the GOP quislings have rejected the Declaration’s logic, precisely because it relies on God’s authority.  And they despise the Constitution because it reflects the Declaration’s anti-elitist proclamation of equal rights for all people of goodwill, committed to doing right as God gives us to see the right.

The things I say here I have been saying, in just this way, since at least 1996, when I first participated in the GOP’s nominating process for President.  Some will say that that explains my political losses.  But if what I say is true, and critical to the conservation and perpetuation of liberty, it also explains why the American people now face the loss of their identity and life as a free people.

So, though you say you once trusted me, I say you obviously never knew me, a condition of ignorance that evidently continues, even now.

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  • Cousin_Ken August 21, 2016, 1:46 pm


  • Tom Frederick March 28, 2016, 11:54 pm

    An excellent response, Dr. Keyes!

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