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American voters: Smart enough to rebuke Obama

But do they have what it takes to save their liberty?

According to a poll I saw last Friday, “32% Think Americans are too stupid to understand Obamacare.”  Another headline reported the same poll result with the headline “Poll: One-Third of Americans Agree with Gruber.”  The poll number, taken before last Election Day, actually focused on “likely U.S. voters” not the American people in general.  What’s even more suggestive is that “Among voters who favor the health care law, only 18% think Americans are too stupid to SmallLogoLTLunderstand the actual costs associated with the law.”  That’s probably because they realize that a solid majority of Americans have consistently been too smart to agree with their support for it.

This is a classic example of a poll question skewed to focus public discussion in a way that distracts from the real significance of events.  According to Rasmussen polls Most Americans consistently opposed Obamacare. (See for example this report  summarizing Rasmussen poll results in 2012); and most Americans think it has been a failure.  This despite the fact that the elitist faction media has co-operated in an effort to deceive them, for the existence of which Gruber’s testimony offers first-hand confirmation.  (So much for the slander that conspiracy thinking is “looney”.  In fact, Jonathan Gruber’s revelations suggest that the ability to catch on to a conspiracy makes you ‘smarter than the average bear’.)

All along a majority of Americans have proven too smart to buy into the Obamacare con; too smart to accept its “something-for-nothing” appeal to the shyster side of their nature; too smart to be distracted from the fact that the real cost of the law goes beyond money, to include severe damage to their unalienable right to free exercise of religion, association (commerce) and self-government (the form in which liberty is the common possession of the whole American people.)

The real significance of Jonathan Gruber’s remark has nothing to do with the factual truth of his derogatory statement about the American people.  Rather it has to do with the fact that he offers first hand testimony in support of the conclusion that the law was written so as to deceive.  But the people entrusted with immediate responsibility for detecting deception in a proposed law, and rejecting it, were and are not the American people as a whole, but their elected  Congressional representatives.

Faithful to their duty, some representatives did descry and decry the deception.  They foresaw and warned against the costs of Obamacare, in terms of money and rights, including the rights of conscience, commerce, and liberty.  But the actions of the GOP quislings who were in positions of leadership in the Congress did not reflect the views of such faithful representatives.  To be sure, they temporized and maneuvered in order to avoid obvious responsibility for Obamacare. But they studiously avoided the general confrontation required to prevent its passage. They made a show of opposing Obamacare, while playing along with the Obama con.

Thus the leadership in both major Parties in the Congress did the bidding of their real masters: the elitist faction powers-that-be in the government, corporate and financial sectors.  These powers want responsibility for the costs and provisions of health insurance shifted off their books.  To accomplish this they are quite willing to enforce tyrannical government control of access to health care against regular folks in America, no matter how strenuously the majority of Americans oppose that tyranny.

In the recent midterms American voters were smart enough to overturn Democrat control of the U.S. Senate.  The Democrats who survived the culling did so by running from their association with Obama; Obamacare; and, for that matter, the whole range and tenor of Obama’s anti-Constitutional and anti-American “change”.  Apparently such Democrats thought that American voters were smart enough to punish them with defeat if they did shun Obama and all his works.

So the real question has nothing to do with the intelligence of the American electorate.  It has everything to do with the deceitfulness of Obama and all his collaborators, including his elitist faction fellow-travelers in the GOP’s leadership.  It has everything to do with the deep corruption of a sham party system that masks the controlling influence of a factional clique bent on discarding government of, by and for the people.

This does not mean, however, that the Americans, particularly those who claim to oppose Obama, can simply disclaim all blame and responsibility for the success of the elitist faction con.  Many of them did little or nothing to use their electoral power to put the GOP quislings on the spot for their continuing betrayals.  It’s all well and good for GOP pundits to write, in their post-election commentaries, about “holding their feet to the fire, or pressuring them to prepare and make use of the impeachment process.  Such advice just helps the quislings play for time.  By contrast the optimal time to pressure politicians was during the run up to the election, not afterwards when they are smugly patting themselves on the back for successfully conning their constituents one more time.

The sad truth is this.  The quislings in the GOP who have reason to hold the people who elect them in contempt.  After skillfully maneuvered to allow Obama to pursue his tyrannical agenda in every area of policy, they were handed greater power, as if to reward them for their sly betrayals; their willingness openly to declare war against the views and representatives of their constituents on the moral issues of the right to life and the God-endowed family; the issues of budgetary and fiscal responsibility; the border security and illegal immigration issues; as well as Obamacare and the rest of the socialist, totalitarian elitist faction agenda.

For now, the GOP quislings are smugly gloating.  So the question isn’t whether the majority of Americans are smart enough to oppose Obama’s anti-American agenda for “change”.  They have consistently tried to do so.  No, the real question is whether there are enough Americans smart enough; courageous enough; morally rooted enough to see through and discard a corrupt partisan sham, being manipulated to give them no choice.

Will they comprehend and act on the fact that the two party system is currently controlled by an elitist faction, which has thus far successfully advanced its agenda for the overthrow of America’s constitutional, republican self-government?  Or will they continue to follow people who falsely misrepresent them; who make a show of decrying each facet of the elitist faction’s anti-American agenda, while waging implacable war against every sincere grassroots effort, organization and individual actually committed to thwarting it?

That’s not so much a matter of intelligence, as it is a matter of faith, challenging American patriots to live out the motto that still ought to be the currency of our national allegiance:  “In God We trust”, no matter what appear to be the odds against us.

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