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A Summary of the Platform Republican Approach to the 2012 Election

[Some of those who have signified their willingness to consider the Platform Republican Approach to the 2012 Election have asked me to provide a summary of that approach they can use to introduce it to their contacts and friends.  This is my effort to comply.  Those who wish to follow up by exploring the details further should  click on the item labeled The Platform Republican Approach in this site’s navigation bar. Feel free to share this summary in any and every way you can.  For those of you with your own sites, this notice constitutes permission to publish this particular post, in its entirety, on your site as you see fit (with proper attribution, of course.)]

We have entered the period when voters usually make their final decisions about what they intend to do in the voting booth on election day.  This year’s election is, in a negative sense, the most fatefully treacherous the American people have ever faced.  The future of their liberty is at stake, along with all the blessings liberty incurs.  The election is treacherous, however, because in the contest for the Presidency neither of the two parties that have maliciously contrived to become the main focus of the political process offers a choice for President that actually preserves liberty.  In word and deed the Democrats’ nominee rejects the premises of liberty (as articulated in the organic law of the United States, including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution), including especially the primordial principle of God-endowed unalienable rights.  The Republican Party’s Platform formally acknowledges liberty’s premises, and generally offers policies derived from respect for them.  But apart from rhetoric, cynically deployed for electoral purposes, the Republican nominee’s record as a public official coincides, in respect of  every critical issue of principle, with that of his Democrat opponent.  Both have proposed and implemented socialist health care schemes that establish and consolidate government control of this life and death sector of our economic life.  With respect to the purported lawfulness of abortion,  and enforcement by law of so-call “rights” for homosexuals both have adopted stances incompatible with the premise that basic human rights are endowed by the Creator, not by government invention.  With respect to the use and abuse of judicial power both have adopted stances that erase the Constitutional separation of powers.  Both have expressed and acted on the pretense that, per se, judicial opinions have the force of law even when, without warrant of law or Constitutional provision, they purport to ignore, alter, innovate or abolish laws duly enacted by the legislative branch or constitutional provisions duly ratified by the people.  Obama has done so dramatically with respect to the immigrations laws of the United States; and, as Commander-in-Chief, by imposing upon military personnel the obligation to accept and show respect for, the practice of homosexuality.  He has done so even though this contravenes the otherwise lawful and indispensable tenets of their conscientious religious belief.   On the other hand Mitt Romney has also contravened the Constitutional separation of powers, by saying that he will continue Obama’s command enforcement of respect for homosexuality in the military;  by consistently claiming that, per se, the judicial opinion of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court compelled his otherwise unlawful imposition of gay marriage in Massachusetts; and by declaring, contrary to the requirements of respect for the God-endowed unalienable right to life, that the murder of innocent nascent children “should be lawful” in cases of rape and incest.

Romney and Obama also agree in accepting the provision of purported law that allows the military arrest and indefinite detention of persons by the U.S. government without due process of law; the coercion of religious conscience by government pursuant to implementing specious “abortion rights” in the health sector; and the tyrannical dictation of economic activity that by law requires individuals to purchase health insurance against their will, or subsidize by private contribution health services that contravene their conscience.

Any one of these derogations from the premises of liberty is sufficient, by itself, to destroy, as a matter of fact, the peaceful enjoyment of God-endowed rights that is the purpose for which “government are instituted among men.”  No one loyal to the republican form of government required by the U.S. Constitution  can or should vote for or support any candidate whose embrace of such derogatory policies abandons, contradicts and destroys the foundations for the republican form of government.  Therefore no one loyal to liberty can or should voted for either Obama or Mitt Romney.

The powers-that-be presently in control of the Democrat and Republican parties have thus contrived to offer no choice for liberty in the 2012 electoral contest for President of the United States. People who say that voters “have no choice” but  to vote for one or the other of these candidates confirm, by that statement alone, that they have themselves abandoned their birthright as Americans.  They also reveal their abandonment of allegiance to the Constitution of the United States.  That Constitution provides for three separate and co-equal branched of government, including a legislative branch empowered (by proper vote of a Constitutionally sufficient majority) to oversee, thwart and even remove from any position of authority under the U.S. Constitution, individuals who fail to respect the provisions and requirements of the republican form of government it demands.  The Constitution also reserves the residual sovereign authority of the State governments, and of the people in their respective States, to act in defense of the provisions and requirements of republican government.   So the elections for the U.S. House and Senate, as well as the choice of representatives for State and local offices, remain available as critically important means to thwart advancing tyranny.

As advocated on this blog, The Platform Republican Approach to the 2012 Election aims to empower voters to remember and act on these aspects of the Constitution.  What I call the elitist faction has contrived to make the 2012 Presidential contest part of their agenda to replace the self-government of the American people with a government of, by and for self-serving elements of their faction.  But to ease and facilitate their control, their agenda also seeks to abuse the electoral process in order to give their arrogation of tyrannical power an aura of legitimacy derived from the appearance of popular consent.

With this goal in view, the task of the elitist faction’s GOP wing is to lure self-professed “conservative” voters to participate in the electoral process, without regard to the fact that in the most visible electoral contest both candidates represent forces opposed to their conservative views.  The language of the GOP’s Platform reflects this elitist faction goal.  It is mainly intended as a rhetorical device with which to attract the hopes, however forlorn, of conservative Americans who would otherwise constitute a large enough block of votes to severely hamper the consolidation of elitist control.

