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Will the socialist occupation of the White House Continue?

The WND column I drafted today (It should be up at WND after 8 PM ET tonight) delivers on the promise I made in the article I posted on Tuesday to follow it up with an analysis of the implications of a Romney/Ryan victory in November. To keep my WND submissions at around 1000 words (sometimes honored in the breach, as they say, but always the rule) it’s usually necessary to leave out some thought or other that would otherwise be included.  However today one of the observations that ended up, as it were, on the cutting room floor keeps tugging at the hem for a hearing.

Some people are so focused on convincing themselves that the Obama “bogeyman” leaves them with no choice about how they vote that they won’t spare a thought for the likely possibility that their sense of helplessness is precisely the point.  In the fall of 2oo9 I wrote about this, in a piece entitled How GOP Party Bosses betray grass roots.  I suggested that these party leaders were like the Tolkien character Grima Wormtongue “craftily dulling men’s wariness, or working on their fears, as served the occasion.”  I surmised that in their scenario “whenever possible nominations for safe-bet GOP seats [those with reliably conservatives majorities] should go to ‘moderates’.”  I even noted that “this approach…inevitably steers America into the hands of the most extreme elements of the far left.”

Thanks to the triumph of those leftist elements, Obama occupied the White House in 2008. People like myself, early knew and warned about Obama’s lifelong commitment to socialism.  We predicted that once Americans realized who he was, their main political desire would be for an opportunity to vomit him out.  There has indeed been a strong reaction against his morally and fiscally bankrupt push to unalloyed socialism.

In the estimation of the GOP elitist faction leaders did this make the whole country into a “safe-bet GOP” district?  Does that explain why they engineered the nomination of a socialist whose honest boast could be that he has already shown Obama how socialism is done?

People who really cared about preserving America’s liberty would have seen the revulsion against Obama as a chance to rally behind a choice truly committed to preserving it in principle and in fact.  That is to say a conservative in the true sense of the term.  Instead, the GOP powers-that-be engineer a ticket whose credentials in that regard are factually questionable. Doesn’t that confirm the now evident truth-: the current two party system is a twin party sham.  Assuming those parties have it their way again, when the smoke clears after the November election, and no matter which of them wins, the socialist occupation of the White House will continue.  Does that mean the contest to save the American Republic is over? Or will principled conservatives, duped again by the GOP, finally stop cooperating in their own destruction and that of their country?

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  • StrataCat August 24, 2012, 9:42 pm

    I heard Celente say 40% or less of voters is what we need

  • Bill August 17, 2012, 5:45 pm

    Then what are we to do?

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