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How America’s liberty will rise renewed

By the faithful will we rediscover within us

[I wrote this in response to a comment on my WND article today. Part of it echoed the thoughts of others who have noted that, on the best of assumptions about the outcome of the 2014 elections, the numbers in the U.S. Senate don’t add up to the 2/3 majority needed to remove Obama and his cronies and collaborators from office.]

Political calculations should never be done with static mathematics. Demonstrations such SmallLogoLTLas those in Selma and Montgomery during the Civil Rights movement, created a dynamic that eventually led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Before such demonstrations had their effect, the numbers didn’t add up.  Right now, the elitist faction leaders in the GOP are getting away with their betrayals because the intense grassroots opposition against Obama and the GOP quislings has no visible, national focal point.

But consider this: Today the number of people who have signed the impeachment removal pledge approaches 10,000. Do you think the perception of grassroots opposition to Obama and the GOP quislings will be the same if and when it approaches 100,000? 1 million? How about 5 million? Do you think, as the number grows, candidates approached to take the pledge will take the same attitude about it that they may take today?

Nothing stands in the way of achieving these goals except individual decisions, easily executed, by people who simply have to decide to act on their real convictions. Have American patriots so lost faith in God and themselves that they now accept the lie that hardy individuals cannot make good the difference between liberty and slavery?

There was a time when Americans understood the power of individual courage. Where people show that kind of courage, even when tyrants win, they lose, as the dictator Santa Ana learned from what followed after his “victory” at the Alamo. Since when do Americans live down to the level of their imagined fears, instead of rising to the level of their real convictions?

Today in America there are farms, towns and great cities where there was once wilderness. How much of that do you think was accomplished by people who lived down to the level of their fears? Safely ensconced in Holland, the Pilgrims would never have risked even the sea voyage to America,  much less the uncertainties of life in what they considered to be an unknown New World, full of real and imagined threats; if they had been such timid souls.

What trails would such “wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous” spirits have blazed, westward from the original colonies? Among them, what families would have been found to pull up stakes, put all their goods in a wagon or two, and trek for months farther and farther into the West, until they found the streams and valleys of their courageous dreams?

We live in the midst of massive proofs of what such undaunted individuals can build. Yet here we are, hesitating to show our determination to defend their legacy, when all it takes is moments, and a “trek” with our digits around a keyboard? Of course, the longer journey is the one of mind and heart, the one that pushes through the fog of fearful lies, the one that casts away the enslaving chains of mental and spiritual laxity.

The strongest prison house is the one we slave to build within ourselves whenever, by letting go our faith in God, we give up the liberty wherewith He makes us free.  To paraphrase Jefferson’s famous motto (the one Franklin proposed for the Great Seal of the U.S.), ‘Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.’ But because we are being misled to halt in fear between the twin idols of lust and greed, we can no longer compose our wills so as to act with the brave freedom that comes with wearing the livery of the true Lord and Master of all.

We must decide: Is it better to live in fearful slavery to tyrant passions, and tyrant governments; or to risk whatever death we must to stand fast in the liberty wherewith the Lord of all has made us free?

I think it shouldn’t matter if the numbers don’t add up right now. We must rediscover in ourselves the faithful will to stand in the right, no matter what, so that, as a people, we can again become the decisive variable in America’s political equation.  And by this change, first accomplished within ourselves, America’s liberty will rise renewed. It will take off again toward the spacious limit prescribed by the power of God, instead of falling, by the expansion of unbridled human powers, to its destruction.

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  • johnnyangel10 March 14, 2014, 4:11 pm

    Subscribed to your writings and glad of them,and you,I disagree with your perception of the future for this country! The reason is the Bible itself as my answer. Not knowing when the final descent of the world will be; still I find it difficult not believing we are in the end times of the present world. A new heaven and earth awaits as stated in Revelation and it is obvious that a time will ultimately come revealing the “man of sin”.Do you think the world can heal itself? I realize you don’t, yet when do you see an end time coming if not now? If possible, please respond. Thanks and God bless you !!

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