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Will the “children’s jihad” against U.S. borders fail?

Or will the elitist faction's cunning exploit induce us to surrender them?

Given his ideological formation as a Marxist-Leninist (of the Saul Alinsky school?), it’s not surprising that Barack Obama is making mock of John Boehner’s threatened lawsuit.  Marxist historicism, rooted as it is in so-called “scientific” materialism, gives one an eye for political maneuvers that are essentially empty gestures, pantomimes substantiated by none of the forces that are actually at work in the situation; and acted out by people without SmallLogoLTLthe will to mobilize those forces in any case.

It doesn’t really matter whether Obama is orchestrating the ongoing “children’s jihad” (figuratively speaking?), or simply taking advantage of it.  Either way, he is using the facts it creates to raise the curtain on a “humanitarian crisis”.  Its humanitarian aspects are intended to exploit the decent compassion characteristic of many Americans, in order to confuse, frustrate and stigmatize their well-intentioned activities in defense of their nation’s sovereignty.  On account of the feckless, real or feigned incompetence of his alleged opponents, Obama expects only token resistance.  Meanwhile his cohorts in Congress will press forward to impose terms for the immediate surrender of control over the nation’s borders.

From previous negotiations it is clear that the Obama faction’s alleged GOP opponents are already disposed to surrender that control, but gradually.  As with maidenhood, however, the gradual surrender of sovereignty is really foreplay, not resistance.  The mock combat exemplified by Boehner’s threatened lawsuit may be portrayed as a symptom of serious struggle.  But that’s only to keep the uninitiated from being frightened, or scandalized, by what is really taking place.

Why does this matter?  Because, like children overhearing what their naiveté mistakes for an argument in their parents’ bedroom, well-meaning Americans might be tempted to intervene.  Thanks to the impending midterm elections, the door is ajar.  The two wings of the elitist faction cannot complete their act of mutual surrender before the elections take place.  So, something must be done to keep the potential disruptors at bay.  Given that situation, Boehner’s lawsuit is like a parent’s calm assurance that “there’s no harm done. You shouldn’t be up. Go back to bed.”

And, of course, so long as the “children” do as they are told, no harm will be done to the GOP’s elitist faction leaders, at least not as far as they are concerned. In reality, of course, what the “children” are hearing (and even seeing if their eyes are open) are the telltale signs of their parents’ preparations for escape from a planned home invasion, arranged with their collusion. Afterward, the invaders will burn the house down, and carry off the “children” to be raised as underlings for the gang.

Think of the future as a place, not just a time, and you will easily see in this metaphor the meaning of the “change” that has been in store for the people of the United States ever since the elitist faction first greased the skids for Obama’s 2008 election victory.  The decent homes of the free will be no more.  Raised up in their place will be the towers and palaces of the corporate and bureaucratic elitists, the new “nobility”.   Doing what is right in their own eyes, they will be arrogantly certain that, in abandoning the Founders’ well-intention delusion of government of, by and for the people, they have sagely pulled off a brilliant coup.

Some vestiges of liberty will survive for the people at large, consisting mainly in the choice of means for self-extinction.  Abortion, fruitless sexual hedonism, comfortably painless assisted suicide; these will be the “new freedoms”, along with license to consume a whole menu of drugs and engineered foodstuffs designed to contribute to the demise of the less fit.  And, of course, there will be guaranteed health care for all.  But its first priority will be to restore a healthy global environment by drastically culling the human herd down to a size that fitly honors “Gaia”.

Americans who retain their taste for decent liberty must find the prospect of this self-destructively licentious mockery of freedom revolting.  But as I wrote years ago, “In these Obama years, we witness the slumming of America’s past, of America’s liberty of America’s Constitution, of America’s decent pride.” People who from their youth lived with the consequences of this national degradation are already well along their way toward accepting the inner serfdom it implies.  Shrewdly implemented gangsterism offers relative gratification to those whose lives have been reduced to scrabbling for survival in the midst of neediness and threatening death. Indeed, beneath much false adornment, in every age of human experience it was more often than not the harsh, demeaning reality of rule by the elitist few.

It may be that the scales have tipped against any prospect of preserving America’s decent liberty, and constitutional self-government, in the face of the consolidation of this regression into tyranny. Yet while elections persist in a form susceptible to their influence, why should Americans conclude that this is so?  The elitist faction leadership appears to believe that the upcoming midterms pose no risk to the success of their agenda.  They are counting on the twin party political charade to gull their opponents at least one more time.

Could they be proven wrong? They have arrogantly calculate that Americans are unprepared to deal with the unarmed invasion of our country.  Yet some citizens are already seizing the initiative to prove them wrong.  This raises a question:  How prepared are they to deal with a strategy that effectively remembers that every one of our constitutional elections can be an opportunity to initiate a peaceful, unarmed revolution in government?  Is it possible for us to make it so in November, 2014? I address this question in the WND column I am preparing for this week.  It may be worth pondering.

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