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Any who won’t pledge to impeach don’t oppose Obama’s tyranny

In my WND column this week (available after 8 PM this evening) I talk about the race based anti-impeachment complex. Obama and his collaborators are counting on it to paralyze America’s will just long enough for them to complete the change SmallLogoLTLfrom decent liberty to totalitarian tyranny.  In the column I point to the salient fact that the mantra intended to provoke this paralysis is coming from people like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, who are supposed to be leading lights of the opposition to Obama.

I suggest in my column that Limbaugh and Coulter are, consciously or not, involved in the dissemination of a party-line intended to distract sincere conservatives from the fact that the GOP’s quisling leaders have no interest whatsoever in calling Obama to account for his assault on the U.S. Constitution. They are not his opposition. They are his collaborators; competitive co-workers in the business of restoring the age-old pattern of unalloyed elitist faction tyranny.

However briefly, America provided a resounding exception to this pattern.  It came by way of what was, until recently, her ever more successful experiment in decent liberty. Now the enemies of that liberty are participating in a malevolent contest to see who can most thoroughly expropriate or squander the blessings that resulted from it, so as to bring the experiment that produced them to an end.

Thanks to Obama’s bold violations of the Supreme Law of the Land, such people are being forced to acknowledge what has been evident all along, despite their failure to acknowledge it: Obama’s actions are tyrannical. By such actions he not only contravene the U.S. Constitution, he replaces it, with government by dictatorship. Thus he overthrows the rule of laws, composed by legislative acts approved by the people, through representatives they periodically choose in free elections. This was government based on the consent of the governed. If Obama has his way, it will be a thing of the past.

Limbaugh, Coulter and others, including Senators like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are decrying this march to dictatorship.  They talk as if they sincerely understand that Obama’s actions pose an immediate threat to the American way of life. Yet beyond lip service and other posturing that may serve their selfish political or personal interests, they make no move to help Americans deploy the means the Constitution provides to relieve Obama of the dangerous power he is determined to abuse.

It’s like a town threatened by an approaching storm.  The sea rises toward flood levels that will wash the town away. Some town officials decry the danger. Yet when people demand that the levee system be re-enforced, they intone the mantra “We dare not use the system. The levees will overflow.”  People anxiously await the call to lend a hand in building the levees higher while there’s still time. Yet and still the town officials helplessly intone “We dare not use the system. The levees will overflow.”

At some point reasonable people have to suspect that either a) They don’t believe in the danger they decry; or b) they are working with profiteers who are positioned to benefit when the townspeople, their livelihoods wiped out by the flood, are forced to sell their holdings for a song.

This suspicion falls most heavily on conservative politicians, or pundits who are in a position to inform and rouse public opinion but refuse to do so.  The Constitution’s system of checks and balances relies on political dynamism. It requires representatives of the people, who will be vigilant in the people’s interest; who will use the periodic elections the Constitution requires to inform and mobilize them against those who seek to overthrow their decent liberty.

This is what the GOP would do if its quisling leaders weren’t in league with Obama.  It’s what conservative representatives would do if they weren’t neutered by the race-based anti-impeachment complex. 

When it comes to a would-be tyrant like Obama real representatives of the people should be bending every sinew to maximize the voters’ will to resist it. They should be challenging voters who are loyal to liberty to use their votes to make sure that America’s resistance to tyranny produces Congressional majorities large enough to drive the Constitutional system toward a result that safeguards the Republic.

This is the purpose of the Pledge to impeach mobilization. What are you willing to do? Will you join us now?And then will you encourage every like-minded person you know to do the same.? Because only we the people ourselves can save our government of, by and for the people from the clear and present danger of Obama’s tyrannical intent.

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  • ken February 21, 2014, 10:16 pm

    We may also save the world from Obama’s tyrannical intent.

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