But because its language and proposals consistently give lip-service to the premises and requirements of constitutional self-government, the GOP platform can also serve as a rallying point for conservative votes.  The Platform Republican Approach calls upon truly conservative voters to cast a vote that signifies support for the GOP Platform’s language. But at the same time it calls on them to cast a vote that signifies rejection of the elitist faction’s intention to eliminate any prospect that the GOP Platform language will actually be carried out.  The Platform Republican Approach to the 2012 election proposes to send this message by means available to voters in every state on election day (i.e., no problems of ballot access), and that can be mobilized with no effort beyond the decision to adhere to the approach and no cost or bother beyond making use of the communications’ media now widely available to practically every citizen (email, social networking, telephones and mobile phones, etc.).

All that is required is that people spread the word.  And the word says simply Vote NO to Obama, NO to Romney, and NO to socialism whatever party label it wears. Vote YES to all GOP candidates on the rest of their ticket that you believe have not, in their words or the record of their actions, repudiated the GOP Platform in any critical respect.

The result sought by the strategy is also simple: to produce, on election day, a remarkable disparity between the total nationwide popular vote for Mitt Romney and the larger total, nationwide vote for the rest of the ticket.  The existence and size of that disparity will signal both the strength and the effective disaffection of the conservative base the elitist faction leaders of the GOP are seeking to exploit, betray and ultimately discard.  Whether Romney wins or loses, this will also contribute to the likelihood of a Republican majority in the U.S. House and Senate charged with thwarting the anti-republican, anti-constitutional, socialist moral and economic agenda.

Right now the elitist faction leadership in both the Republican and Democrat Parties believe that the American people are inescapably enmeshed and enthralled by the delusory political process, the mental shackles that, to all intents and purposes, constrain people to behave like political zombies, thoughtlessly accepting the un-American notion of elections in which they “have no choice” but to cast a vote that does not represent their true convictions.  By following The Platform Republican Approach to the 2012 elections conservatives will prove to themselves that they can make another choice; and they will prove to the world that they have the requisite independence of mind and heart to do so.

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  • MA Peter November 19, 2012, 1:30 am


  • Here_is_my_reply October 26, 2012, 3:35 am

    Elites have tempted our generation to abandon
    the “goodness” upon which our nation was
    founded. Only a good people are capable of
    self-govt. The society tempts us to evil to
    justify robbing us of liberty.

    Given two evil candidates, a good people will
    reject them both.

    Re-assert the goodness of the American people,
    in 2012. Say NO to Romney. Say NO to Obama.

  • Craig Gorsuch October 25, 2012, 10:12 pm

    So a solution is to split the vote that would slow us down (or not vote), and in effect allow the faster course of destruction? Between applying the brakes lightly or not at all, I’ll apply lightly if those are my only two “useful” options.

    • alkeyes October 26, 2012, 10:50 am

      Craig: You’re still refusing to look at the facts. Starting in 2010 the conservative grassroots has been trying hard to apply the emergency brake. The elitist wing of the GOP which Romney represents has thwarted their efforts. In the areas most critical to liberty (i.e., those that permanently affect the moral/spiritual character and courage of the people) Romney is promising to keep his foot on the gas pedal (i.e., he will follow Obama’s policies). In other areas of critical importance (repeal of Obamacare, respect for those who exercise the right of conscience) his rhetoric says he’ll apply the brakes, his record proves he will not, especially if the Democrats continue to control the U.S. Senate (which he is trying to assure by sabotaging candidates like Todd Akin.)
      The founders’ design for the U.S. Constitution puts control of the brakes in the hands of the U.S. Congress. The Platform Republican approach concentrates on building a mandate for Congress to use the brakes, which up to now congressional leaders, controlled by the GOP wing of the elitist faction, have refused to do. Not only that, they have actually surrendered the key initiative in money matters, which the Constitution reserves to the U.S. House of Representatives, to Obama and the Dem controlled U.S. Senate. What we need is a conservative congressional vote that puts enough real conservatives in place to kick out the Congressional leaders who have betrayed the grassroots since 2010, and if possible win control of the U.S. Senate with a real conservative majority there. That would create the conditions needed to apply the brakes. Without that, Romney will keep his foot on the gas pedal until we pass the point of no return on the road to socialism.
      Open you eyes, clear your head and concentrate on these essentials. Once you do, the Platform Republican approach comes into focus as the only way to deal with the situation. (BTW, at this point the brake metaphor is probably inadequate to cover our nation’s actual situation. In 2008 the elitist faction drove America over the cliff. During the Obama years, we’ve been pretty much in free fall, plunging into the abyss. Conservative strength in the U.S. Congress represents the opportunity to deploy the emergency chutes the Constitution provides.
      An analogy drawn from popular science fiction might be even more to the point: Since 9/11 we’ve been heading toward the event horizon of a black hole at full speed. In 2008 the elitist faction slammed the ship into top speed to force us into the grip of the Black Hole’s gravitational pull. Now even if we cut our engines, we’ll still be pulled in. But if we apply full reverse thrusters in time and in the right sequence, we can turn things around and reengage main engine power to escape the path of destruction.
      At best, In some areas Romney promises to cut the ship’s engines. People who don’t understand the situation take that as something positive. But in light of the facts, it’s meaningless blather. Romney and the elitist forces he represents are counting on that fact. He clearly has no intention of engaging the reverse thrusters, which is the only course of action that offers any real chance of keeping the ship from being sucked into the Black Hole and utterly annihilated. However, like Scotty on the Enterprise, the U.S. Congress mans the controls in the Engine Room, and can directly apply the reverse thrusters, NO MATTER WHO CONTROLS THE BRIDGE. So people who want to save the ship must concentrate their efforts on making sure the right people are in control of Congress. The focus on the Presidency is misdirection.)

  • redneck4Christ October 19, 2012, 3:51 pm

    I’m all in on The Platform Republican Approach and your assessment of Romney. I plan to vote for Goode.

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